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Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:36 pm

2008 Mock Draft


First Round

1 Timberwolves Michael Beasley PF
18 years old; 6'9"; 220 lbs.
Kansas State, Freshman
2 Heat Derrick Rose PG
19 years old; 6'4"; 180 lbs.
Memphis, Freshman
3 Knicks O.J. Mayo PG/SG
20 years old; 6'5"; 195 lbs.
USC, Freshman
4 Grizzlies Eric Gordon SG
19 years old; 6'3"; 215 lbs.
Indiana, Freshman
5 SuperSonics Danilo Gallinari SF
19 years old; 6'9"; 209 lbs.
Armani Jeans Milano, International
6 Clippers Roy Hibbert C
21 years old; 7'2"; 272 lbs.
Georgetown, Senior
7 Bobcats Nicolas Batum SF
19 years old; 6'8"; 214 lbs.
Le Mans Sarthe Basket, International
8 Bucks Kosta Koufos C
18 years old; 7'1"; 245 lbs.
Ohio State, Freshman
9 Kings Donte Greene SF/PF
19 years old; 6'10"; 220 lbs.
Syracuse, Freshman
10 Bulls Chase Budinger SG/SF
20 years old; 6'7"; 190 lbs.
Arizona, Sophomore
11 76ers Darrell Arthur PF
20 years old; 6'9"; 215 lbs.
Kansas, Sophomore
12 Cavaliers Serge Ibaka PF
18 years old; 6'10"; 220 lbs.
CB L'Hospitalet, International
13 Jazz Chris Douglas-Roberts SG/SF
20 years old; 6'6"; 200 lbs.
Memphis, Junior
14 Rockets D.J. Augustin PG
20 years old; 5'11"; 175 lbs.
Texas, Sophomore
15 Nets Brook Lopez C
19 years old; 7'0"; 230 lbs.
Stanford, Sophomore
16 Pacers Trent Plaisted C
21 years old; 6'11"; 240 lbs.
BYU, Junior
17 Raptors Kevin Love PF/C
19 years old; 6'9"; 255 lbs.
UCLA, Freshman
18 Wizards Tywon Lawson PG
20 years old; 5'11"; 175 lbs.
North Carolina, Sophomore
19 Suns
Hawks Darren Collison PG
20 years old; 6'1"; 165 lbs.
UCLA, Junior
20 Warriors Tyler Hansbrough PF
22 years old; 6'9"; 230 lbs.
North Carolina, Junior
21 Trailblazers DeVon Hardin C
21 years old; 6'11"; 225 lbs.
California, Senior
22 Nuggets Richard Hendrix PF
21 years old; 6'8"; 250 lbs.
Alabama, Junior
23 Mavericks Courtney Lee SG/SF
22 years old; 6'5"; 190 lbs.
Western Kentucky, Senior
24 Lakers Nikola Pekovic C
21 years old; 6'11"; 243 lbs.
KK Partizan, International
25 Magic Ryan Anderson PF
19 years old; 6'10"; 235 lbs.
California, Sophomore
26 Hornets Bill Walker SF
20 years old; 6'6"; 225 lbs.
Kansas State, Sophomore
27 SuperSonics
Suns Derrick Caracter PF/C
19 years old; 6'9"; 286 lbs.
Louisville, Sophomore
28 Spurs Jamont Gordon PG/SG/SF
20 years old; 6'3"; 225 lbs.
Mississippi St., Junior
29 Pistons Brandon Rush SG/SF
22 years old; 6'7"; 211 lbs.
Kansas, Junior
30 Celtics Nathan Jawai C
21 years old; 6'10"; 282 lbs.
Cairns Taipans, International

Second Round
1 Pistons
Timberwolves Jeff Pendergraph PF/C
20 years old; 6'9"; 230 lbs.
Arizona State, Junior
2 Heat Goran Dragic PG
21 years old; 6'4"; 175 lbs.
Union Olimpija Ljubljana, International
3 Trailblazers
Knicks Kyle Weaver SG/SF
21 years old; 6'6"; 201 lbs.
Washington State, Senior
4 Trailblazers
Grizzlies James Mays PF
21 years old; 6'9"; 219 lbs.
Clemson, Senior
5 SuperSonics Chris Lofton SG
21 years old; 6'2"; 200 lbs.
Tennessee, Senior
6 Clippers Joey Dorsey PF
24 years old; 6'9"; 260 lbs.
Memphis, Senior
7 Lakers
Bobcats Tyrese Rice PG/SG
20 years old; 6'0"; 183 lbs.
Boston College, Junior
8 Bucks Eric Maynor PG
20 years old; 6'2"; 165 lbs.
VCU, Junior
9 Kings Omer Asik C
21 years old; 6'11"; 230 lbs.
Fenerbahce Ulker, International
10 Bulls Shan Foster SG
21 years old; 6'6"; 200 lbs.
Vanderbilt, Senior
11 Jazz
76ers Taj Gibson PF
22 years old; 6'9"; 210 lbs.
USC, Sophomore
12 Suns
Cavaliers Alonzo Gee SF
20 years old; 6'6"; 215 lbs.
Alabama, Junior
13 Jazz Joe Ingles SF
20 years old; 6'8"; 194 lbs.
South Dragons (NBL), International
14 Hornets
Rockets Sean Singletary PG
22 years old; 6'0"; 180 lbs.
Virginia, Senior
15 Nets Jason Thompson PF/C
21 years old; 6'10"; 235 lbs.
Rider, Senior
16 Pacers Mantas Kalnietis PG
21 years old; 6'5"; 185 lbs.
Zalgiris Kaunas, International
17 Spurs
Raptors Anton Ponkrashov PG/SG/SF
21 years old; 6'7"; 205 lbs.
Khimki, International
18 Wizards Marcus Dove SF
22 years old; 6'9"; 215 lbs.
Oklahoma State, Senior
19 Hawks D.J. White PF
21 years old; 6'9"; 230 lbs.
Indiana, Senior
20 Warriors Bryce Taylor SG/SF
21 years old; 6'5"; 200 lbs.
Oregon, Senior
21 SuperSonics
Trailblazers Peja Samardziski C
21 years old; 7'0"; 245 lbs.
KK FMP Zeleznik, International
22 SuperSonics
Nuggets James Gist PF/C
21 years old; 6'8"; 223 lbs.
Maryland, Senior
23 Mavericks Semih Erden C
21 years old; 7'1"; 240 lbs.
Fenerbahce Ulker, International
24 Lakers Shawn James PF
24 years old; 6'9"; 215 lbs.
Duquesne, Junior
25 Heat
Magic David Padgett PF/C
22 years old; 6'11"; 240 lbs.
Louisville, Senior
26 SuperSonics
Hornets Chris Daniels C
23 years old; 7'0"; 265 lbs.
TX A&M Corpus Christi, Senior
27 Trailblazers
Suns Nenad Mijatovic PG
20 years old; 6'4"; 178 lbs.
KK Buducnost Podgorica, International
28 Spurs Igor Milosevic PG
21 years old; 6'4"; 183 lbs.
BC Red Star Belgrade, International
29 Pistons Kentrell Gransberry PF/C
22 years old; 6'9"; 270 lbs.
South Florida, Senior
30 Celtics J.R. Giddens SG
22 years old; 6'5"; 200 lbs.
New Mexico, Senior


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:37 pm

2008 NBA Mock Draft, version 8
February 27th, 2007 | posted by Phil Partington

Updated Dec. 4, 2007

1. Michael Beasley - Minnesota Timberwolves - PF 6-9 235lbs
Excellent scorer from inside and out. Good handles. Explosive dunker. Questionable attitude and effort on the defensive end.

2. Derrick Rose - Seattle Supersonics - PG 6-4 200lbs
Extreme athlete who knows how to run a team and makes everyone better. Plays with intensity and energy. Spectacular dunker. Needs to improve outside shot.

3. Eric Gordon - Miami Heat - PG/SG 6-2 220lbs
Excellent scorer, but sort of a tweener. The Heat don't need him with Wade, but won't pass on his talent. They'd rather trade him or try playing him alongside Wade.

4. Roy Hibbert - Chicago Bulls - C 7-2 270lbs
Showed great skill in the 2007 NCAA tournament. With great size and defensive ability, will need to improve his offensive skill to be effective at next level.

5. Donte Greene - Portland Trail Blazers - SF 6-9 220lbs
Athletic forward who scores in bunches. He'd be a good add to the Blazers young team. They wouldn't go for Mayo and his attitude issues.

6. O.J. Mayo - New Yorks Knicks - PG/SG 6-5 210lbs
Excellent athlete with great first step and handles. Has the ability to take over a game when he wants to. Reminds some of Dwayne Wade and is just the type of player Isiah Thomas tends to go for; provided he's still with the Knicks by then.

7. Kevin Love - Philadelphia 76ers - PF 6-9 260lbs
Love's one of the top up-and-comers out of high school and could help strengthen the Sixers' future front court.

8. Kosta Koufos - Memphis Grizzlies - C 7-0 250lbs
Great face up game for a player his size. Nice looking shot. Would fit well offensively with Pau Gasol.

9. Darrell Arthur - Sacramento Kings - F 6-9 230lbs
He's somewhat of a tweener unless he bulks up, but has the quickness to guard small forwards. Great combination of size and athleticism.

10. Chase Budinger - Charlotte Bobcats - SG 6-7 190lbs
Versatile and athletic wing would help the Bobcats' offense.

11. Nicolas Batum - Phoenix Suns - G 6-8 210lbs
Versatile wing with a nice shooting touch. Would fit well in Phoenix.

12. Darren Collison - LA Clippers - PG 6-0 170lbs
Lightning-quick point guard with great on-ball defensive skills. Needs to get stronger and needs experience.

13. Jerryd Bayless - Milwaukee Bucks - PG 6-2 180lbs
Excellent scorer with tremendous upside. Would make Charlie Bell expendable.

14. DeAndre Jordan - New Jersey Nets - C 7-0 240lbs
Excellent upside and potential. The Nets are always looking to beef up their middle.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:52 pm

For more Info on Pats, check out my: Patriots Draft Blog.


My Picks:

Top Needs:

Team Moves:



Matt Ryan QB


6-5, 230


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: Easily the worst team in the league. They need to get younger on defense, and this apparently comes as a shock to Cam Cameron, a Quarterback. The problem is that Everybody has Glenn Dorsey as the top rated player in the draft, but he just doesn't seem to fit this team. So I'm going with the top rated QB.

The Player: Matt Ryan has all the measurables that teams want at QB. Plus, he is super tough and smart. As intelligence becomes more and more important each year, I think Ryan has a shot at number one.

The Reason: I feel stupid doing a mock draft right now, as no Number One Player has emerged. Almost everybody has Miami taking Dorsey, but I just don't see it. Miami cannot move forward as a franchise without a QB to be the face of the organization.

Second Choice: Glenn Dorsey DT



Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

6-2, 300


Key F.A. Signings:

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: Their defense is a mess, in particular their D-Line. Taking Jake Long here is a HUGE temptation. I see Long as more as a RT, and he can play RT here, and step over to the Left as Pace Deteriorates. However, Dorsey is the top rated player by most everybody in this draft, and if Miami goes QB the Rams have to take him.

The Player: Dorsey is not an immovable object in the middle, but he is big, quick and plays under most other players. He get low and shots the gap as well as any D-Linemen every has.

The Reason: Little needs help. He was the only NFL caliber D-Lineman on the Rams last season. Dorsey is the top rated player in the draft.

Second Choice: Jake Long OT



Brian Brohm QB Louisville

6-2, 223


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Ovie Mughelli FB

Lewis Sanders CB

Toniu Fonoti OG

Lweis Sanders CB

Marcus WIlkins LB

Joe Horn WR

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: If there is one team that needs a QB more than Miami, it is the Falcons. If Ryan slips past Miami they will gladly gobble him up here. The question is can they take Brohm this early? With Jake Long still on the board it may be tough to take Brohm.

The Player: Brohm was a top five player at midseason, and has dropped a little. He is a little undersized, but seems to have everything else.

The Reason: Falcons, even more than Miami needs to take the top rated QB in the Draft. If Draft goes as expected, and Miami takes Dorsey, then they will be sitting pretty here waiting for Ryan. If Miami takes a QB, like I think they have to, then they will have to take Brohm.

Second Choice: Jake Long OT



Chris Long DE


6-4, 275


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Key F.A. Loses:

Aaron Brooks QB1

The Team: The Raiders are a hard team to figure. They usually go with the best athlete available, buy Long is to good to pass.

The Player: Long is a terrific football player who can play D-End in a 3-4. Long looks like a great hybrid player in a 3-4, and he can play in the 4-3.

The Reason: Taking Long, the other Long would help the Offense, but in the end the Raiders Defense can't stop the run or the pass, and Chris Long has be dominate playing both this season at Virginia.

Second Choice: Vernon Gholston OLB/DE



Jake Long OT


6-7, 320


Key F.A. Signings:

Damion McIntosh OT

Napolean Harris LB

Donnie Edwards LB

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: Chiefs must get at least one Offensive Tackle in this draft. Damion McIntosh was unimpressive. If Jake Long slides down it will be an easy pick, but can they take Ryan Clady or Sam Baker here? I love McFadden, but is there a spot for him before this pick?

The Player: I think Long can step in a Right Tackle where he is better suited. Long has great size, strength and toughness, but a question his feet. If you can't dance you can't play LT in the NFL;-)

The Reason: Best player available, and he gives them insurance for Larry Johnson.

Second Choice: Kenny Philips S



Darren McFadden RB


6-2, 217 304


Key F.A. Signings:

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: The Jets fell completely apart this season. Heh-heh-heh.

The Player: McFadden is a super fast slick RB. His instincts and intelligence are amazing. I think he is the second best player in this draft. But, I also think the comparisons to Adrian Peterson are weak. McFadden looks and runs nothing like Peterson. Peterson is shiftier and quicker, while McFadden has more straight-line speed. Plus, McFadden has injury concerns. Play with great lean and keeps his pads low when running up the middle.

The Reason: The Jets need lots of help on both sides of the ball, but McFadden is the type of Back who can change an entire Offense. Plus, keeping him out of the Patriots hands is a significant bonus.

Second Choice: Jake Long OT



James Laurinaitis ILB

Ohio ST

6-3 245

CB?, S?, LB?, CB

Key F.A. Signings:

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: I feel like an idiot doing a mock draft now! I don't know what the Patriots needs are, how can I possibly pretend to know the needs of the other 31 teams? There are too many important members of the back seven who all may be gone next season: Asante Samuel, Eugene Wilson, Junior Seau, Chad Scott, Tedy Bruschi, Randall Gay, .... Plus, Rodney Harrison, Randy Moss, and Donte' Stallworth. If you are interested in the Pats Draft, then a must see game is the BCS Championship Bowl: LSU VS Ohio State Jan. 7th, 2008. Right now, the three most likely prospects for the Pats to draft are: James Laurinaitis, Malcolm Jenkins (CB 6-1 202), and Vernon Gholston (OLB/DE 6-4 260), and all three play for Ohio State.

The Patriots are facing several defections from key players. This pick will be decided on where these defections occur. If both Seau and Bruschi retire they will have a hard time passing on Laurinaitis. Right now it looks like only Seau will retire, in this case, they will still have a huge problem passing on Laurinaitis. We all know Belichick keeps refusing to draft Linebackers, and loves to take D-Linemen. So, If the Pats think Gholston can play OLB in their 3-4 scheme he could easily be a Patriots next season. If Assante, Gay, and Wilson are all gone then Drafting a Corner becomes more then a top priority, and you could easily see Jenkins taken by the Pats.

The Player: Laurinaitis is a super athletic super smart football player, in fact, some scouts think he can play Safety in some Pro schemes. Be is terrific against the run, using his great instincts, intelligence, and ability to work through trash to find his way to the ball with All-Pro consistency. Plus, he can is excellent against the pass and in pass coverage, and Belichick recently admitted in an interview that what he is looking for in a college Linebacker is different than what he used to look for, and that the ability to cover has become more and more important each year. Has excellents hips and turn and run with anyone. Similar to AJ Hawk.

The Reason: I think Gloston can be the passrushing foundation for any team that takes him. In a 3-4 defense where his versatility and freakish physical gifts can exploited to there fullest... he would be just scary! If they take him, it will force Thomas to stay Inside. The problem is Laurinaitis. Are they better with Thomas on the inside and Gholston on the outside, or Thomas on the outside and Laurinaitis on the Inside? Right now I am reluctently saying they are better with Laurinaitis, and have him and Thomas inside with Vrabel and Colvin outside. But, I think Gholston is a perennial Pro-bowler in the making.

For more Info on Pats, check out my: Patriots Draft Blog.

Second Choice: Vernon Gholston OLB/DE


*Michael Oher OLT Mississippi 6-6, 340


Key F.A. Signings:

Willis Mcgahee RB

Musa Smith RB

Jarret Johnson OLB

Key F.A. Loses:

The Team: The Ravens really need a QB. If Ryan or Brohm fall here they will be doing Cartwheels in the War Room. They also MUST address the O-Tackle situation this off season.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:00 pm

Mock Drafts


2008 Round One
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round One
1. Miami-Chris Long-Virginia-DE
2. St. Louis-Glenn Dorsey-LSU-DT
3T.Atlanta-Darren McFadden*-Arkansas-RB
4T.Kansas City-Jake Long-Michigan-OT
5T.Oakland-Malcolm Kelly*-Oklahoma-WR
6. New York Jets-Sedrick Ellis-USC-DT
7. New England (SF)-Antoine Cason-Arizona-CB
8. Baltimore-Matt Ryan-Boston College-QB
9. Cincinnati-Keith Rivers-USC-LB
10. New Orleans-Dan Connor-Penn State-LB
11T. Buffalo-Martin Rucker-Missouri-TE
12T. Denver-James Laurinaitis*-Ohio State-LB
13. Carolina-Brian Brohm-Louisville-QB
14T. Detroit-Malcolm Jenkins*-Ohio State-CB
15T. Chicago-Andre Woodson-Kentucky-QB
16. Arizona-Victor Harris*-Virginia Tech-CB
17. Minnesota-Mario Manningham*-Michigan-WR
18. Houston-Rashard Mendenhall*-Illinois-RB
19. Philadelphia-Vernon Gholston*-Ohio State-DE
20P. Tampa Bay-Ryan Clady*-Boise State-OT
21P. Washington-Calais Campbell*-Miami (FL)-DE
22. Dallas (CLE)-Mike Jenkins-South Florida-CB
23P. Seattle-Frank Okam-Texas-DT
24P. Pittsburgh-Jeff Otah-Pitt-OT
25P. Tennessee-Limas Sweed-Texas-WR
26P. New York Giants-Kenny Phillips*-Miami (FL)-S
27P. San Diego-Early Doucet-LSU-WR
28P. Jacksonville-Quentin Groves-Auburn-DE
29P. Green Bay-Jonathan Stewart*-Oregon-RB
30P. San Francisco (IND)-Sam Baker-USC-OT
31P. Dallas-Tashard Choice-Georgia Tech-RB
32P. New England (forfeit)---

2008 Round Two
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round Two
33. Miami-Leodis McKelvin-Troy-CB
34. St.Louis-Barry Richardson-Clemson-OT
35T. Kansas City-Shannon Tevaga-UCLA-OG
36T. Oakland-Red Bryant-Texas A&M-DT
37T. Atlanta-Colt Brennan-Hawaii-QB
38. New York Jets-Adarius Bowman-Oklahoma St.-WR
39. San Francisco-Shawn Crable-Michigan-LB
40. Baltimore-Aqib Talib*-Kansas-CB
41. Cincinnati-Chris Ellis-Virginia Tech-DE
42. New Orleans-Tracy Porter-Indiana-CB
43T. Denver-Dre' Moore-Maryland-DT
44T. Buffalo-DeJuan Tribble-Boston College-CB
45. Carolina-Fred Davis-USC-TE
46T. Chicago-Ali Highsmith-LSU-LB
47T. Detroit-Phillip Wheeler-Georgia Tech-LB
48. Arizona-Lawrence Jackson-USC-DE
49. Minnesota-Quintin Demps-UTEP-FS
50. Atlanta (HOU)-Carl Nicks-Nebraska-OT
51. Philadelphia-Vince Hall-Virginia Tech-LB
52P. Tampa Bay-Keenan Burton-Kentucky-WR
53P. Washington-Josh Barrett-Arizona State-FS
54. Cleveland-Matt Forte'-Tulane-RB
55P. Seattle-Andrew Crummey-Maryland-OG
56P. Pittsburgh-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie-Tennessee St.-CB
57P. Tennessee-Tony Hill-Texas-OT
58P. New York Giants-Mario Urrutia*-Louisville-WR
59P. Miami (SD)-Xavier Adibi-Virginia Tech-LB
60P. Jacksonville-Terrell Thomas-USC-CB
61P. Green Bay-Craig Steltz-LSU-SS
62P. Indianapolis-DeMarrio Pressley-NC State-DT
63P. Dallas-Andre Caldwell-Florida-WR
64P. New England-Mike Hart-Michigan-RB

2008 Round Three
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round Three
65. Miami-Gosder Cherilous-Boston College-OT
66. St. Louis-Kendall Langford-Hampton-DE
67T. New England (OAK)-Jonathan Goff-Vanderbilt-LB
68T. Atlanta-Marcus Henry-Kansas-WR
69T. Kansas City-Nate Jones-Texas-WR
70. New York Jets-Kirk Barton-Ohio State-OT
71. San Francisco-Earl Bennett*-Vanderbilt-WR
72. Buffalo (BAL)-Will Franklin-Missouri-WR
73. Cincinnati-Kentwan Balmer-North Carolina-DT
74. New Orleans-Trevor Laws-Notre Dame-DT
75T. Buffalo-Kenny Iwebema-Iowa-DE
76T. Minnesota (DEN)-Peyton Hillis-Arkansas-FB
77. Carolina-Jordan Grimes-Purdue-OG
78T. Detroit-Allen Patrick-Oklahoma-RB
79T. Chicago-Chris Williams-Vanderbilt-OT
80. Arizona-Jonathan Goff-Vanderbilt-LB
81. Minnesota-Steve Justice-Wake Forest-OC
82. Houston-Zachary Bowman-Nebraska-CB
83. Philadelphia-Tom Zbikowski-Notre Dame-SS
84. Tampa Bay-Erik Ainge-Tennessee-QB
85P. Washington-Jordy Nelson-Kansas State-WR
86. Cleveland-Nick Hayden-Wisconsin-DL
87P. Seattle-Dwight Lowery-San Jose State-CB
88P. Pittsburgh-Roy Schuening-Oregon State-OG
89P. Tennessee-Beau Bell-UNLV-LB
90P. New York Giants-Simeon Castille-Alabama-CB
91P. Chicago (SD)-Rafael Little-Kentucky-RB
92P. Jacksonville-Marcus Griffin-Texas-SS
93P. Green Bay-Jordon Dizon-Colorado-LB
94P. Indianapolis-Tavares Gooden-Miami (FL)-LB
95P. Dallas-Jonathan Hefney-Tennessee-FS-CB
96P. New England-Chad Henne-Michigan-QB

2008 Round Four
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round Four
97. Miami-Keilen Dykes-West Virginia-DL
98. St. Louis-Adam Spieker-Missouri-OC
99T. Atlanta-Trae Williams-South Florida-CB
100T. Kansas City-Derek Lokey-Texas-DT
101T. Oakland-Chris Johnson-ECU-RB
102. New York Jets-Dustin Keller-Purdue-TE
103. San Francisco-Joe Flacco-Delaware-QB
104. Baltimore-J Leman-Illinois-LB
105. Cincinnati-Robert Felton-Arkansas-OG
106. New Orleans-Johnny Dingle-West Virginia-DT
107T. Denver-Tyrell Johnson-Ark. State-SS
108T. Buffalo-Wesley Woodyard-Kentucky-LB
109. Carolina-Wallace Gilberry-Alabama-DE
110T. Chicago-Nate McManus-Georgia Tech-OG
111T. Detroit-Kellen Davis-Michigan State-TE
112. Arizona-Heath Benedict-Newberry-OT
113. Minnesota-John Carlson-Notre Dame-TE
114. Houston-Harry Douglas-Louisville-WR
115. Philadelphia-Cory Boyd-South Carolina-RB
116P. Tampa Bay-Lorenzo Williams-Missouri-DT
117P. New York Jets (WAS)-Chevis Jackson-LSU-CB
118. Cleveland-Matt Malele-California-NT
119P. Seattle-Charles Godfrey-Iowa-CB
120P. Pittsburgh-Kevin Mitchell-Illinois-FS
121P. Tennessee-Jolonn Dunbar-Boston College-LB
122P. New York Giants-Andre Fluellen-FSU-DT
123P. San Diego-Ben Moffitt-South Florida-LB
124P. Jacksonville-Dorien Bryant-Purdue-WR
125P. Green Bay-Ezra Butler-Nevada-LB
126P. Indianapolis-Calvin Dawson-La-Monroe-RB
127P. Dallas-Adam Kraus-Michigan-OG
128P. New England-Bruce Davis-UCLA-LB

2008 Round Five
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round Five
129. Kansas City (MIA)-John David Booty-USC-QB
130. St. Louis-Red Keith-Central Michigan-LB
131T. Kansas City-Doug Legursky-Marshall-OC
132T. Denver (OAK)-DJ Hall-Alabama-WR
133T. Atlanta-Malik Jackson-Louisville-LB
134. New York Jets-Chase Ortiz-TCU-DE-LB
135. San Francisco-Drew Miller-Florida-OG
136. Baltimore-Durell Mapp-North Carolina-LB
137. Cincinnati-Jamar Adams-Michigan-S
138. New Orleans-Yvenson Bernard-Oregon State-RB
139. T-Buffalo-Hilee Taylor-North Carolina-DE
140T. Denver-Jonathan Zenon-LSU-CB
141. Carolina-Donnie Avery-Houston-WR
142T. Detroit-Duane Brown-Virginia Tech-OT
143T. Buffalo (CHI)-Kirk Elder-Texas A&M-OG
144. Arizona-Mike Humpal-Iowa-LB
145. Minnesota-Ricky Santos-New Hampshire-QB
146. Houston-Thomas DeCoud-California-FS
147. Philadelphia-D.J. Wolfe-Oklahoma-SS
148P. Tampa Bay-Kevin Brown-UCLA-DT
149P. Washington-Owen Schmitt-West Virginia-FB
150. Cleveland-Kory Lichtensteiger-Bowling Green-OC
151P. Seattle-Jacob Tamme-Kentucky-TE
152P. Pittsburgh-Maurice Purify-Nebraska-WR
153P. Tennessee-Julius Stinson-Wyoming-CB
154P. New York Giants-Mike Pollak-Arizona State-OC
155P. San Diego-Tad Miller-Boise State-OG
156P. Jacksonville-Darien Williams-Oklahoma-S
157P. Green Bay-Anthony Aldridge-Houston-WR
158P. Indianapolis-Justin Forsett-California-RB
159P. Dallas-Jacob Hester-LSU-FB
160P. New England-Mike Klinkenborg-Iowa-LB

2008 Round Six
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round Six
161. Miami-Eddie Royal-Virginia Tech-WR
162. St. Louis-Kevin O'Connell-SDSU-QB
163T. Oakland-King Dunlap-Auburn-OT
164T. Atlanta-Gary Barnridge-Louisville-TE
165T. Kansas City-Patrick Lee-Auburn-CB
166. New York Jets-John Shaw-Penn State-OG
167. San Francisco-Brian Mattison-Iowa-DE
168. Baltimore-Steve Johnson-Kentucky-WR
169. Cincinnati-Tyler Luellen-Missouri-OT
170. New Orleans-Alex Brink-Washington State-QB
171T. St. Louis (DEN)-Amarri Jackson-South Florida-WR
172T. Buffalo-Franklin Dunbar*-MTSU-DT
173. Carolina-Casper Brinkley-South Carolina-LB
174T. Chicago-Jabari Arthur-Akron-WR
175T. Detroit-Bobbie Williams-Bethune Cookman-S
176. Arizona-Ryan Torain-Arizona State-RB
177. Minnesota-Marcus Harrison-Arkansas-DT
178. Houston-Nelson Coleman-Tulsa-LB
179. Philadelphia-Darius Raynaud-West Virginia-WR
180P. Tampa Bay-Titus Brown-Miss. State-DE
181P. Washington-Tony Brinkhaus-Minnesota-OC
182. Cleveland-Eric Foster-Rutgers-DE
183P. Seattle-Akim Millington-Illinois-OT
184P. Pittsburgh-Matt Castelo-San Jose State-LB
185P. Tennessee-Darrell Robertson-Georgia Tech-DE
186P. New York Giants-Alvin Bowen-Iowa State-LB
187P. San Diego-Terrell Vinson-Purdue-CB
188P. Jacksonville-John Greco-Toledo-OT
189P. Green Bay-Dantrell Savage-Oklahoma St.-RB
190P. Indianapolis-Nick Cleaver-New Mexico St.-TE
191P. Dallas-Marcus Coleman-Wisconsin-OC
192P. New England-Trevor Scott-Buffalo-DE

2008 Round Seven
Posted on Jan 06, 2008 by Matt Miller
Round Seven
193. Miami-Tom Santi-Virginia-TE
194. St. Louis-Omar Cuff-Delaware-RB
195. T-Atlanta-Bo Ruud-Nebraska-LB
196T. Kansas City-Tate Casey-Florida-TE
197T. Oakland-Jasper Brinkley (x)-South Carolina-LB
198. New York Jets-Albert Young-Iowa-RB
199. San Francisco-John Sullivan-Notre Dame-OC
200. Baltimore-Luke Swan-Wisconsin-WR
201. Cincinnati-Josh Johnson-San Diego-QB
202. New Orleans-Michael Bumpus-Washington St.-WR
203T. Buffalo-Derek Fine-Kansas-TE
204T. Denver-Matt Flynn-LSU-QB
205. Carolina-Chris McKillop-Pitt-DE
206T. Detroit-Greyson Gunheim-Washington St.-DE
207T. Chicago-Marcus Thomas-UTEP-RB
208. Arizona-Sammie Stroughter-Oregon St.-WR
209. Minnesota-Kaleb Thornhill-Michigan State-LB
210. Houston-Mike Cox-Georgia Tech-FB
211. Philadelphia-Alexis Serna-Oregon State-PK
212P. Tampa Bay-Marcus Smith-New Mexico-WR
213P. Washington-Robert Killebrew-Texas-LB
214. Cleveland-Joe Jon Finley-Oklahoma-TE
215P. Seattle-Lavelle Hawkins-California-WR
216P. Pittsburgh-Tommy Blake-TCU-DE-LB
217P. Tennessee-Ernie Wheelwright-Minnesota-WR
218P. New York Giants-Peter Graniello-Arizona-OT
219P. San Diego-Eric Young-Tennessee-OG
220P. Jacksonville-Joey Haynos-Maryland-TE
221P. Green Bay-Terrence Wheatley-Colorado-CB
222P. Indianapolis-Tyvon Branch-UConn-CB
223P. Dallas-Morgan Trent-Michigan-CB
224P. New England-Ben Hochstein-Nebraska-Omaha-OT


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008 NFL Mock Draft
by Michael Abromowitz
NFL Draft Director


Gregory Cox's Mock Draft
Jared Donnelly's Mock Draft

The NFL draft order is about set and underclassmen are starting to declare for the draft or make the decision to stay in school. With that, the draft picture is starting to become more clearer, well at least a little bit. Workouts, Combines, and Free Agency will sure to change that, but for now this is how the draft looks:

1. Miami Dolphins – Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas*
Houston Texans owner said after choosing Mario Williams number 1 in the 2006 that there were two players who were number 1 players: Williams and Reggie Bush. Well, the Dolphins could be in the same situation: two players worthy of the number 1 pick. And once again, the decision comes down to a defensive lineman and a running back: Glenn Dorsey and Darren McFadden. I have been 50/50 on this decision for some time. My brain tells me Dorsey, but my heart/conscious tells me McFadden. Dorsey is by far the “need” pick, but when a team was 1-15 there are so many needs that Dorsey’s presence will not make as much as an impact an amazing athlete like McFadden. Ronnie Brown will be back, but the NFL has shown us that you need more than one running back to compete. Bill Parcells needs to recharge this franchise and the first way is to start is by taking McFadden.

2. St. Louis Rams – Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
If Dorsey makes it pass the Dolphins the Rams will not let him get to #3. Dorsey would create a great combo with last year’s #1 pick Adam Carriker in the interior of the defensive line. Another possibility is Jake Long, due to the lagging offensive line woes the Rams suffered last year. But, with Dorsey available the Rams have to take him.

3. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
Bobby Petrino is gone, and with that goes the belief that the Falcons would take Brian Brohm over Matt Ryan. The Falcons are at the #3 spot because of their former quarterback, so its time they find their new quarterback. Ryan seems to be the consensus top quarterback in the draft class. The Falcons only way of not taking a quarterback is if they get a quarterback in free agency or a trade or Darren McFadden falls to them. With McFadden off the board, Ryan seems to be the pick.

4. Oakland Raiders – Chris Long, DE, Virginia
This pick will sure get Raider fans excited and probably question if Al Davis was enthralled with Chris Long, his father, or both. Chris Long is now the consensus top defensive end in the draft, and the ability to dominate in a 3-4 defensive scheme as end has really shown how tough he is to block. However, Oakland uses a 4-3, so he may be even more dominate. Sedrick Ellis is a popular pick too because Warren Sapp’s retirement, but Chris Long is way too good to pass up. Pro Bowl good.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Jake Long, OT, Michigan
As this draft continues, the Chiefs are going to hope and pray somehow Jake Long falls into their laps. The Chiefs line has been dismal, mostly to the retirements of recent players. If available, Long should be the pick, if not, look for Ryan Clady, 6’6, 320 lbs tackle from Boise St.

6. New York Jets – Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State*
Chris Long would have been perfect for them with their 3-4 defensive scheme, but with him off the board the Jets will turn to one of the OSU players: Gholston or James Laurinaitis. Jonathan Vilma’s future with the Jets is questionable and Laurinaitis will create to make a nice inside linebacking tandem, but watching tape of Ohio State, Gholston is the player that stands out. His athleticism for a player his size is amazing, and in a 3-4 system his skills will be complemented perfectly. Laurinaitis may be the bigger name, but I believe Gholston is the better pick.

7. New England Patriots (from SF)– James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State*
The Patriots are going to have the same decision as the Jets: which Buckeye? This time its either Laurinaitis or CB Malcolm Jenkins. Asante Samuel’s future with the team is unclear, but the Pats are aging at the ILB position, so it would be wise to invest in a guy like “The Little Animal.” Not a bad trade for the Pats: Joe Staley for James Laurinaitis.

8. Baltimore Ravens – Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State*
Brian Billick is gone and the quarterback position is in disarray. The Ravens have some aging players and I think the last thing that will make them happy is a young unproven quarterback, which is the first sign of rebuilding. The Ravens last year suffered tremendously by the injuries to their aging, but solid cornerbacks Samari Rolle and Chris McAlister. Rolle may not be back. Jenkins will be a huge improvement to their defensive backfield. The big decision really comes to who the new coach is. An offensive minded coach may want to pick his own quarterback.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
Defense seems to be what the Bengals are always looking to fill. Spending their last two first round picks on cornerbacks, the Bengals will focus on the defensive line and linebacking positions. OLB Keith Rivers is tempting, but his teammate Ellis is amazing value at #9. The Bengal’s fun defense is horrific, and the Bengals would look for Ellis to combo with Domata Peko.

10. New Orleans Saints – Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
The biggest weakness for the Saints is obviously the cornerback. If Malcolm Jenkins was still available this pick would be a no brainer, but he is not. The Saints must decide between the other Jenkins, safety Kenny Phillips, and linebacker Keith Rivers. I believe the CB position is far too important to pass up.

11. Buffalo Bills – Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma*
The Bills big threat wide receiver is Lee Evans and that’s about it. Trent Edwards, who looks to be the quarterback of the future for the Bills needs more targets. Kelly is solidifying him as the top receiver in the draft, and at 6-4 he creates a perfect combo with the speedy Evans.

12. Denver Broncos – Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St*
Defense seems to be the biggest hole on this team until Matt Lepsis sudden retirement. Jay Cutler is the future of this team, and just ask any coach, he wants his future protected, which is what the Broncos hope massive Clady can do for them. Safety Kenny Phillips or defensive end Calais Campbell are tempting because we wonder how much longer John Lynch will play and the defensive line was horrible, but the future is too important to risk, Cutler needs that tackle.

13. Carolina Panthers – Kenny Phillips, S, Miami*
The Panthers' biggest weakness is safety, and it just so happens that Phillips is just sitting there on the board. Phillips is by far the best safety in the draft. However, if Phillips is gone by the time the Panthers pick, the Panthers could take a look at Keith Rivers or even one of the quarterbacks.

14. Chicago Bears – Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
Grossman looks to be done with Chicago. The Bears need a quarterback and must decide between the two Kentucky guys: Brohm and Andre’ Woodson. Brohm gets the nod here, and I don’t think people should be afraid he is a system quarterback. Brohm has the precision passing needed to be successful in a league.

15. Detroit Lions – Calais Campbell, DE, Miami*
The Lions’ secondary struggled immensely last season, but to help the secondary would be a nice pass rush. With the top two corners off the board, the Lions should take the 6-7 Campbell, a physical specimen that will be able to be the pass rusher the Lions have certainly lacked. Campbell’s stock has certainly fallen down after a so-so junior year, but after workouts, I believe his stock will come back up.
16. Arizona Cardinals ­– Derrick Harvey, DE/OLB, Florida*
The Cardinals have produced a talented offense and a nice young defense. Harvey looks to be a perfect fit for the Cardinals’ 3-4 defensive scheme. The Cardinals have excelled stopping the run, thanks to defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, but still needs to improve on the pass defense. Harvey should be able to do this.

17. Minnesota Vikings – Andre’ Woodson, QB, Kentucky
I had high hopes for Tarvaris Jackson, but he does not seem to be the franchise quarterback the Vikings thought he was going to be. He has been awful for the most parts of the season, and thanks to a great running combo of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, the Vikings yet still almost made the playoffs. Woodson gives the Vikings their quarterback of the future. However, Donovan McNabb’s name seems to be always linked with the Vikings.

18. Houston Texans – Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois*
With Mendenhall officially declared for the draft I place him now as the #2 running back. The Texans last season used aging Ahman Green and Ron Dayne. Both did decent, but their careers are near the end and the Texans still need that stud RB to complement Schaub and Andre Johnson. Mendenhall should be that running back. With a solid back, the Texans should be able to pick up after a successful season.

19. Philadelphia Eagles – Sam Baker, OT, USC
Now the Eagles know why they were so “lucky” to see Winston Justice fall to them in the 2nd round two years ago. So far he has been horrendous, and a nightmare at LT for the Eagles. Sam Baker, All-American is exactly what the Eagles need. For the sake of McNabb, Kolb, or A.J. Feeley. A USC tackle replaces a USC tackle, somewhat interesting.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
There was no secret the Buccaneers craved Calvin Johnson, and it makes sense. Joey Galloway, who has played great, and Ike Hilliard are not getting any younger. Michael Clayton’s rookie season now is only a long lost memory. Jackson may not be a pure #1 receiver yet, but his athletic ability and potential is too good to pass up, really for a team that needs some young offensive weapons.

21. Washington Redskins ­– Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
Calais Campbell or Derrick Harvey make sense here, but both are off the board. The defensive line is the biggest need right here, but Rivers still on the board at #21 is just too tempting. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if Dan Snyder uses free agent to find help on the defensive line.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from CLE) - Aquib Talib, CB, Kansas*
Just watch the Orange Bowl game to see how talented Talib is. Talib would add immediate help to the secondary. Newman is already 30 (got drafted at age 25) and Anthony Henry only has a few more productive seasons left. Wide Receiver and running back is a possibility here too with Felix Jones, Jonathan Stewart and a number of receivers still on the board.

23. Seattle Seahawks – Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon*
Shaun Alexander digressed this year, and has only a few years left. The Seahawks need his replacement, and Stewart is a guy people in the Northwest are familiar with. Stewart has premier speed and bulk to be a top running back in this league. Felix Jones and TE Fred Davis are other options.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
With Alan Fanca probably leaving, Marvel Smith struggling, the offensive line seems to be the focus for the Steelers. The Steelers could go guard in Duke Robinson, but tackle here is better value. The Steelers have seen a lot of Otah with their practice facilities next to Pitt, and if Otah can keep his weight down he has the ability to be a premier tackle in this league.

25. Tennessee Titans – Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
Sweed’s injury this past season is the reason he drops this low, and if he shows that he is fully recovered, he could be a steal for the Titans at #25. After Kelly and Jackson, there are many receivers that can make a case for the third receiver drafted, but Sweed’s immense size at 6-5 and success with Vince Young at Texas makes him the pick here. Young is comfortable with Sweed, and his success with fellow Longhorn Bo Scaife has shown familiarity can be a good thing.

26. New York Giants- Dan Connor, OLB, Penn State
The Giants could go either OLB or CB with this pick. Connor and Rivers are the two elite OLBs, and after that there is a drop, so Connor is a better value and the Giants can get that cornerback later. Aaron Ross’ success as a rookie, also makes this pick easier.

27. San Diego Charges – Frank Okam, DT, Texas
ILB is the biggest need right now, but for now there is no ILB worthy of a pick right here. But, for now at this position, Okam is the best value. He provides depth at the NT position, and should give Jamal Williams far more breaks. In running a 3-4 defense, one of the hard problems is finding a solid NT, so having two would certainly be nice. The Chargers would be an ideal team to trade down. They don’t have many glaring holes.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars – Early Doucet, WR, LSU
The resurgence of Paul Spicer with 7.5 sacks this year has made the DE position less of a concern, allowing the Jags to look elsewhere. Also, Justin Durant has started to emerge at OLB, causing me to go to the position I try to avoid with the Jaguars: receiver. Reggie Williams is starting to show promise, but as a whole this teams still lack the receiving weapons to complement its two men running game. Doucet gets my pick over receivers adarius Bowman and James Hardy because of his speed vs. the other Jag receivers' size. The Jags already have tall receivers, they need quick ones.

29. Green Bay Packers – Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona
Running back was a priority a few months ago, but with Ryan Grant’s recent success I believe the Packers may have their running back. Ryan Grant is the real deal, and with DeShawn Wynn’s emergence before his injury, the Packers are fine. The Packers need depth behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson, both getting up there in years. Cason has also shown to be a playmaker in the return game.

30. San Francisco 49ers (from IND) – James Hardy, WR, Indiana*
The 49ers have yet to fine their big threat receiver. Well Hardy is certainly a “big” receiver at 6-7. Hardy would certainly create mismatches that would certainly free up Vernon Davis. If WR Jason Hill develops, Hardy and Hil could create a nice receiving combo for the 49ers. OT Gosder Cherilus is a possibility too.

31. Dallas Cowboy- Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas*
The Cowboys go defense with the first pick and now go offense with the second pick. With Julius Jones a free agent and probably will not be resigned, Jones makes sense to complement Marion Barber III. Jones benefited in a two back system at Arkansas so he should fit in well in Dallas. Jerry Jones is also an Arkansas guy so this choice may be a little easier for him to make.

32. New England Patriots - Forfeited

Just Missed
Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
Quentin Groves, DE/OLB, Auburn
Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU
Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma St.
Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC


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2008 Mock Draft 1.5


By NFL Mocks on January 5th, 2008 | | Ballhype: hype it up!
Team 1st Round

Miami Logo
1. Miami Dolphins - DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU

* Until Parcells makes me think differently, then Dorsey is the pick. I would trade here, and think the Dolphins will trade out of this pick.

St. Louis Rams Draft Logo 2. St. Louis Rams - OT Jake Long, Michigan

* Rams need protection for their skill players, and Long will help rebuild an old, beat-up line.

Atlanta Falcons Draft Logo 3. Atlanta Falcons - QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

* I keep going back and forth between Ryan and McFadden. I think it’s more likely for a team to trade up to acquire McFadden, but the Falcons need a QB. If they don’t trade back, I would be surprised if they went anything besides QB here.

Oakland Raiders Draft Logo
4. Oakland Raiders - HB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

* Al Davis couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add McFadden to JaMarcus. I have them landing McFadden as long as someone doesn’t trade up to get him. (Fargas, Rhodes, and Jordan have nothing on McFadden)

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Logo
5. Kansas City Chiefs - OT Ryan Clady, Boise St.

* I have had this pick for a while now and think that the Chiefs will take Clady over Baker, Brohm or Woodson. If Ryan is available, then I think the Chiefs will take a long hard look at him.

NY Jets Draft Logo 6. New York Jets - DE Chris Long, Virgina

* Long is the best defensive end in the draft and the Jets need help all over their defense. If they get a pass rush, then they could help Revis and their other young secondary players.

New England Patriots Draft Logo 7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) - CB Malcom Jenkins, Ohio St

* The Patriots could go with James Laurinaitis, but Belichek knows he can get that kind of player via free agency. They could lose Asante Samuel to free agency, and they could fill that void with Jenkins. The rich get richer…

Ravens Logo
8. Baltimore Ravens - QB Andre’ Woodson, Kentucky

* The Ravens will have a new head coach with a new direction and I am positive that won’t be with McNair or Boller. The Ravens will need to add a QB. If they sign a FA quarterback, then I think they will go with an offensive or defensive lineman.

Cincinnati Bengals Draft Logo
9. Cincinnati Bengals - MLB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State

* This is an easy pick for the Bengals. They basically played the season without LBs and Laurinaitis is the best LB in the draft. Another bonus for the Bengals is that he is a Buckeye boy.

New Orleans Saints Draft Logo 10. New Orleans Saints - FS Kenny Phillips, Miami

* The Saints are another team that could look to trade back. They would love to get Jenkins with this spot, but will settle for this year’s best safety. Phillips will give the Saints an immediate starter to help out on of the worst secondaries in the “L”.

Buffalo Bills Draft Logo

11. Buffalo Bills - WR Malcom Kelly, Oklahoma

* The Bills could go many directions with this pick, but they need players around Trent Edwards to help with his development. Kelly is a big (6-4) WR that will be great opposite Lee Evans.

Denver Broncos Draft Logo

12. Denver Broncos - DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio St.

* Gholston is a big, fast pass-rusher that would give the Broncos a pair of young talented DEs. The Broncos will also take a look at DT Sedrick Ellis and the other DL available.

Carolina Panthers Draft Logo 13. Carolina Panthers - DT Sedrick Ellis, USC

* Kris Jenkins was almost traded last season, and rumor is he might not be back with the team for next. I think that the Panthers will want to reload their defensive line.

Chicago Bears Draft Logo
14. Chicago Bears - RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

* The Bears were not happy with the play of Cedric Benson before he sustained his season-ending injury. I think that the Bears will sign a QB in free agency, but if they don’t Brohm is the more likely choice. Sam Baker is another option.

Detroit Lions Draft Logo
15. Detroit Lions - OT Sam Baker, USC

* Most of the problems with the Lions’ offense was their blocking. They need to add an impact lineman like Baker, but if Matt Millen is still around he might have to go for WR DeSean Jackson. (I know, it’s a bad joke)

Arizona Cardinals Draft Logo 16. Arizona Cardinals - DE Calais Campbell, Miami

* Campbell gives the Cards a pass-rusher they desperately need. This will help out their secondary once they have a healthy Adrian Wilson back along with Antrel Rolle.

Minnesota Vikings Draft Logo
17. Minnesota Vikings - QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

* Brad Childress can talk all he wants about how Jackson is his man. If he gets the opportunity to sign or draft another QB, I think he is all for it.

Houston Texans Draft Logo 18. Houston Texans - CB/S Reggie Smith, Oklahoma

* Houston already improved their defensive line, and now they can help out their secondary. I think they take Smith because of his ability to play both safety and corner.

Eagles Logo 19. Philadelphia Eagles - OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh

* If the McNabb era is over then the Eagles will probably want to invest in a tackle to protect Kolb. Runyan is reportedly set to retire and the Eagles will need to start reshaping their offensive line.

Tampa Bay Bucanneers Draft Logo 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR DeSean Jackson, Cal

* Now that Gruden has found his backfield, it’s time to help out the aging WRs that have seemed to have found the fountain of youth. Gruden won’t want to wait another year to get his vets some help.

Washington Redskins Draft Logo

21. Washington Redskins - WR Limus Sweed, Texas

* The Skins need a big playmaking WR to help out the little guys (Moss and Randle El). Coach Gibbs will want to help his young QB grow, and giving him another option won’t hurt.

Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) - HB Felix Jones, Arkansas

* Jerry Jones is probably dreaming up ways how he can trade up to acquire McFadden. I think he will settle for the other Arkansas RB and grab Felix Jones early, then pick a corner second. Can you imagine the Marion the Barbarian alongside Felix Jones’ speed?

Seattle Seahawks Draft Logo 23. Seattle Seahawks - RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois

* Seattle made a huge investment in Shaun Alexander, and so far it has been a major letdown (Just ask Alexander’s fantasy owners). Rashard could help resurrect Alexander, giving him the compliment back he needs.

Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Logo 24. Pittsburgh Steelers - OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

* The Steelers could use some help on the line this season. Roethlisberger has been sacked more times this season than any other in his career. They could also look at WR, LB or CB here.

Tennesse Titans Draft Logo
25. Tennessee Titans - WR Early Doucet, LSU

* Vince Young needs a WR worse than any other QB in the league. They want VY to keep developing, and giving him a WR that can CATCH would be a big help.

New York Giants Draft Logo 26. New York Giants - CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida

* The Giants’ secondary is getting old and they will want to address that this offseason. Picking late in the first round can always net you a solid corner. Jenkins has the speed and talent to be more than just solid.

San Diego Chargers Draft Logo 27. San Diego Chargers - LB Dan Conner, Penn State

* The Chargers have missed Donnie Edwards a bit this season. Once they get their DL back healthy and add Conner their defense will return as one of the best in the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Logo 28. Jacksonville Jaguars - WR Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State

* I could see the Jaguars signing a free agent WR just to avoid having to use another high draft choice on a WR. If they go that route, then I think they have the luxury of picking the best player available.

Green Bay Packers Draft Logo 29. Green Bay Packers - NT Kentwan Balmer, UNC

* Balmer is one of those guys I have a feeling will move up and down the draft boards. If he has an impressive workout it could really raise his stock. Although, could he be the next Ryan Sims?

San Francisco 49ers Draft Logo
30. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts) - OT Michael Orr, Mississippi

* The 49ers need to protect whoever they decide is their QB. They also need to help their biggest investment — Frank Gore.

Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo
31. Dallas Cowboys - CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

* This would be a great pick for Dallas, and would give them another corner to pair with T-New.

New England Patriots Draft Logo


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2008 NFL Mock Draft - Round 1


Jump to:

PICK #1 The Dolphins Pick:
Glenn Dorsey (DT, Louisiana State)
So after a dismal 1-15 season, Bill Parcells and the Miami Dolphins are on the clock. With Cam Cameron and GM Randy Mueller gone, it will be interesting to see how the new Dolphins brass will handle this team. Needless to say, the players on the field are a large part of the reason why they finished with just one win this season. The good news, however, is that Parcells is well-known for being able to build from the bottom, which is exactly what he did when he took over in Dallas a few years ago. The Cowboys are now the one-seed in the NFC in large part because of Bill Parcells, who laid the foundation there when he was brought in. As far as the number one pick goes, I fully expect the Dolphins to look to move down. The unquestionable top two prospects in the draft are Darren McFadden and Glenn Dorsey, but neither would be a smart pick for the Dolphins. Why? Ronnie Brown was one of the best running-backs in the league before he got hurt, and it’s unlikely that the Dolphins would want to use two top-2 picks on running-backs in the last few years, especially with how easy it is to find a good HB later in the draft or even in free agency. Why not Dorsey? Well, here it becomes a bit tricky. Glenn Dorsey is a Warren-Sapp like talent who would excel in a 4-3 scheme at the UT position. A three-technique, Dorsey is NOT an ideal fit as a 3-4 NT or DE. With that said, however, the Dolphins could choose to run strictly a 4-3 rather than switching back-and-forth, which is what they’ve been doing. Overall, there are a bunch of defensive philosophical decisions that must be made before the Dolphins really consider Glenn Dorsey. If I had to guess now, I’d say they’d go with Dorsey, but this is without projecting trades, and assuming that the Dolphins don’t plan on using the 3-4 as much as they have been.

PICK #2 The Rams Pick:
Chris Long (DE, Virginia)
It was a long year in St. Louis, as the Rams struggled on defense and suffered from a barrage of injuries on offense. Many are predicting a LT such as Jake Long here, but I just don’t see it. The Rams took Alex Barron in the first round a few years ago to not only play RT, but also to take over for Orlando Pace when he retires. Pace’s days as a Ram may be over but Barron should be able to take over at LT for the future. With that said, why take a RT at #2 overall, especially when you have one of the worst defenses in the NFL? Enter Chris Long, DE of Virginia, and son of NFL legend Howie Long. Long is beast of a prospect with a great motor and everything you look for in a franchise DE. He can get after the quarterback as well as play the run, and has enjoyed a fabulous career for the Cavaliers. As a senior, Long tallied 14 sacks which was good for third in the nation. In St. Louis, Long could step in and immediately improve a Rams defensive line that already has some talent, including DT Adam Carriker, and pass-rushing DE Leonard Little.

PICK #3 The Falcons Pick:
Darren McFadden (HB, Arkansas)
Everyone knows what happened to the Falcons with Michael Vick and then Bobby Petrino, but it’s time to move forward. And if there’s ever a player who can help an organization move forward its Darren McFadden of Arkansas. Simply one of the best prospects in the last decade, McFadden has everything you look for in an explosive offensive weapon. He has incredible speed, a lethal stiff-arm, and can even throw the ball. McFadden can run inside, outside, and will even catch some passes. Sound familiar? The best comparison for D-Mac is probably NFL offensive rookie of the year Adrian Peterson. Because of their striking similarity, there is no chance that McFadden falls to seven this year like Peterson did last year. In fact, the only reason the Dolphins and Rams don’t take him is because they both already have their franchise running-backs. The Falcons do need a QB, but with McFadden on the board, that can wait. Jerious Norwood has a history of injury and Warrick Dunn is not player he once was, so the need is there. The one thing Falcons fans need to worry about is Oakland jumping them by winning the coin-flip scenario, or a team like the Raiders or Jets moving up to 1 or 2 to grab McFadden.

PICK #4 The Raiders Pick:
Sedrick Ellis (DT, USC)
JaMarcus Russell showed some promise in his first NFL start, including a rocket touchdown throw to Jerry Porter. The Raiders could use a big-time WR, but there probably isn’t one in this draft. Instead, they could look to help a struggling run defense, and DT Sedrick Ellis is one of the more unheralded elite prospects in this draft. Ellis is right behind Glenn Dorsey when it comes to DT’s, and he’d be a huge upgrade for the Raiders. A run-stuffer who can also get after the passer from the inside, Ellis recorded 8.5 sacks as a senior. Jake Long could also get some consideration here, but ultimately the defense needs to be addressed.

PICK #5 The Chiefs Pick:
Jake Long (OT, Michigan)
The Chiefs have a huge need at LT and Jake Long is the best LT prospect in the draft. Probably not as technically sound as Joe Thomas, Jake Long is still a great looking prospect with the potential to be a dominant force for years to come in Kansas City. A great run-blocker, Long could work on his footwork in pass protection to adjust to the speed of the pass-rushers in the NFL.

PICK #6 The Jets Pick:
Vernon Gholston (DE, Ohio State)
The Jets missed out on Darren McFadden thanks to a meaningless, and quite frankly, ugly, overtime win against the Chiefs in week 17. Dwayne Robertson played better at NT in the second half of the season, but the Jets didn’t generate enough of a pass-rush off the edge in their 3-4 scheme. Vernon Gholston of Ohio State is the perfect 3-4 OLB prospect for Eric Mangini and the Jets. A junior who will probably declare, Gholston had 13 sacks this season. In the Demarcus Ware/Shawne Merriman mold, Gholston could develop into a difference-maker at the next level, and would immediately be an upgrade over Victor Hobson in New York.

PICK #7 The Patriots Pick:
James Laurinaitis (LB, Ohio State)
Apparently the 49ers thought they would be decent this year, and traded this pick during last year’s draft hoping they’d be a playoff contender. Needless to say, they were very, very, wrong. Now the 16-0 Patriots have the 7th overall pick in the draft, and the most likely scenario is that they move down. If they stay put however, look for the Pats to address their aging LB corps with a guy like James Laurinaitis, should he declare.

PICK #8 The Ravens Pick:
Malcolm Jenkins (CB, Ohio State)
Brian Billick is gone, so it will be interesting to see who the Ravens bring in to be their new head coach. Regardless of who it is, he’ll have a decision to make at QB where Kyle Boller was Billick’s guy, Steve McNair is 100 years old, and young Troy Smith showed signs in his limited action. If the Ravens like a guy like Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm, they could pull the trigger on a franchise QB here. In my opinion, having scouted Ryan and Brohm, this would be a mistake. Ultimately, I think the Ravens will pass on a potential franchise QB and go for their second greatest need, which is at CB, where they have questionable depth and two often-injured veterans in Chris McAllister and Samari Rolle. Malcolm Jenkins of Ohio State is a junior, but if he declares he’ll likely be the first CB off the board. Jenkins has good size and athleticism, and would be the next big-time first round Ohio State DB.

PICK #9 The Bengals Pick:
Dan Connor (LB, Penn State)
Even with all that offensive talent, the Bengals struggled all year. Coaching changes must be made, and I expect they are coming soon. As for this pick, it’s pretty obvious they need to address the defense, and Dan Connor of Penn State is a solid LB prospect with a bright pro future. Connor could play inside or outside, and brings everything you look for in a leader on and off the field. As a senior, Connor recorded 145 tackles for Penn State.
JCH Lending

PICK #10 The Saints Pick:
Keith Rivers (LB, USC)
It was quite a disappointing season in New Orleans. Defensive help is on the way, as the Saints will look to improve at LB, DL, and in the secondary. In this projection, they go with a LB in Keith Rivers who has the talent to be a monster at the next level. A bit undersized, Rivers has the speed and athleticism to excel in the NFL and would be an upgrade at OLB for the Saints.

PICK #11 The Bills Pick:
Malcolm Kelly (WR, Oklahoma)
Dick Jauron did a pretty good job with his team this season, and Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch look like the future of the Buffalo Bills. However, in order to compete with the Patriots, the Bills still need to improve, specifically at CB and WR. In this projection, they go with arguably the top WR prospect in the nation, in junior Malcolm Kelly of Oklahoma. Kelly enjoyed a breakout year this season as freshman QB Sam Bradfords favorite target, catching 49 passes for 821 yards and 9 touchdowns. The Bills like Lee Evans, but lack a solid #2 WR. Kelly has the potential to be a special player at the next level, as he combines great size with good deep speed and most importantly, excellent hands.

PICK #12 The Broncos Pick:
Kenny Phillips (S, Miami (FL))
John Lynch is aging and Nick Ferguson could be upgraded, so safety is a need for the Broncos. If Kenny Phillips of Miami were to fall to Denver at 12, it is hard to picture them passing on him. Phillips is a spectacular physical specimen in the mold of the late, great Sean Taylor. It was sort of a down year for Phillips and the Hurricanes, but as a pro prospect, there is nothing this kid lacks. Size, speed, strength, tackling, big-play potential- it’s all there. Learning from Lynch would surely help as well.

PICK #13 The Panthers Pick:
Matt Ryan (QB, Boston College)
The Panthers probably don’t want to take a QB here because they like Matt Moore and still view Jake Delhomme as their starter. However, with no big-time safety or TE on the board, the Panthers could start preparing for the future with QB Matt Ryan of Boston College. Some believe Ryan is a top-flight QB prospect worthy of a top ten pick. I just don’t see it. Ryan is a nice QB, but I don’t know if he’s the franchise player many are making him out to be. As a senior, Ryan had 31 touchdown passes, but also 19 interceptions. Not the best decision-maker, Ryan has a knack for extending the play using his feet, and can throw the ball well on the run. At Boston College, Ryan didn’t have a great receiving corps, so it will be interesting to see how he does with pro wideouts in the NFL.

PICK #14 The Bears Pick:
Brian Brohm (QB, Louisville)
There is no question that the Bears need a new QB after the Rex Grossman disaster. Brian Brohm of Louisville is a smart player with a lot of experience and great college production. The questions about him being a system QB will arise, but the film shows the kid has the skills to succeed in the NFL. He doesn’t have a rocket-arm, but Brohm can make all the throws and of all the QB’s in this draft has the best ability to read defenses. As a prospect, a good comparison might be Eli Manning in that he probably needs to be in the right system to succeed. The Bears, in my opinion, are a perfect fit because they’ll count on Brohm to make good decisions and rely on a strong defense and running-game.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:09 pm



Glenn Dorsey

Defensive Tackle


Bill Parcells throws a serious wrench into the top of this draft. He's one of the more unpredictable front office guys when it comes to the draft. Jake Long would appear to be out of the picture because Parcells stays away from offensive lineman early in drafts. He loves big lineman however, narrowing it down to Dorsey and Chris Long.



Jake Long

Offensive Tackle

The Rams have a very respectable young team that was decimated by injuries this year, especially on the offensive line. The addition of Jake Long and a healthy offensive line could immediately put the Rams back into playoff contention next season. If Long is off the board, the Rams would likely go with Dorsey or Chris Long.


Darren McFadden

Running Back

This is the pick that will shape the rest of the first round. The Falcons need a quarterback. However, given the abysmal season that Atlanta suffered through this year, they are more likely to sign a veteran and attempt a quick turn around. McFadden might be the best player in this draft and nearly as good a prospect as Adrian Peterson was in 2007.


Chris Long

Defensive End

Defensive end isn't necessarily the Raiders biggest need, but Long has good value here. Additionally, Al Davis will have a hard time passing on Long, the son of former Raider Howie Long, for sentimental reasons. For those same reasons it should be a popular pick with the fans. Long could become a leader on one of the young defenses in football.


Matt Ryan


At this point its very difficult to sort out the top three quarterbacks, but its safe to say that the Chiefs will give each one a long, hard look. While I'm not too high on Ryan, he appears to be the consensus number one at this point, and more importantly, fits best in the Chiefs system. If the Chiefs don't rate any QB this highly, they'll gladly trade down.


Vernon Gholston

Defensive End

Ohio State
The Jets have far too many holes to fill in just one draft, but the first priority has to be getting the necessary personnel to run Eric Mangini's 3-4 defense. Gholston was a defensive end at Ohio State, but he has the speed and athleticism to make a seamless transition to outside linebacker. He could become the Jets version of Mike Vrable.


Malcolm Jenkins


Ohio State
This is probably too soon for Jenkins to come off the board, but we all know the Patriots aren't afraid to reach to get their man. The Pats don't have any needs, but they do have a few areas that lack depth. Their weakest link (if you can call it that) is the secondary. Jenkins would provide valuable depth because of his ability to play corner and safety.


Ryan Clady

Offensive Tackle

Boise State
Many think the Ravens have to take a quarterback, but McNair may have another year left and Troy Smith showed he deserves a chance to see what he can do. Instead, the Ravens should turn their focus to the offensive line. Jonathan Ogden is likely done and the Ravens started two rookies for much of this year. Clady could play left or right tackle in the pros.


Sedrick Ellis

Defensive Tackle

There is no way the Bengals can afford to not make this a defensive pick. Their defensive line is below average at best, and with a solid group of lineman available they should look to add someone that can help their run defense. Ellis is the best available at this point. He has the size to plug holes, but is athletic enough to get into the backfield and make plays.


Kenny Phillips


Miami FL
Number one on the Saints draft board has to be Malcolm Jenkins. Their secondary was abysmal this season. If he's gone the door opens to a number of prospects. Mike Jenkins is a possibility, but this is just too high for him to go. Safety isn't as big a need as cornerback, but there's no denying that Phillips would be an upgrade and he's worthy of a top ten pick.


Mike Jenkins


The first priority on the Bills draft board is likely a receiver, but there isn't anyone worth the 11th overall pick. Next up would be a cornerback, and while they'll have to reach a little for Jenkins here, its the safest pick. The Bills have one of the top safety tandems in Donte Whitner and Ko Simpson, but the corners leave a lot to be desired.


Jonathan Stewart

Running Back


This is certainly not the direction Mike Shannahan usually goes with his draft picks, but quite frankly, his direction hasn't worked lately. He's lost his touch in producing elite running backs out of no where and its time he goes out and gets one in the draft. Stewart is the type of power running back that Shannahan likes; he'll fit right into Denver's system.



Brian Brohm


Its hard to imagine the Panthers not selection a quarterback with this pick. At least one of the top three should be available, and in this scenario the Panthers have their pick of Brohm or Woodson. While I like Woodson more, Brohm is probably the better fit for Carolina's offense. He'll be in a good position to sit behind Delhomme for year before taking over.


Andre' Woodson


The Bears are leaning towards signing a free agent quarterback, but until that happens they have to be giving Woodson, Brohm and Ryan a long hard look. At this point, it would be unlikely for more than one quarterback to be available so they'll have to just settle for what's left. If they're all gone, and offensive lineman could be next on their board.


Keith Rivers

Outside Linebacker

The Lions finished last in nearly every meaningful defensive category this year. For that reason, everyone who plays on the defensive side of the ball is an option here. Rivers is probably the best available defensive player. He would take over at strong side linebacker and give the Lions a nice pair of outside linebacker with Ernie Sims on the weak side.


Derrick Harvey

Defensive End

The Cardinals are on the brink of being a playoff contender, but they still have a variety of holes to fill. The offensive line is still an issue but the real problem lies on defense. The big question is whether the Cards will switch to the 3-4 defense. Regardless, Harvey will be appealing here. He is an excellent pass rusher as a down lineman, but should switch to linebacker in the 3-4.



Malcolm Kelly

Wide Receiver


There is no question that wide receiver is the Vikings biggest need. The only that that may hold them back from selecting a receiver would be if they determine no one is worthy of the 17th pick (which is possible). Kelly has the size, speed and, perhaps most importantly, the hands to take his game to the next level. He very well may be the top WR in this class.



Felix Jones

Running Back


Jones might have been the most underrated playing in college football. He was 2nd best running back on his team, but he might also be the 2nd best running back in this draft class. If the Texans can land Jones, they shouldn't waste any time. He might be enough to push them over the top and into the playoffs in 2008.



Jeff Otah

Offensive Tackle


The Eagles have had one of the top offensive lines in football for nearly a decade, but now they just have one of the oldest. Shawn Andrews is one of the top guards in the NFL, but as soon as Thomas and Runyan retire the Eagles will be in trouble. Otah is raw, but has tremendous size and huge upside. He may even have the athleticism to play left tackle.



Colt Brennan



This is probably the only team that could take Brennan in the first round, but if the Bucs decide to target a quarterback they'll give him serious consideration. Brennan can't run just any offense, but he is a similar player to Jeff Garcia based on his decent athletic ability and his accuracy on short, quick passes. It's a reach, but it just may work out for the Bucs.



Dan Connor

Outside Linebacker

Penn State

This isn't the biggest need for the 'Skins but their linebackers are aging and Connor might be too good to pass up. He has experience at inside and outside linebacker and will be a huge asset as a backup before taking over in a year or two. The 'Skins should also consider a defensive lineman, especially someone to boost their sack total.



DeSean Jackson

Wide Receiver


Jackson has seen his stock fall all season due to unproductive play and injuries. When healthy he can change a game, and that alone will draw enough interest from teams to make him a first round selection. As dominant as the Cowboys offense was for much of this season, they missed Terry Glenn's speed. Jackson could become the deep threat they need.



Kentwan Balmer

Defensive Tackle


The Seahawks finished in the top half of the league in run defense, but an improved interior line could boost them even higher. Balmer isn't an elite tackle, but he is an upgrade over Rocky Bernard and Brandon Mebane and Marcus Tubbs. If the Seahawks' bad luck with lineman scares them away, they be the first take a tight end, most likely John Carlson.



Gosder Cherilus

Offensive Tackle


The Steelers offensive line is aging and has suffered a number of injuries the past two years. Additionally, Alan Faneca is an unrestricted free agent. Cherilus isn't in the class of Ryan Clady or Jake Long, but he is valuable in the late first round because of his versatility. He has the athleticism to play tackle, but also the size to shift inside to guard if needed.



Early Doucet

Wide Receiver


Vince Young may have been the worst starting quarterback in the league this year, but you can't place all the blame on him. Until the Titans give him some reliable receivers, you can't judge Young's production. Doucet has some serious injury concerns, but when healthy he's one of the most productive receivers and could instantly become the Titans' go to guy.



Ali Highsmith

Outside Linebacker


The Giants would seem to have two options here: a running back or a linebacker. There isn't a true feature back available here, meaning Highsmith would make the most sense here. He fits best as a weak side linebacker, bumping Kawika Mitchell out of the starting lineup (where he never should have been in the first place). There will be decent RBs available later.



Phillip Wheeler

Inside Linebacker


This is a slight reach for the Chargers, but linebacker is easily their biggest hole. They may be the most talented team outside of New England and have the depth elsewhere to afford a slight reach. They showed last year with the selection of Craig Davis that they aren't afraid to reach for a need if they feel it can fill a much needed hole.



Calais Campbell

Defensive End

Miami FL

The Jaguars really should get David Garrard a reliable receiver. Given their complete inability to judge talent at the receiver position in recent years, that's unlikely. Instead, they should try to bolster what is already one of the AFC's top defenses. 32 year old Paul Spicer was the Jags only defensive end with more than 3 sacks this season.



John Carlson

Tight End

Notre Dame

This is such a young team that its tough to determine just who is for real and who can be replaced. Donald Lee stepped up and had a nice year at tight end, but isn't a long term answer. Carlson is a solid all-around tight end, with the ability to make an impact as a receiver and still be an effective blocker. The Packers could also use a strong side linebacker.



Frank Okam

Defensive Tackle


Okam probably doesn't get a first round grade from most teams, but in a 3-4 defense he has tremendous value because his size should allow him to play nose tackle. Tank Johnson has done a nice job and Jason Ferguson should come back from injury next year, but its a position that is so difficult to find talent at, that the Cowboys will still look at Okam.



Limas Sweed

Wide Receiver


The 49ers might have had the worst offense in football this year, partially due to injuries, partially due to a lack of talent. At the receiver position, it was because of a lack of talent. Sweed has some injury question marks, but his size and play-making ability will still draw interest from teams in the late first round, especially if he's healthy for the combine.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:13 pm

Junior running backs shine in holiday bowl games


By Mel Kiper

Updated: January 7, 2008

Question: Which offensive players, who are draft eligible, have been standouts in bowl games since Dec. 31?

Kiper: I said before the game that if Illinois junior Rashard Mendenhall was going to declare for the NFL draft, it was important for him to have a big game in the Rose Bowl for two reasons: The first was the simple fact that Mendenhall would be facing one of the best defenses in the country; and second, the Rose Bowl would be the last time we'd see Mendenhall perform since juniors aren't eligible to compete in all-star games.

[+] Enlarge
Rashad Mendenhall

AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

After rushing for 155 yards in USC's backyard, Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall finished 2007 with 1,681 yards and 17 touchdowns.
Mendenhall rushed for 155 yards on just 17 carries in a 49-17 loss to USC. He showed game-breaking speed and the ability to outrun USC's defensive backs. He also caught five passes for 59 yards. If he runs the 40-yard dash in under 4.5 seconds, Mendenhall will have to be in the first-round mix.

Junior running back Jonathan Stewart had a very strong showing for Oregon in the Ducks' 56-21 win over South Florida. Compact, strong and very explosive, Stewart (5-10, 233) rushed for 253 yards and had a rushing and receiving touchdown. The one question about Stewart entering 2007 was his durability, but he proved he could stay healthy and will be an exciting player to watch in 2008 if he does not declare for the draft.

Another junior who will have a decision to make is Rutgers' Ray Rice, who rushed for 280 yards and four scores in the International Bowl.

Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge did a solid job (25-43, 365 yards, 2 TDs, no interceptions) against Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl. He managed the game, something he's very good at, rarely puts his team in bad situations and knows that punting is not a bad thing. Ainge has the potential to be a second-round pick.

Oklahoma State's junior tight end Brandon Pettigrew (6-5, 260) didn't put up big numbers (three receptions, 39 yards) against Indiana in the Insight Bowl, but he showed that he's a solid blocker. If he declares for the draft Pettigrew will be right up there with USC's Fred Davis for the top tight end in the draft. He can stretch the middle of the field, has excellent hands and will be a workout warrior.
Mel Kiper Jr.
Top Junior Running Backs

Underclassmen have until Jan. 15 to declare for the NFL draft. They also have until then to take their name out.
Player School
1 Darren McFadden Arkansas
2 Felix Jones Arkansas
3 Rashard Mendenhall* Illinois
4 Jonathan Stewart Oregon
5 Jamaal Charles* Texas
6 Kevin Smith* Central Florida
7 Ray Rice* Rutgers
8 Steve Slaton West Virginia
* Declared for draft

Question: Which defensive players, who are draft eligible, have been standouts in bowl games since Dec. 31?

Kiper: Missouri's William Moore (No. 2 safety in the junior class) had a great Cotton Bowl against Arkansas. He led the Tigers with 13 tackles, returned an interception for a touchdown and forced a fumble. He had an impact in both the running and passing games and is a big-time hitter.

Hawaii QB Colt Brennan spent a lot of time on his back in the Sugar Bowl thanks to Georgia defensive end Marcus Howard. He was the most impressive defensive player in the Sugar Bowl with three sacks, two forced fumbles and was in the backfield all game. He doesn't have ideal size (6-2, 230) so Howard is going to have to learn to play on his feet in a 3-4 defense or be a situational pass-rusher in the NFL.

James Laurinaitis might be the best linebacker in the junior class, but USC's Rey Maualuga is right behind him. He's going to be a prototypical physical linebacker with great sideline-to-sideline speed. Against Illinois in the Rose Bowl, Maualuga had three sacks of a very mobile quarterback, Juice Williams, as well as an interception and forced fumble.

Another junior linebacker who continues to show consistency and productivity each game is Tennessee's Jerod Mayo, who had 13 tackles in the Outback Bowl against Wisconsin.

Florida junior defensive end Derrick Harvey declared for the draft; while he didn't have a phenomenal regular season, he was very active against Michigan with two sacks and eight tackles in the Capital One Bowl.

[+] Enlarge
Marcus Howard

Douglas Jones/Icon SMI

Georgia's Marcus Howard sacked Hawaii QB Colt Brennan three times in the Sugar Bowl.
Sunday in the GMAC Bowl, senior outside linebacker Chris Chamberlain had a fantastic game with 17 total tackles (including 5½ for loss) and one forced fumble in Tulsa's 63-7 win over Bowling Green.

Question: What are the draft needs of the teams in the AFC West?

Kiper: Whether it's been through free agency or the draft, the Denver Broncos have unsuccessfully addressed their need at defensive tackle, so that is a glaring need. Another position on defense where Denver can look to get younger is at safety. D.J. Williams moved to middle linebacker in 2007, but I could see Denver moving him back outside. If that's the case, then look for the team to address the middle linebacker position (or OLB depending where Williams winds up. Brandon Marshall had an excellent season and Brandon Stokley will be back and has been a productive slot receiver. But what about Javon Walker? If he isn't back, then Jay Cutler could use more help at receiver.

By far, the No. 1 need for the Kansas City Chiefs is at offensive line -- whether it's a left tackle, right tackle, guard or even center. The Chiefs need help at every spot along the offensive line and they have to hope to get two and maybe three quality linemen in the draft. On defense, cornerbacks Ty Law (34 years old next season) and Patrick Surtain (32 next season) aren't getting any younger. In fact, I thought the Chiefs would address the cornerback spot as high as the first round last year, but they didn't take a corner with any of their seven picks. Dwayne Bowe excelled as rookie, but if Eddie Kennison doesn't return, then Bowe could use some help at wide receiver. At quarterback, are the Chiefs sold on Brodie Croyle? If they are going to move forward with him, then he's going to need help up front and at wide receiver. The only way I can see them taking a QB in the 2008 draft is if Matt Ryan is still on the board in the first round.

The retirement of Warren Sapp only magnifies the Oakland Raiders' need for a topflight defensive tackle. Oakland needs someone who can be on field for every play, who's a good run-stopper and can push the pocket as a pass-rusher. Joey Porter (44 receptions, 704 yards in 2007) is a free agent and if he leaves, then Lane Kiffin's offense is going to be in dire need of a No. 1 wide receiver. If JaMarcus Russell is the franchise quarterback, then he's going to need to be surrounded with weapons and right now he has none. Speaking of weapons, running back is a need because Justin Fargas (1,009 rushing yards) is a free agent and LaMont Jordan carried the ball just 15 times in the second half of the season. Dominic Rhodes is an average back and while the Raiders have high hopes for Michael Bush, he's still an unknown since he was unable to play this season. Also the offensive line needs help, and not just at one specific position.

The San Diego Chargers have strong personnel, and they don't have any glaring needs. One area that San Diego might want to address is running back because the Chargers, more than likely, will lose Michael Turner in free agency. They do have Darren Sproles, but he is primarily a returner and just a spot back at best. The Chargers also could use a young offensive guard to groom behind Mike Goff; a fifth defensive lineman -- preferably a backup nose tackle -- to give them some depth up front; and depth at cornerback. Drayton Florence, who lost his starting job to Antonio Cromartie, is a free agent. San Diego did take Paul Oliver in last year's supplemental draft, but could add another corner. I thought one position where the Chargers could add some depth was wide receiver, but the addition of Chris Chambers and the emergence of Vincent Jackson might be enough right now. Plus, the Chargers did draft Craig Davis in the first round last year.

Click here to send a question to Mel Kiper for possible use on ESPNEWS.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:17 pm

Rutgers running back Rice will enter NFL draft

Associated Press

Updated: January 8, 2008, 5:07 PM ET


RutgersRutgers' Ray Rice didn't even have the best rushing performance of the 2008 bowl season, but his 280 yards in the International Bowl was the third all-time best rushing yardage in a bowl game.


P.J. Daniels, Georgia Tech 2004 Humanitarian 307
Tony Temple, Missouri 2008 Cotton 281
Ray Rice, Rutgers 2008 International 280*
James Gray, Texas Tech 1989 All-American 280
Curtis Dickey, Texas A&M 1978 Hall of Fame 276
* Rutgers single-game record
NEWARK, N.J. -- Ray Rice will skip his senior year to enter the NFL draft after becoming the leading rusher in Rutgers history and transforming the Scarlet Knights into a Top 25 team.

"I have always dreamed of playing in the NFL, and I felt the time is right to pursue the opportunity to play at the next level," he said in a statement Tuesday.

His decision came three days after he ran for 280 yard and scored four touchdowns in a 52-30 victory over Ball State in the International Bowl. It was Rutgers' third straight bowl game and second straight bowl win after the school went 27 years without qualifying for a bowl.

In his three seasons, the Scarlet Knights were 26-12 after failing to finish above .500 in the 12 previous seasons.

"I am very happy for Ray and his family," Rutgers coach Greg Schiano said. "He has been one of the elite players in college football during his career at Rutgers. Although we will miss him greatly, we all look forward to watching him play on Sundays."

Rice and Schiano are to hold a news conference on Wednesday.

Rice leaves Rutgers with numerous records, including career yards rushing (4,926), career rushing touchdowns (49) and yards rushing in a season (2,012) and game (280). He became the 13th player in NCAA history to gain more than 2,000 yards in a season. He made The Associated Press' All-America second team as a sophomore and junior.

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:18 pm

Rutgers running back Rice will enter NFL draft
Associated Press


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NEWARK, N.J. -- Ray Rice will skip his senior year to enter the NFL draft after becoming the leading rusher in Rutgers history and transforming the Scarlet Knights into a Top 25 team. "I have always dreamed of playing in the NFL, and I felt the time is right to pursue the opportunity to play at the next level," he said in a statement Tuesday. His decision came three days after he ran for 280 yard and scored four touchdowns in a 52-30 victory over Ball State in the International Bowl. ...

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* Comments (1-40)
Romo2008 (1 minute ago)
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No better time for him to leave after the incredible bowl game he had
TheBlockR (7 minutes ago)
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I love you, Ray
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (11 minutes ago)
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i here mccalebb was pretty decent and turning down miami is no big deal anymore they have fallen off dramatically.. that whole move 2 the acc hasnt worked out well for them... va tech looks good in that leauge though and bc is ehhh fairly decent
pubasnacks77 (13 minutes ago)
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Good Luck Raymell!!
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (17 minutes ago)
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umm it wasnt set in stone he would of broken daynes record, i mean injurys do happen.. and he could be like Lienart his stock drop way down or like aaron rogers or brady quinn... sometimes u just gotta go 4 it now and think about the future later..
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (19 minutes ago)
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i used 2 be an orange fan until they fired Pasqualoni, maybe they need 2 reconsider and bring him back cuz the ORANGE SUCK!!! i still like em in basketball though...
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (21 minutes ago)
Report Violation | Ignore User
lmao umm we will see how rich rod, does well with the slow midwestern players... the spread wont work in michigan its just not gonna happen.. and wolves are u upset schiano turned u guys down cuz he's happy building a mini powerhouse i mean the guy is a jersey born jersey bred... and for all those who wanted carr out yall will be sorry...
hobokenart (21 minutes ago)
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Oh, and I'm not an alumnus or a fan of Rutgers. It's nice having a local team do well, but it's not like we don't have other sports around here to keep our attention...
briguy89SU (22 minutes ago)
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Wish Ray the best as he turns pro. I've watched him play since high school. But don't forget, Rutgers fans, the serendipity that brought Mr. Rice to NJ: If Syracuse does not fire Paul Pasqualoni in 2005 and bring in Greg Robinson and an (alleged at this point) West Coast offense, Ray is the featured tailback in Pasqualoni's freeze-option attack at SU, instead of being the linchpin to Schiano's success at revitalizing the Rutgers football program.
hobokenart (23 minutes ago)
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Saying Rice leaving is going to end the program is ridiculous. It's a great move for him, and it proves to other high schoolers coming out that you can go to Rutgers, be successful, and make it to the NFL. Rutgers really has had a great run the last couple of years and there's no guarantee it'll keep up, but there's no reason to think it won't either. Building a program is hard, but the northeast has lots of high school talent, and very few local places for it to go...so there could be a long future for Schiano and the Rutgers program.
wolvesbeatgators (27 minutes ago)
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there goes the best player rutgers will ever have. good luck building a team without rice schiano. good job turning down michigan and miami to stay at rutgers. theyll sure be a powerhouse years to come, especially with no rice next season
joeysprite (27 minutes ago)
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kingjames, it's not like we don't have talent in Jersey, cause we do, they just leave the state for other schools. And I hope you're not from Ohio makin that joke about Jersey. We are the richest state in the country dude. I'm pretty sure your state would love to model itself after ours.Ohio is tied for ugliest state with like every other midwest state. with that being said, I want to get the hell outta here and move to Cali.
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (28 minutes ago)
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king james how many cups of hateraide did u drink 2day?? are u a lil bit more than upset buddy? u must of got denied entry to rutgers..
johnsonke01 (30 minutes ago)
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Really didn't think he was going to come out, doesn't seem like a high draft pick and his pro day is going to hurt him. Hopefuly he goes back to improve because he isn't ready to be in an nfl backfeild.
joeysprite (33 minutes ago)
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I wish Mike Teel made the same decision
longbender (43 minutes ago)
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It's been a pleasure having Ray represent my alma mater, as it was Brian Leonard. Two quality individuals. Good luck at the next level...we'll be with you all the way.
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (43 minutes ago)
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usf aint they losing there coach after next year??? so maybe there 15 mins of fame is over.. ummm rutgers should be fine schiano can recruit.. and new jersey is a gold mine for qbs. and defensive backs so as long as rutgers stays with a swarming defense they will contend in the big east.. only people in the big east that recrut better than rutgers is Pitt and West Virginia USF is EHHHH, dont 4get schiano recruits florida very well
A.T.L.Falcons (45 minutes ago)
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theroc5156 (48 minutes ago)
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Good luck Ray, and thanks for putting Rutgers back on the football map.
Yankee Benny
Yankee Benny (51 minutes ago)
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great great player even though im a fan of players using all there eligebility up, i'm happy and proud for him, he plays the right way, always runs hard gives a second effort and never takes credit he always defers the spotlight from himself and praises his coach, his qb or his o-line... looks like rutgers is becoming a football factory 1st Mike Mcmahon, Then L.J. Smith followed by Brian Leonard, now Ray Rice, who would of thought lol.. good luck to him in the future, i think of him as a high second rounder... his only knock on him is he doesnt have the elite speed, neither did Emmet Smith.. and he has carried the ball a ton so teams might think he's all used up.. but i think he should be fine as a change of pace back, or a runner u use in the 4th quarter to run the clock... he turned out better than the other prized running back recruit rutgers had some years back rikki cook... and i went to high school with cook he just didnt have the heart 4 it.. he transfered 2 UNC and his college career ended..
donhutson14 (52 minutes ago)
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USF Football, be careful what you ask for. Your defense is losing Jenkins and Williams at the corners, and Moffitt in the nerve center. Replacing all that leadership and talent with unproven guys will not be easy. Rutgers returns a senior QB and two 1,000 yard receivers (one of only 4 1A schools to have that in 2007). There is plenty of firepower on the RU roster not named Ray Rice. And the defense should be much improved over the inconsistent 2007 model. That will be a far tougher game for the Bulls than you think, and I personally expect RU to win it. We shall see.

buckets263, I agree that it would have been nice to see him break Dayne's record. But the NFL is calling, and he can set his family up financially, so I appluad his decision. If Broadway Joe can go back and get the degree 42 years later, Rice can wait 5 to 10 years to complete his.
thatswhatshesaid69 (1 hour ago)
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I expected him to come out, and would have been shocked if he didn't. Why wear himself down as the workhorse next year on a team that will finish with about the same record? It'd be different is Rutgers actually had a legit shot to win the Big East and make it to a BCS bowl.
ralph063 (1 hour ago)
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Good luck, I am a senior at the high school he attended - it was fun watching him progress from the State Championship Game against Greg Paulus and then turning around the Rutgers program, I hope he finds success at the next level and doesn't regret this decision.
buckets263 (1 hour ago)
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It's too bad to see Ray Rice go pro and forego his senior season at Rutgers. If he would have chosen to stay for his senior season, there is no doubt in my mind he would have broken Ron Dayne's NCAA all-time career rushing record of 6397 yds. If my numbers are correct, he would've only needed 1472 yards next season to break that record, which is almost 600 less yards than he had all of this season. I'm sure he'll excell and be a good player at the next level, but it would've been neat to see him stay for his final year to break such a significant record.
USF_Football (1 hour ago)
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Thank God! Got sick of seeing Ray Rice tap dance on my defense the last two seasons while the rest of the Rutgers offense rode his coattails. It'll be nice dominating RU like we used to (all right... so in 2005)... Good luck Ray-Ray... If it wasn't for that reversed call on the blocked kick for a TD, you would have had about 25 less carries and 200 less yards that game when you knocked us from #2.
CadaillacKyle (1 hour ago)
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AS a USF fan, this is a very good day for me. Ray Rice is a beast and I hope he performs well at the next level.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:21 pm

Cowboys looking to recapture dominant form


IRVING, Texas -- Before Bill Parcells moved to South Florida to launch another Cowboys franchise, he was criticized in Dallas for wearing down his players in December. Some of those players realized most of their counterparts were no longer practicing in pads during the holiday season.

So when Parcells decided to give retirement a quick spin, owner Jerry Jones set out to find a kinder, gentler soul who would smile at youngsters and the folks in HR. He narrowed the list to two, then hired the guy with the least amount of baggage and facial expressions.

Say what you want, but Wade Phillips turned out to be the perfect fit. Top draft picks such as Roy Williams, Julius Jones and Marcus Spears quickly threw Parcells under the bus and pledged their loyalty to Phillips. They loved this man for who he wasn't.

Quarterback Tony Romo was careful to pay homage to Parcells, who played an important role in his development. But even Romo admitted change could be a good thing. The Cowboys sprinted to an 11-1 record, and, at the end of November, were the hottest team in the NFC.

On Nov. 29, a reserve defensive back named Nate Jones delivered the knockout blow to the mighty Brett Favre, and a trip to Glendale seemed like a foregone conclusion. But then the unthinkable happened.

[+] Enlarge
Tony Romo

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

After a trip to Mexico with his main squeeze, Tony Romo should be well-rested for the playoffs.
The team that Phillips and his Ivy League-trained offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, had so carefully nurtured began to show cracks. First, there was the great escape in Week 14 against a Lions team that had been in full retreat. A huge game by Romo and his travel companion, Jason Witten, masked a weak effort by the Cowboys' defense.

A week later, Romo went 13-of-36 for 214 yards and three interceptions in a 10-6 loss to the Eagles. He injured his right thumb in the game, then endured a week of speculation that the presence of his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, at Texas Stadium might have served as a distraction.

A year earlier, Parcells called Romo into his office and scolded him for having Carrie Underwood on the field a couple of hours before a 23-7 loss to the Eagles. (Parcells prefers Tammy Wynette.)

The following week, Romo had what Jerry Jones described as one of the best performances of his young career in a 20-13 victory at Carolina that gave the Cowboys a club record-tying 13-win season. The win, though, was overshadowed by the high left ankle sprain that Terrell Owens suffered in the first half.

With home-field advantage secure, the Cowboys rolled over for the Redskins in the final regular-season game to finish 13-3. Phillips bristled when asked whether he was disappointed with his team's inconsistent play down the stretch and referenced its 13 wins an estimated seven times during a 24-minute briefing.

"Throw in Chicken Little and the sky is falling and all that, if you want to," he said. "But I think we have a strong football team and a great chance to be where we want to be."

On Monday, Phillips said T.O. will be a game-time decision for Sunday's divisional playoff game against a Giants team that appears to be peaking at the right time. Phillips has been all over the map on injuries this season, so it's difficult to put much stock in his forecasts. But there's no way T.O. will miss this game -- in fact, he'll be closer to full strength than you think.

Owens had nine receptions for 212 yards and four touchdowns in the Cowboys' two wins over the Giants this season. Even if he's not completely healthy, his presence will open things up for other players. In the six quarters he has missed since the injury, the Cowboys have managed 12 points.

The availability of Owens is the big issue right now, but another subplot that emerged over the weekend was a Simpson family getaway in Mexico. Photos of Romo, Simpson and Witten showed up on the Internet.

I've known Romo and Witten for years, and I can tell you with certainty that a trip to the beach isn't going to affect their preparation for Sunday's game. Flying to Mexico -- especially from Texas -- isn't a time-consuming trip.

As Witten told the media in Dallas on Monday: "We used it as a vacation, got our minds off football. That's what Wade told us to do. It's no different than jumping on a flight and going home like a lot of guys did here."

That said, it's going to get ugly for Romo if the Cowboys lose. The reality of the situation is that Romo's girlfriend is under constant surveillance, and that means Romo is, too.

Phillips, who forgot to tell his players not to leave the country during the bye, said he didn't have a problem with the trip -- other than maybe not getting invited. Despite his recent time in San Diego, he said he isn't a "beach guy."

Of course, Romo wasn't the only one who had travel plans last weekend. Garrett and assistant head coach Tony Sparano combined for five job interviews with three organizations Friday and Saturday, but they both were back in their Valley Ranch offices Sunday preparing for the Giants.

Predictably, Phillips said he isn't worried about his coaches' focus. When I talked to Sparano on Sunday, he'd already been in his office for hours.

"My sole focus is the New York Giants," he said.

Whether the Cowboys think so or not, focus seems to be the question mark right now. Can they flip the switch and return to their November form?

We're about to find out.

Matt Mosley covers the NFL for ESPN.com.


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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

Post  RedMagma on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:23 pm

Giant/ Marshall fan here.

He had some character issues going into the draft. While at Virginia, was caught with a minor at a party, as well as underage drinking.

Move forward to his stay at Marshall. Was caught stealing a PS2 from another dorm. Misdemeanor offence.

Overall, the dude was not such a bad guy. Was in a couple of my classes. Pretty smart cat. I'm pullin' for him!
bcaban92 Post #4: 12:43 pm Quote | Report Violation
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He couldve been as high as 3rd if it werent for the off field issues.
mcnabbchoke Post #5: 5:01 pm Quote | Report Violation
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he had some off the field issues

Giant/ Marshall fan here.

He had some character issues going into the draft. While at Virginia, was caught with a minor at a party, as well as underage drinking.

Move forward to his stay at Marshall. Was caught stealing a PS2 from another dorm. Misdemeanor offence.

Overall, the dude was not such a bad guy. Was in a couple of my classes. Pretty smart cat. I'm pullin' for him!

Who didn't drink underage at parties in college? Being caught with a minor? What was she 17 or something. Probably something stupid. Stealing a PS2 is pretty stupid though, but to get knocked from 2nd/3rd round to 7th is ridiculous. Think about what some NFL players get away with.

superdamo Post #6: 6:19 pm Quote | Report Violation
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You have to remember right at the beginning of the draft the commish was saying that he would take draft picks if teams kept dealing with problem players. I dont think next year will effect anyones choices especially after the way the Patricheats got off easy this year.

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Re: E-mail: oconnor@northjersey.com

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