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"My goal is just to be 100 percent by the end of April, a year out from the surgery," he said. "My dream goal would be to be in New York by the All-Star break, but a lot of things come into it -- if they need someone there [and] my performance at that point."

With Yankee Stadium entering its final year, there is more incentive than ever for Sanchez to complete his rehab and make it to the big leagues this season.

"Oh, it's definitely been on my mind," he said. "Especially [after] getting married and having a baby. I'd like to have Jennifer come to a game at the old Yankee Stadium; she's never been there before. And my baby. And my family."

Sanchez is married and have a baby at 24 years old?


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Re: hs

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Sanchez sets sights on Yankee debut
Bronx native continuing rehab from Tommy John surgery


Humberto Sanchez is more than happy to put the 2007 baseball season in his rear-view mirror, but the New York Yankees right-hander has every reason in the world to believe that 2008 will be a year to remember.

After undergoing Tommy John surgery on April 17, 2007, what had been a promising season for one of the newest top prospects in the Yankees organization suddenly became a long, hot summer of rehab.

Not only did Sanchez, 24, have to start on a 12 to 18-month recovery period, but soon after he had a complication that set him back a few more weeks.

Despite feeling strong and in shape, the 6-foot-6 right-hander discovered that he was unable to completely straighten his arm.

"It didn't hurt to throw, but my extension wasn't where it was supposed to be," explained Sanchez, who underwent more X-rays with famed doctor Dr. James Andrews to figure out the cause of the problem. "They showed that I had some bone spurs in my elbow that had calcified. It happens in maybe one out of 400 cases, but for some reason in mostly Hispanic guys, though they don't know why."

Knowing that it could cause future problems, Sanchez and his doctor decided to go back into surgery to clean out the spurs, setting his progress back another couple of weeks.

The surgery itself put Sanchez's much-anticipated pinstripes debut on hold. Yankee fans had been eagerly anticipating his '07 arrival in New York since he'd come over from the Detroit Tigers organization the previous November as the key prospect in the Gary Sheffield deal.

Armed with a lively fastball and a 12-to-6 curve, Sanchez had been one of the brightest pitching prospects in the Tigers organization in 2006, representing his native Dominican Republic as the starting pitcher for the World Team in the All-Star Futures Game in Pittsburgh.

But he would make just three more starts for Triple-A Toledo that year. The third start, in early August, was the last time he's taken the mound in a game.

He'd been bothered by a sore elbow most of the season, though a series of MRIs did not conclusively determine a cause. "Some doctors said I could try to continue rehabbing," said Sanchez, who opted at the time to see what rest and rehab would do to help him through the setback.

Cognizant of his elbow trouble, the Yankees still jumped at the chance to acquire Sanchez when they sent Sheffield to Detroit. He continued to work out with the club at its Tampa complex, just over an hour from where he was living in Orlando.

Hopes were still high that he'd be ready to start the season with the Yankees' new Triple-A squad at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, anchoring what was projected to be one of the best rotations in the Minors.

But by Spring Training it was increasingly clear that it was not to be.

"They said, 'Hey, just make the decision -- if [surgery] is what you want or if you want to keep trying to pitch through the pain,'" Sanchez recalled. "But after a few more exams I knew nothing would help and the longer I waited the worse it would be."

So on April 17 Dr. Andrews performed Tommy John ligament surgery on Sanchez's right elbow and the 12 to 18-month clock started as he rehabbed through the summer months in Tampa.

Though he lived about an hour east on Interstate 4 with his fiancée Jennifer, whom he wed this past November, Sanchez kept an apartment in Tampa during the week so he could be closer to the Yankee complex.

Despite the grueling work, Sanchez knows that the mental part of the rehab process is harder than the physical part.

"The physical part you can always get through, so I think it's more mental," he said, "But Jennifer came to visit on her days off and my mom came down from New York a lot to see me so it was overall a good summer when it could have been a lot worse."

When Sanchez's mother came down from New York, she visited her son in a Minor League complex with a stadium that bore a more-than-passing resemblance to one of her favorite places in the world: Yankee Stadium.

Though born in the Dominican Republic, Sanchez came to America with his family when he was 10 and settled in the Bronx, literally five blocks away from Yankee Stadium.

Already blessed with both a passion and a talent for baseball, he immediately found a good youth league coached by a local police officer and spent most of his spare time there.

Ironically, the coach had season tickets to New York Mets games, so Sanchez estimates he's probably been to more Mets than Yankees games, but he still got to several games at Yankee Stadium every summer as well -- and when he did it was usually with his mom, a diehard Yankee fan.

When he graduated from South Bronx High School, though, it was the Los Angeles Dodgers that took Sanchez in the ninth round of the 2000 Draft. He opted instead to go to nearby Rockland Community College. In 2001 when the Tigers selected him in the 31st round as a draft-and-follow, he moved west, transferring to Connors State Junior College in Oklahoma. His 8-1 record and 1.17 ERA in12 starts there produced enough first-round pick buzz that Detroit signed him with a $1 million bonus to keep him from returning to the draft.

Sanchez worked his way through the Tigers system slowly between 2002 and 2006, taking it one level at a time as he battled nagging injuries from a sore knee to a strained oblique and groin pull.

But in the elite Arizona Fall League in 2005 he was on his game, posting a 2.15 ERA in six starts before heading to Double-A Erie, where he'd been sidelined for much of 2005, to start 2006.

This time he was on, posting a 1.75 ERA as a starter before moving up to Toledo in June. But his on-field time was running out.

On November 10, 2006, just days after the end of the World Series in which his Tigers had lost to St. Louis, Sanchez was traded, along with pitchers Anthony Claggett and Kevin Whelan, to the Yankees.

The first thing Sanchez did, of course, was to call his mom, who promptly hung up on him, thinking he was kidding. She didn't know her son was telling the truth until she saw the trade reported later that evening on ESPN.

When visiting his mom in New York, he's watched the new Yankee Stadium rise next to the current park. It fills him with mixed emotions. "The stadium was old and I'm all for change," he said. "The new stadium is absolutely state-of-the-art. I was just in awe at how beautiful everything was." Sanchez knows what the next months hold for him -- throwing constantly and getting into shape. The latter, Sanchez admits, is something he has historically not been too keen on.

A healthy Humberto Sanchez should play a big role in the Yankees system. Will he be ready to break camp with them at the end of March? He knows he won't.

When camp convenes next month, expect Sanchez to be about a month or so behind the other pitchers reporting. It is hoped that by March he'll be able to throw off a mound. Ideally he would finish Spring Training by remaining in Tampa for a rehab stint with the Yankees' Class A Advanced Florida State League team.

When he is deemed ready, perhaps an assignment to the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees awaits. The spring and summer might include another appearance at the Futures Game, this one to be held at Yankee Stadium in its final season. Perhaps Sanchez will be chosen once again as the World Team's starting pitcher, right in the shadow of his old apartment.

But first Sanchez has a few more months of work to do. While others around him will be settling into their roles in Spring Training, Sanchez is looking ahead to a promising summer.

"My goal is just to be 100 percent by the end of April, a year out from the surgery," he said. "My dream goal would be to be in New York by the All-Star break, but a lot of things come into it -- if they need someone there [and] my performance at that point."

With Yankee Stadium entering its final year, there is more incentive than ever for Sanchez to complete his rehab and make it to the big leagues this season.

"Oh, it's definitely been on my mind," he said. "Especially [after] getting married and having a baby. I'd like to have Jennifer come to a game at the old Yankee Stadium; she's never been there before. And my baby. And my family."

Lisa Winston is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues or its clubs.


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Re: hs

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No he played with the cracked nail most of the season. The first game i think he played with it was against Seattle in the near no hitter. Again if it was an issue of the nail being the cause then presumabley it would have affected him year round rather than sparadically. Sparadic poor performance doesn't occur due to injury but because of not having ones stuff or arm angle sorted on a given day.


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Re: hs

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Chris Long to Miami?

The Dolphins could possibly be switching to the 3-4 Defense now. A defensive end like Chris Long is a perfect fit to add to this Dolphins defense. They got nice outside pass rushers already in Joey Porter, Jason Taylor, and even Channing Crowder. Long is a run stuffing , hard nosed player Sprano and Parcells will like. Fits in very well into a discipline organization.


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Re: hs

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[quote] Message

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:34 pm Post subject: New 08 2 RD Mock Draft (Jerseys+Explanations) Reply with quote
Pick #1) Miami Dolphins: DE Chris Long, Virginia
The Dolphins could possibly be switching to the 3-4 Defense now. A defensive end like Chris Long is a perfect fit to add to this Dolphins defense. They got nice outside pass rushers already in Joey Porter, Jason Taylor, and even Channing Crowder. Long is a run stuffing , hard nosed player Sprano and Parcells will like. Fits in very well into a discipline organization.

Pick #2) St. Louis Rams: T Jake Long, Michigan
The Rams offensive line was horrible last season. They had some injurys which attributed to that, but Long can go a long way. Look at what Joe Thomas did for the Browns in his rookie season. I think teams will look at that and the Rams will take him here. Pace is older, Long can play RT for a year unless Pace retires. Long will help them out immediately and be a mauler for Stephen Jackson.

Pick #3) Atlanta Falcons: RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
The Falcons pretty much have no choice but to take McFadden here. They need to re-store the fan base, if it this isn't the best pick as a team here, it is still the pick. They need to sell the jerseys and get Atlanta fans back into it. McFadden should help re-store this lousy organization.

Pick #4) Oakland Raiders: DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU
The Raiders couldn't plan this out any better, one of the best DTs in the history retires and now one of the best DT's to come out in a while falls right into there lap. Dorsey will help the Raiders stuff the run and stuff LT, and LJ in there division. This is a big key to the Raiders success and it'll be back to back Tigers for the Raiders in the draft.

Pick #5) Kansas City Chiefs: OT Ryan Clady, Boise State
The Chiefs need a franchise LT and Clady is the guy. Some like Clady over Long but Clady ends up here. Clady is a big body and a big tackle the Chiefs have desperately needed since there guys have left or retired. Clady will protect whoever there QB will be for years to come .

Pick #6) New York Jets: DE/OLB Vernon Gholston, THE Ohio State
Ever see this guys arms? Yeah there probably bigger than your head! Physical specimen. He will be a mauler off the edge for the Jets. He said he would play OLB and thats most likely what the Jets will use him as. He can definitely shed off blockers with his strength and make some plays. He racked up over 10 sacks this past season as well so he can get to the QB.

Pick #7) New England Patriots: CB Antoine Cason, Arizona
I think the best cornerback in the draft. Many said he would of been the best in last years draft as well but he came back. He's got great cover skills, good ball skills, and can be a punt return man if need be. There's probably a good chance Asante Samuel leaves getting a boat load of money. The Patriots have some good young guys there but more depth would be needed and Cason can be just as good as Samuel was with some coaching.

Pick #8 ) Baltimore Ravens: QB Matt Ryan, Boston College
New head coach... new D-Cordinator, new O-Cordinator, new QB is in store for the Ravens. There going to need to rebuild. Boller is not the answer is Troy Smith? Ya never know but they bring in Matt Ryan. Maybe can sit behind Troy Smith for one year so they can see what they have in Smith. Having two solid QBs is never a bad thing just ask the Browns. Ryan's got the big time arm any new coach would want. He can sit and groom especially if Jason Garrett takes the job there. He'll be the perfect QB for Garrett's system.

Pick #9) Cincinnati Bengals: DT Sedrick Ellis, USC
Not many can argue here with this pick. Peko and Thorton weren't bad players for the Bengals up front but there still having a hard time stopping the run. Ellis is a big mauler up front who can even rush the passer from his tackle spot. He'll help the Bengals stop the run as well and help improve that awful defense.

Pick #10) New Orleans Saints: CB Mike Jenkins, USF
Jenkins is a very athletic corner that the Saints need. Jason David got smoked so many times last season the position is in need of a huge upgrade and Jenkins should fit well into there system. Should be a good fit opposite Mike McKenzie.

Pick #11) Buffalo Bills: WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
Kelly is the big athletic WR the Bills could really use along side Lee Evans. Roscoe Parrish is going to be there slot guy but Kelly gives the Bills another deep threat for Trent Edwards. He's big at 6'4, has great hands, and has some break away speed. Should be more of the possesion WR in this offense with Evans going deep.

Pick #12) Denver Broncos: LB Dan Connor, Penn State
Broncos were one of the worst teams against the run last season. Connor should help shore that up and possibly play MLB for the Broncos with D.J. Williams moving back outside to his SLB spot. Connor is physical LB, loves to make the tackle and sticks his nose in there to make the hit. Just what the Broncos need right in the the middle of that defense.

Pick #13) Carolina Panthers: S Kenny Phillips, Miami (FL)
The Panthers fans are drooling over this one and Phillips does fall into the laps of Carolina. Play making safety in the line of other great ones from the U. Phillips is a playmaker in the secondary he can close fast and deliever a hit or pick one off and take it to the house. He'll be a great fit in the Carolina secondary.

Pick #14) Chicago Bears: OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss
The Bears draft a big time tackle in Michael Oher. Oher is a huge man and will provide the Bears with some much needed offensive line help that under preformed last season. Oher is one Bears fans are going to love.

Pick #15) Detroit Lions: CB Aqib Talib, Kansas
Talib is a bigger corner from Kansas. Should be able to play the scheme of the Lions well. He can come up and make a hit and be a ball hawk in the secondary. Had a tremendous senior season for the Jayhawks leading them to a BCS bowl. Talib will be a nice addition to an awful Lions secondary.

Pick #16) Arizona Cardinals: OT Sam Baker, USC
Baker will be a great edition to the Cardinals improving line. Baker has protected QB Matt Leinart before and would be a comfortable situation for both guys. They both know each other and Baker would fit in well on the left side again of Leinart. Great pick up for the Cardinals here.

Pick #17) Minnesota Vikings: DE Derrick Harvey, Florida
Another DE is in store for the Vikings. Harvey is a big guy, quick, and very athletic. Was a monster this past season in the SEC and should provide an excellent pass rush for the Vikes. He won't face many double teams with those monsters in the middle being double teamed the most, and Harvey should maximize his potential early on because of that.

Pick #18 ) Houston Texans: RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
The Texans pass game was very good last season, now they need the RB to go with it and Stewart is it. He's very versitale can catch the ball out of the back field. Had a big time year at Oregon this past season. He can def. be a feature back in the NFL and fit well in Kubiak's offense.

Pick #19) Philadelphia Eagles: DE Calais Campbell, Miami (FL)
The Eagles are going to have to let go of Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard this off-season. So another DE to go in the rotation is needed and Campbell is it. At 6'8 hes a monster of an end and is quick and athletic and can get to the QB. He's still a little raw but the Eagles should be able to mold him into a great defensive end.

Pick #20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: QB Brian Brohm, Louisville
The QB's were falling and Brohm falls right into the laps of the Tampa Bay Bucs. Brohm has a big arm , very smart QB reads defenses fairly well. It's tough system to learn in Jon Gruden's system but its that big arm QB they've been wanting. He'll learn behind Jeff Garcia for sure to teach him the in's and out's of the Bucs system.

Pick #21) Washington Redskins: CB/S Reggie Smith, Oklahoma
The Redskins can use some secondary help. Injurys and the unfortunate death of Sean Taylor have left the Redskins a little weak there. Smith can either play corner or safety for the Skins whichever they feel. Smith is very veristale , great athlete quick, and a ball hawk. Should do well in this Redskins system.

Pick #22) Dallas Cowboys: RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
Julius Jones will most likely be let go this off-season and the Boys need a back who can play second fiddle to Marion Barber. Jones is a quick flasy back the total opposite of Barber. Will be a perfect in this Cowboys offense and make some noise for the Cowboys.

Pick #23) Pittsburgh Steelers: OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh
The Steelers draft the huge kid out of Pittsburgh in Jeff Otah. There's a good chance the Steelers could lose both Alan Faneca and Max Starks this off-season. Otah can step right in and be a physical mauler that the Steelers absolutely love. He should come in and be a force right away.

Pick #24) Tennessee Titans: WR Limas Sweed, Texas
The Titans go right back to U of Texas to get big Limas Sweed. Big time target , very tall man and someone who QB Vince Young is very comfortable with. It's a smart pick and makes the third straight year the Titans have gone to Texas to get there guy. Sweed will be the big playmaker the Titans need at the WR position.

Pick #25) Seattle Seahawks: RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
The Seahawks can use another RB with Shaun Alexander just not the same anymore, I think he is done. Only Maurice Morris who they like left I think it's the smart pick to go with Mendenhall here. Mendenhall is very quick back, powerful for his size and a good receiver out of the back field. With this pick it pretty much marks the end of Shaun Alexander in Seattle.

Pick #26) New York Giants: LB Keith Rivers, USC
The Giants are really like a amazing talent like Rivers has fallen this far. Rivers is the perfect WLB for them and if Kawika Mitchell goes else where he is the replacement. He's a very fast LB, athletic, can go sideline to sideline. Reminds me a lot of Lance Briggs type player. Nice fit for the Giants here.

Pick #27) Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Quentin Groves, Auburn
The Jaguars really don't have many weaknesses. One of there only real weaknesses is the WR spot and a pass rushing specialist. The draft is stacked with WRs so they can get one later so they choose to go with the DE. Groves is a speedster off the edge much like a Dwight Freeney. The Jags would love for him to come in and put pressure on the QB right away and that is something Groves can do.



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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:02 pm

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Chat with Mel Kiper

Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, Mel Kiper Jr. will drop by to talk about the bowl game matchups, the NFL, the draft and any other questions you might have about the gridiron.

Send your questions now and join Mel this Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET!

Kiper Archive: Chats | Columns

SportsNation Buzzmaster: (1:00 PM ET ) We've got Mel!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: (1:02 PM ET ) We have a pretty good idea of who the top juniors are who are coming out early. The surprises on who is and is not coming out. And we can talk about how these juniors impact the draft board.

Jeff Columbus, Ohio: could James Laurinaitis be the number 1 pick in the 09 draft?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:04 PM ET ) I think he could be in the top 5. I thought he would have been in the top 7 or 10 this year. It surprised me that both he and Rey Maualuga from USC decided to go back. Laurinaitis didn't have a good game against LSU, but he has speed. It would have made sense. He had 125 tackles. He's a complete football player. But hey, it's great for college football. And for Maualuga to have such an impact game against Illinois. Great speed. He takes on blockers. I thought both would come out, but at worst one of them out come out. I thought Rey had closed that gap and both of these guys will be highly coveted in the draft.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:05 PM ET ) In terms of where they will go, they could go higher next year than this year. Particularly Maualuga. Both of these kids could benefit from where they go in the draft by returning.

Fort Lauderdale Florida: Is Tony Sparano the answer for a 1-15 season?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:06 PM ET ) You never know. You just never know. He's a guy that Parcells knows very very well. Parcells knows him and respects him. He brought two guys - the GM and head coach - from his days in Dallas. You have to trust Parcells's ability to know both of these guys. But talent always trumps coaching. Look at Bill Belichick. He was not a Hall of Fame coach in Cleveland. He wasn't a Hall of Fame coach in New England until Tom Brady was put into the lineup.

Luis Orlando, FL: With all the RB's leaving early for the draft, does that hurt McFadden's draft value?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:09 PM ET ) No, not really, because he's a cut above everybody else. Jonathan Stewart is a guy very intriguing. He put to rest the durability issues this year. He is a very talented RB. He was considered one of the best players since high school. Felix Jones is a game breaker. You have great depth at RB this year. Jamaal Charles out of Texas is a speedster. Kevin Smith. Talk about a guy who had 450 carries. That's amazing. Talk about a workhorse. Ray Rice at Rutgers. He's a Joe Morris type. Steve Slaton. What it does is say that teams don't have to trade up to get a RB, you can stay where you are at get a good RB. Plus, only three or four teams really need a RB anyway.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:10 PM ET ) A lot of teams believe in the tandem RB. It's a copy cat league. When you see a team with two RBs - Minnesota with Peterson and Taylor, Maroney and Faulk in New England, Turner and LT in San Diego. I think the best scenario for McFadden is Atlanta.

Sean(Park Forest, IL): Jerry Angelo has an awful record drafting offensive players...with that being said, do you see any way the Bears can move up to take Jake Long at/near the top of the draft? Thanks, keep up the great work!

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:12 PM ET ) Jake Long is one of the top players in this draft. He's No. 2 on my board. The OL is an area where they need some help. It's not just one or two, but several. Sam Baker. Ryan Clady and Michael Oher are the two top junior LTs coming out. You don't have to feel compelled to get Long. You have Baker, Clady and Oher. You have four quality LTs in this draft. It's a good year for LTs.

Austin Hawk: after deshaun jacksons dissopinting season this year how high do you think he will go in the nfl draft?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:14 PM ET ) He's going to go pretty high. I'd say mid first round. If Ted Ginn can go 9th overall, his grade will be pretty similar. He's fast, great feet and quickness. I would say he goes between 8 and 15. I would project mid first, but it wouldn't be shocking to see him go in the 8, 9, 10 area.

John (Boston, MA): Mel, who do you see the Pats taking at 7? Do they love anyone or will they trade down? Thanks

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:16 PM ET ) They could look at an OL. They could look at a WR. I still wouldn't count out LB. Keith Rivers, Dan Connor are two very good football players. I wouldn't count out consideration being given to those guys. But right now, they have to be pretty open.

Mike (College Park, MD): What are your feelings on Erin Henderson? He is a different player than his brother, do you think he'll be a solid pro OLB?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:18 PM ET ) Yeah, I think he will be. He has a high grade going in. When you look at the Jr. LBs, he was right there. He was the third highest rated LB from the juniors. He's been a tremendous player. He had 133 tackles this year. He has a good feel for the position. He had 11 tackles for a loss and recovered four fumbles. He's an impact player.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:18 PM ET ) His brother was a second round pick and he figures in that same area.

Dane (Ohio): With all the DBs entering the draft, what does the top five cornerbacks look like? Does Justin King have a chance to be a late first rounder?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:21 PM ET ) The top five CBs are Aqib Talib from Kansas. He's the No. 1. He should go in the top 10. Then it's Reggie Smith from Oklahoma, who's a combo, a S/CB. He'll hit you, he has range. I would probably go with Brandon Flowers from Virginia Tech No. 3. He's a junior. Tremendous break on the ball. He finished third on the team in tackles. Four, I'd think about Justin King. What he lacked this year was consistency. He would have benefitted from another year. He has tremendous computer numbers at the CB slot. He'll go more on potential than performance. Right there will be Leodis McKelvin, Tracy Porter. Because of these juniors coming out, you have a pretty good group of CBs. There is a lot of help coming from the CB group.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:22 PM ET ) Jake Ikegwuonu from Wisconsin is also coming out. He's right there in the mix as well.

JD (OH): Now that Sparano has been hired and will begin to build his staff for the Dolphins, what would you consider to be a best case scenario with their first four picks all of which are in the top 64? Also how important do you think that having his coaching staff in place is in order to evaluate at next weeks Senior Bowl? Thanks

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:24 PM ET ) When you look at the Dolphins, it's what they need. Their needs are DT, OL, CB, WR, and OLB. They could even use a DE. In order, DT, OL, CB, WR, OLB, DE, RB. This team almost lost every game this year for a reason. The biggest addition to the team is going to be talent. You could bring back all the hall of fame coaches and they couldn' do any better with this roster. I think Jeff Ireland is as key of a hire as Sparano is. They have a lot of work to do. They have more needs than any team for a reason.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:25 PM ET ) The best scenario for them is to trade down and get more picks, but will they have any takers?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:25 PM ET ) If there's one player that Parcells is going to have a real high opinion of, it's Chris Long from Virginia.

Ryan (SF) : Mel, What do you see the 49ers doing in the first rd and what positions will they target? Any chance Antoine Cason is there at the end of the first?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:26 PM ET ) Cason is not a first round pick, first of all. He's not a top flight prospect. If you look at the 49ers, they have to look at a number of positions - WR, OL. They need to get some help around Alex Smith.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:27 PM ET ) They lost their own first round and they picked up Indy's first rounder, which is at the end of the first round.

ryan anderson: hey mel you are the best football player prognosticator around. what round do you now forsee dennis dixion going in? i thought he had first round potential prior to his season ending knee injury.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:28 PM ET ) He would have been probably a second round pick if he had not gotten hurt. Now, he had that injury. He was sort of a one-year wonder, because he only had the one good year, and he didn't play the entire year. Now, you're probably thinking 4th-6th round.

Brandon (Totowa, NJ): What positions do you see loaded with talent?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:30 PM ET ) Because of the junior class, which were strengthened by that class. The mediocre RB class was made very good. The QBs are not bad, but only one high potential pick in Matt Ryan. WR did not look good, but now looks good. RB and WR were helped immensely. TE is solid. LT was helped out by the juniors. DL is OK overall. CB was strengthened tremendously by the juniors.

buckeyeh8er Columbus Ohio: Mel BIG fan here, Is there a chance that the titans look at Mario Manningham in the first round as we really need a WR.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:33 PM ET ) Clearly, their No. 1 need is WR. They need a DT to put next to Haynesworth. They'd have to think about CB. They could use some depth at OLB. Manningham is one of the enigmas of the draft. There are times when he looks dynamic. He catches the ball really well. He averaged 16 yards or better each of his three seasons at Michigan. He competes for the ball in coverage. What he does do, is drop some balls. He's not the most aggressive WRs out there. He likes to go outside the hashmarks. Inside the hashmarks, he's not as effective. He's not a complete receiver, but he's a good deep threat. He could be a guy to get some first round consideration.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:33 PM ET ) Devin Thomas from Michigan State had only six catches coming in and ended up with 79 this year. He'll be an interesting evaluation. He's a good WR possibility.

Kevin (NYC): Who do you see the Jets grabbing at #6?? It seems like a lot of the players best suited to them will be taken...

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:35 PM ET ) They have a lot of needs. I'd say DE is No. 1. Then OG, OLB and WR. Chris Long would look great in a Jets uniform, but I don't know if he'll be there. Especially when you consider the system he came out of in Virginia. He'd be a perfect fit for the Jets.

BoB (OH): Do you think Vernon Gholston will go to a team that plays a 4-3 defense or a 3-4?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:36 PM ET ) He could play on his feet in a 3-4. But I think he's best suited to a 4-3. He's about 6-3, 260. Talk about a guy who took his game to a new level. The only sack allowed against Jake Long was against Gholston this year. He played with his hand off the ground some this year. He gives you a little 3-4 versatility. I'd preferably say a 4-3 DE, but he can play in the 3-4.

Brian D. Adams (Prague, VA): Who do you predict will rise the highest from this point on?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:38 PM ET ) I think the juniors. Some guys that will fly up the draft board from the juniors - Felix Jones, because he'll show great speed and versatility; Anthony Collins, LT from Kansas; Pat Sims from Auburn; Aqib Talib from Kansas will be a much sought after CB.

Adam (Springfield, IL): What do you think about TE Martin Rucker out of Mizzou? Do you think his draft stock is hurt by the spread system Mizzou plays?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:40 PM ET ) I think you want pass catching TEs now. Blocking is almost secondary to catching right now. What will impact him that there are a lot of TEs that can catch the ball in the draft. The senior TE class was already solid. Fred Davis is No. 1, Dustin Keller, John Carlson, Rucker at No. 4, Tamme, then Bennett, who isn't real flashy, but he's a good athlete.

Ben (Baton Rouge, LA): Chicago desperately needs help at safety. Do you see any (healthy) Mike Brown clones out there for the Bears to grab?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:43 PM ET ) That is a position that they could look to. I would say the guy that's the most interesting safety, and he's coming out early, is Kenny Phillips. He's a top notch free safety, but he did not have a good year. His overall production, 2 INTs and 82 tackles. He didn't ''wow'' you over with his performance. He's a good player, but I just with he had done more. With a great year, he could have gone in the top 10. He's the No. 1. The No. 2 safety is Marcus Griffin, a senior.


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:08 pm

Lee(portland, OR): Is there really any hype surrounding the number one pick, (Glen Dorsey) is this guy for real? Is he a game changer?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:44 PM ET ) If you saw the national title game, when he's not at 40 or 50% like he was at the end of the year. He's a tremendous young man. Great character. He has the fever for football. He elevates the play around him by being on the field. He's a destructive DT when he's at full strength and worthy of being the No. 1 pick.

Matt (San Francisco): How does the play of Devin Hestor affect how teams view players with KR and PR abilities?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:46 PM ET ) He helps them enormously, because this is a copycat league. If a player gets a nitch and has success, everyone wants to do that. A guy it helps is Leodis McKelvin. He's a tremendous return man but also a corner.

Jim: Ocean Springs: Will Dan Conner be on the board when the Saints pick at #10? Do you feel he would solve some of the Saints LBer woes?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:46 PM ET ) He certainly would help. He could be there. Conner is one of those guys where some people love him and others aren't so sure. His Penn State lineage, he's productive.

Scott (Akron, OH): Love your chats and and work Mel. My question: in hindsight, who got the better of the Brady Quinn for the Browns '07 2nd and '08 1st rounders? If you are JJ do you do this again?? Thanks!!

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:50 PM ET ) The main pick is getting the first round pick for this year. It's not an early pick. I think Cleveland did very well. They didn't know Anderson would have as good a year as they did. Because Quinn went 22nd overall, that's not a big cap hit. They can live with both on the roster. They went from a team with no QB to a team with two. I think Savage did a good job. They had to make a bold move and they did that. Quinn showed well in the preseason and late in the season. I think the Browns got the best of the deal.

John (Columbus, OH): Ray Rice = a better version of Maurice Jones-Drew?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:51 PM ET ) If he is, someone will be thrilled to get him because Maurice is a heckuva player. When you look at this, the only thing you can compare is that he's going to be expected, coming out, to be a good back. Jones was a second round pick and Rice is expected to be a second round pick. Though Rice won't give you the kick returning element.

Paolo (Waco, Tx): Do you see any good RB prospects for the Texans in the later rounds? Assuming they don't/can't take Mendelhaal or Stewart in the 1st that is.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:54 PM ET ) One guy who will be interesting is James Davis. He came out as a junior. Not real explosive, not elusive, but he picks up his yards. He's productive, tough. He's very hard nosed. But he could end up dropping. He could get lost in the shuffle and end up as a later round pick. Ryan Torain from Ariz. St. Dantrell Savage will be an outstanding third down back in the NFL. Jalen Parmele from Toledo is a big back with some ability. Xavier Omon from NW Missouri St. has some ability.

Chad (DC): What do you see the Redskins doing in the draft?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:56 PM ET ) DE is No. 1. Phillip Daniels is getting up there in age. DT, a quick, explosive DT. WR is up there. They have no stud receiver. They do like Anthony Mix. They picked him up later in the year. He made an impact on special teams this year. CB is another one. They need a versatile interior OL, a C/G. And a free safety. Those are the major needs.

Dane (Denver, CO): Given the needs of the Denver Broncos, who is going to be there for them to take at number 12

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:58 PM ET ) I would say DT would be one. They have to get younger at safety. Either OLB or MLB. DJ Williams played MLB, but he's more at home at OLB. They could go with another WR. Those are the areas I would look at. I would think they could look at Kentwan Baumer from UNC would fit right in.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (2:00 PM ET ) We got an awful lot covered. We'll have the brand new Big Board, which will include all the underclassmen, on Friday. My first, first round projection will be on Tuesday. That's why all those first round projections you've seen up until now won't be accurate. That's why I wait.


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:11 pm

Boston is countering with an offer of Coco Crisp straight up for Nathan. Twins are said to be deciding between the two equal packages. Most pundits and Red Sox fans believe the Crisp offer trumps the ARod, Wang, and Jeter offer.


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:15 pm

If you were a Gm , your owner Ask you build a strong rotation, How do you build it Mr callis?

Two Power pitchers, two finesse

or Two finesse pitchers, one power pitchers?


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:20 pm

But According Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports that BlueJays could surpassed The Yankees ? The addition of Eckstein, and Rolen, BJ Ryan coming back from Tj Surgery. The Jays rotation are better than the Yankees. The Yankees could finish third and not make the playoffs


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:25 pm

Blizzards force teams to adjust

The championship games this weekend will be played in Foxborough, Mass., and Green Bay, Wisc., and temperatures are expected to barely reach the teens. But surprisingly, in cold weather games, teams will hardly make any adjustments to the game plan. Teams will still throw the ball and run their regular offenses. However, in blizzard conditions, like Green Bay and Seattle encountered at Lambeau Field on Saturday, coaches had to alter their game plans in order to adjust to the elements.

The Packers were forced to rely on their running game in the blizzard conditions. Head coach Mike McCarthy gets a lot of credit for not abandoning the run game after two first quarter fumbles by RB Ryan Grant. He was effective on outside zone plays because Green Bay's offensive tackles and edge blockers sustained their blocks, which allowed Grant to get around the corner. The Packers took advantage of the edge, which Seattle's contain players could not secure since they were playing high and didn't have their feet underneath them. The Seahawks struggled because of the slickness of the field due to the heavy snow on the ground.

Besides the usual calls, such as running the ball more and shortening the routes for the receivers, there aren't many more adjustments that coaches can make in blizzard conditions. The deep throws may take a little longer to develop, if there is a significant amount of snow on the field. As a result, the offensive line may have to protect a little longer. Or, the timing of all the routes may change, so both teams have to keep their feet underneath themselves while running. Regardless, both teams have to adjust to the elements on the field.

The biggest factor that will be affected by cold weather or blizzard conditions is the kicking game. The ball will not travel as far for punters and kickers in sub-degree temperatures. That may affect the way head coaches approach the game strategically in a field position battle. If a 48-yard field goal turns into a pooch punt that curves the strategy of the game and turns the game into a field position chess match.

The team that is prepared to make the proper adjustments due to the weather elements will have the advantage. Both teams have to play on the same field, so the weather is not an excuse for losing.


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:27 pm

Improved safety play key to Packers' resurgence

Al Harris is a pressing, man-to-man machine. His style is to play receivers tight and challenge them to beat him. At the beginning, Harris worked with Mike McKenzie, who was eventually traded to New Orleans. For the past two seasons, Harris and Charles Woodson have formed one of the league's best one-two combinations.


Max, (NY, NY): Howdy Jim. I'm hearing talk that scouts are split and some prefer Jeff Marquez to Ian Kennedy. I've been hearing about Marquez for a little while but I haven't seen him pitch or heard a real scouting report on him. Power arm? Finesse guy? Deep repertoire? What does he project as, front end or back? Inquiring minds want to know.

SportsNation Jim Callis: (2:25 PM ET ) I'd still give the edge to Kennedy because I think he pitches above his stuff, but Marquez has better stuff. His power sinker is a true plus pitch with good velo and movement, and his curveball and changeup are solid. I could see him as a No. 3 starter


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:58 pm


Thursday, January 17, 2008

1. Dolphins:
- Chris Long/DE/Virginia
2. Rams:
- Jake Long/OT/Michigan
3. Raiders:
- Glen Dorsey/DT/LSU
4. Falcons:
- Matt Ryan/QB/BC
5. Chiefs:
- Ryan Clady*/OT/Boise St.
6. Jets:
- Darren McFadden*/RB/Arkansas
7. Patriots*:
- Vernon Gholston*/OLB/Ohio St. _________________________________________
8. Ravens:
- Brian Brohm/QB/Louisville
9. Bengals:
- Sedrick Ellis/DT/USC
10. Saints:
- Mike Jenkins/CB/USF
11. Bills:
- Malcolm Kelly*/WR/Oklahoma
12. Broncos:
- Kenny Phillips*/S/Miami (FL.) _________________________________________
13. Panthers:
- Calais Campbell*/DE/Miami (FL.)
14. Bears:
- Andre' Woodson/QB/Kentucky
15. Lions:
- Jeff Otah/OT/Utah
-Rashard Mendenhall/RB/Illinois
-Sam Baker/OT/USC
18. Texans:
- Jonathan Stewart*/RB/Oregon _________________________________________
- Kieth Rivers/LB/USC
-Michael Oher/OL/Ole Miss
21. Redskins:
- Lawrence Jackson/DE/USC
- Desean Jackson*/WR/Cal
23. Titans:
- Limas Sweed/WR/Texas
24. Seahawks:
- Fred Davis/TE/USC
25. Steelers:
- Antoine Cason/CB/Arizona
*26. Giants:
- Aqib Talib*/CB/Kansas
*27. Chargers:
- Gosder Cherilus/OT/BC
28. Jaguars:
- Reggie Smith*/DB/Oklahoma
29. Cowboys:
- Jack Ikegwuonu*/CB/Arizona
30. 49ers*:
- Adarius Bowman/WR/Oklahoma St.
*31. Packers:
- Leodis McKelvin/CB/Troy
*32. Patriots:
- Pick forfieted
-Violating league rules


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:01 pm

2008 NFL Mock Draft Version 1


1. Miami Dolphins- Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU. I think he's the best defensive prospect in the draft, and Miami can find him a place to play. He'd be a good 3-4 DE regardless of what people say and a great 4-3 DT if they chose to keep that. Could be lured to McFadden though.
2. St. Louis Rams- Chris Long, DE Virginia. Rams have a need at DE, and Long is a great prospect. Not only is he a great attitude guy and a stout run defender, but also a productive pass rusher. Many have them pegged for the other Long, which would be a dumb idea with Pace coming back healthy and Barron being a better LT prospect than Jake.
3. Atlanta Falcons- Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas. The Falcons are in a 'need to reload' position. In addition to everything that they have gone through this season, almost their entire team is at a crossroad. Needing something to get the city excited about in the draft, in an ironic Vick-esque pick they take a glamor offensive prospect that will sell jerseys, tickets, and hope for a team currently in the gutter.
4. Oakland Raiders- Sedrick Ellis, DT USC. The Raiders have a definite need all along the defensive line that cannot be ignored. They are faced with a choice of an edge rush in Vernon Gholston or a Sapp replacement in local stud Sedrick Ellis. The choice will be easy after Ellis likely impresses even more at the combine than he did on the field. The near 300 lb Ellis not only is a quick pass rusher who will hold his own in the 40 yard dash, but a rumored weight room freak who will put up 30+ reps on the bench.
5. Kansas City Chiefs- Jake Long, LT Michigan. It's no secret that the Chiefs need to start rebuilding their OL. What better to start with than the top LT prospect falling into your lap? They could be tempted to take #1 QB prospect Matt Ryan here, but with the awful shape their line is in and their tenativeness to throw youngster Brodie Croyle in there, why throw millions more at a gunshy position?
6. New York Jets- Vernon Gholston, DE OSU. If the Jets have a glaring hole, it's the pass rush. They were 25th in the league in sacks, led by David Harris and Shaun Ellis who won't be confused with DeMarcus Ware and Richard Seymour any time soon. They are also looking to deal one of their only pass rushers this off-season in Dewayne Robertson because he does not fit their 3-4 scheme. So it makes plenty of sense to pick up likely the best pass rusher in the draft, who also has the athleticism to play at the stand up OLB position at the next level.
7. New England Patriots (via San Francisco)- James Laurenaitis, LB OSU. Fun fact of the day: Did you know the Pats LBs are ancient? Well, it's no secret they are. And they'd love to get Junior Seau Jr, but Rey Maulaga doesn't seem to be taking the NFL bait just yet. So they settle for Laurenaitis, who's all around game and football savvy have Patriot written all over him.
8. Baltimore Ravens- Matt Ryan, QB BC. The Ravens have a few needs. Cornerback, linebacker, maybe a wide receiver. But the one that blatantly stands out is the one they plugged Troy Smith into at the end of the season. You could smell the desperation. Steve McNair fell off hard the past two seasons and Kyle Boller has just never worked out. It's time to cut your losses and start fresh. This may seem a little low for Ryan, but I think this is exactly where his talent level should put him. QBs always get heavily over-valued though (see: JaMarcus Russell/Alex Smith/etc) so who knows?
9. Cincinnatti Bengals- Kenny Phillips, FS UM. The Bengals haven't had anything resembling a defense since god knows when. They'd love to have one of the defensive linemen fall to them and build through the trenches, but New York says no such luck. The Bengals settle for the highly rated Miami safety who has drawn comparisons to every recent Cane safety from Meriweather to Ed Reed.
10. New Orleans Saints- Mike Jenkins, CB USF. We all know the story on New Orleans by now. It goes by the name of Jason David, the most talked about CB in the NFL. Usually bad CBs don't come close to the pub David got, which just goes to show you how bad he was. Mike Jenkins is now the best cover CB in the draft now that Malcolm Jenkins has decided to return for another year. They could also use a LB here, but the value just isn't there unless Laurenaitis is.

Be sure to join us in the forums for more NFL Draft discussion!

11. Buffalo Bills- Malcolm Kelly, WR Oklahoma. The Bills seem to have a tough choice here. They've got a QB in mind for the future in Trent Edwards, so no Brian Brohm. And they just drafted Marshawn Lynch in round 1 and have Jason Peters, so no back or left tackle. They could use a corner or linebacker, but not a ton of value there. So they take the #1 WR prospect in the draft. Looking at their roster, it's easy to see why. Their top 4 WRs are 5'11, 5'10, 5'10, and 5'9. So a big target like the 6'4, sure-handed Kelly could come in handy. After Evans, they only have complimentary WRs anyway, so they could use a real starter.
12. Denver Broncos- Ryan Clady, LT Boise St. Clady has burst onto the scene this season and is a really nice LT prospect. Lepsis is getting older and older and that Denver offensive line just isn't the unit it used to be. The team is also becoming a more pass-oriented team with the Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall connection, so they should look for someone to protect Jay's blindside.
13. Carolina Panthers- Reggie Smith, CB Oklahoma. The Panthers would love nothing more than to have Kenny Phillips at this spot, but he didn't make it. Him, the top left tackles, the top defensive ends. Oh well. What they did end up with is a very good CB prospect who looks to develop into a great free safety prospect. Smith has been regarded as a bit of a tweener, but should look to take advantage of the TERRIBLE safety class and tremendous cornerback class he has entered. Either way I think he's going to be very good, but Carolina has no need at corner, so off to safety he goes where the Panthers are hurting.
14. Chicago Bears- Brian Brohm, Louisville. Remember the Ravens and Troy Smith. Only a notch above them is Chicago and Kyle Orton. The situations are mirror images of each other. The third stringer in because the team had given up on the former 1st round pick and the vet who wasn't a starter at this point in his career. Brohm gives them a great option though, with his ability to make all the throws and a great head on his shoulders. He should be successful in Chicago.
15. Detroit Lions- Dan Connor, LB Penn St. The Lions could use a new offensive line, a new defensive line, a new linebacking corps outside of Ernie Sims, and a bunch of cornerbacks. Let's start with a linebacker. Why? Well for one, they are an easy quick impact position. Secondly, while Paris Lenon was a decent fill-in, I don't like him as a full time Mike backer. And lastly, Connor provides solid value in the middle of round 1. He and Keith Rivers are in a fight for position right now though.
16. Arizona Cardinals- Aqib Talib, CB Kansas. The Cardinals are the second team that gets the shaft due to Malcolm Jenkins returning to OSU. Instead of looking at Mike Jenkins, they must now reach for Talib. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice corner, but I think it's a bit early for him. Not much choice though for Arizona. They're mainly looking for an outside rush and some cover corners. Reaching for Talib is the lesser of two evils.
17. Minnesota Vikings- Andre Woodson, QB Kentucky. I really think it's about 50/50 between a signal caller and a myriad of positions on the team. But the season couldn't have gone much worse for project Tarvaris Jackson. He started the season throwing 5 INTs and 1 touchdown, then actually got a few people behind him with some decent games, only to blow Minny's playoff chances with another 2 game, 5 INT stretch that I think was the nail in his coffin as the Vikings QB. Woodson arguably carried his team the most of any QB prospect. He's also worlds more refined as a passer than Jackson.
18. Houston- Jonathan Stewart, RB Oregon. The Texans missed out on Adrian Peterson and still have some resentment from the fans about passing on Bush even though it has proven to be the right choice. They get that exciting rusher here in Jonathan Stewart. Stewart's stock should be soaring much higher after his combine (which he should blow people away in), but backs have a tendency to fall. Houston doesn't mind though, after a season of relying on Ron Dayne for their run game. Ouch.
19. Philadelphia Eagles- Adarius Bowman, WR Oklahoma St. Bowman may just end up being the safest WR in the draft, which I never thought I'd say about an Okie WR after that whole Rashaun Woods fiasco. But he's got great size, a muscular frame, good hands, and good enough speed. He also produced 90+ yards per game the past two seasons despite poor QB play. The Eagles need a WR and some size, so they seem to be as good a fit as any.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Desean Jackson, WR California. I've been eyeing left tackles for us the entire year, and in this mock I pass on them. Craziness. But our need for a playmaker on offense is as bigger than any other. The top QBs are gone, so that's a no go. No defensive tackles worth a top 20 pick here in my opinion. So we end up with a blazing fast WR who would be groomed to take over for Galloway, play the slot in the meantime, and be the biggest return threat Tampa Bay has ever seen. Also worth noting that he is a more refined WR than Ted Ginn Jr was. And his size compares more to a shorter Marvin Harrison or Kevin Curtis than a bulkier Steve Smith or Santana Moss.
21. Washington Redskins- Calais Campbell, DE UM. The Redskins have needed a pass rusher for years now. They were really eyeing Gaines last year, but he didn't make it. This year they have a chance at a great underclassmen talent, and I doubt they pass it up. Campbell would be a great compliment to Andre Carter who had himself a career year in forced fumbles, and produced double digit sacks for only the second time.
22. Dallas Cowboys (via Cleveland Browns)- Jack Ikegwuonu, CB Wisconsin. Ikegwuonu is an underrated prospect to me. He's been a shutdown CB at Wisconsin, he's big at 6'1 and 200 lbs, he's fast, and he's got a solid break on the ball. Dallas is in need of some secondary help and especially at corner where Anthony Henry is getting picked on like a fat kid at gym class.
23. Pittsurgh Steelers- Jeff Otah, LT PITT. Pittsburgh doesn't have to look very far for a replacement of Max Starks and a jolt for their run game. Otah is a mammoth mauler of a tackle prospect has played games in Heinz Field so I'm sure the fans wouldn't be opposed to the home town guy. Even if Starks doesn't leave, Marvel Smith's future is apparently up in the air, so they could use a tackle either way. It's just they'll be hurting a lot more if Starks looks for big money elsewhere.
24. Tennessee Titans- James Hardy, WR Indiana. The Titans have a few defensive needs, but the one on offense that stands out is WR. Vince Young desperately needs good targets. Hardy is a nice match of size and speed who, with a good combine, may not make it all the way to them. I have a few WRs jumping him though as I'm not ready to buy into his 40 time at 6'7. If he runs well, he may shoot up the boards.
25. Seattle Seahawks- Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois. The Seahawks have relied heavily on Matt Hasslebeck this season due to Shaun Alexander's ineffectiveness. Maurice Morris has also not lived up to expectations as Alexander's successor. Couple that with Mack Strong's career ending, and their run game desperately need a spark. Enter Mendenhall, a big, bruising back with speed and moves. This could be a fight with Felix Jones, but with Jones not entering yet I call this fight for Mendenhall. Too good of a fit to pass up.
26. New York Giants- Keith Rivers, OLB USC. The G-Men have a wealth of talent up front, but they lack somewhat behind them. Kiwi is moving back to the line next season, and despite Mitchell's play recently, I don't think he's their guy on the weak side. Rivers is one of the best LBs in the draft from a safe LB program in SC. They could also look safety, but the value is not there.
27. San Deigo- Michael Oher, OT/OG Ole Miss. The Chargers could use an ILB, but no one stands out. So I gave them a versatile lineman that they could put either on the right side at tackle or at guard. The Chargers line has fallen off the past year, so don't be surprised to see a shake up.
28. Jacksonville- Derrick Harvey, DE UF. The Jags, like the Redskins have been chasing an edge rusher longer than Screech chased Lisa Turtle. They finally find one in Harvey who is coming off a down year at Florida. He was out there more often this season and just didn't hold up entirely well to that much PT. He's still got plenty of potential off the edge, which is something Jacksonville has wanted for that inside/outside rush for so long.
29. Dallas Cowboys- Sam Baker, LT USC. The Boys are strong up front, but Flozell Adams is going to turn 33 not even a month after the draft. In addition to that, this season was arguably the best of his career. Hitting the mid-30s and not a staple like an Orlando Pace or Jonathan Ogden, it's easy to see why they would be so quick with a replacement. Baker is a legit LT prospect and could use some work on the interior or at right tackle until he takes over.
30. San Francisco 49ers (via Indianapolis)- Early Doucet, WR LSU. The Niners need targets after Vernon Davis has not set the world on fire, and the addition of Darrell Jackson was a tremendous failure. Doucet has as much potential as any WR in the class, but has not lived up to it as a starter. Not even close. So he's a risk, but he's the best choice San Fran has got at the moment.
31. Green Bay Packers- Leodis McKelvin, CB Troy. I don't feel that McKelvin is a 1st rounder at this point, but once again the impact of Malcolm Jenkins is felt. Green Bay's tandem of Al Harris and Charles Woodson are in their 30's and they are thin behind that. Not only that, but McKelvin's help could also be used in the return game. Koren Robinson is their main kick returner and he is only average, and Woodson doubles as their punt returner which I'm sure isn't the ideal choice.
32. New England Patriots- Forfeit.

Thanks to hailRedskins.com for listing us in their Draft Database
View Additional Mock Drafts at bengalsZone.com
More mock drafts at FFToolbox.com

Rest of the Bucs picks:

2nd: Chevis Jackson, CB LSU
3rd: Andre Fluellen, DT FSU
4th: Kory Lichtensteiger, C Bowling Green

Be sure to check out our NFL Draft Player


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:02 pm

2008 NFL Mock Draft
by Jason Babler


January 16, 2007

Round 1

1. Miami - Chris Long, DE - Virginia
Yes. I know they should "trade down for more picks". But I can't see any teams in the top ten giving up much to move into the #1 spot. So, the choice is either of the Long's or Dorsey. Dorsey is the default pick, but I think it would be tough to spend #1 overall money on a DT. And it seems every year that a DT is talked about in the top 5 but then falters. Chris Long is a stud and will be a cornerstone for the 'Fins no matter if they run the 3-4 and 4-3.

2. St. Louis - Jake Long, OT - Michigan
Jake has been overanalyzed. He's near the same level as Joe Thomas and that pick worked out tremendously for the Browns. Orlando Pace can't stay healthy and the Rams have to do something to protect their investment in Bulger and Jackson. The combo of Long and Barron will go a long ways in improving the Rams offense.

3. Atlanta - Glenn Dorsey, DT - LSU
Why not a QB? Because none of them are good enough to go at the #3 spot. And there are rumors that Ryan said he didn't want to play for the Falcons. Dorsey will do for Atlanta what Okoye did for Houston - get them more out of their previous year's #1 pick.

4. Oakland - Sedrick Ellis, DT - USC
A lot of people like him MORE than Dorsey. With Sapp retiring and the Raiders on the verge of having a dominant defense this seems like a no-brainer, even with McFadden on the board. If they can get more out of their d-line, they could have a top 10 defense next year. And in the AFC West, you have to stop the run. 56 tackles/12.5 for loss, 8.5 sacks, 6 deflections, 2 fumble recoveries and 1 forced = STUD.

5. Kansas City - Michael Oher, OT - Ole Miss
It's obvious that what was a strength is now a weakness for the Chiefs. Much like Levi Brown (who actually turned out pretty well for the Cards), Oher gets to move up the boards to a team that has an extreme need at the position. Oher is quite a story. I hope he's up for it mentally because he sure appears to be so physically.

6. New York Jets - Darren McFadden, RB - Arkansas
The second biggest question of the draft (who does Miami take being number one) is "where does DMac go?" Much like the Vikings with Chester Taylor, the Jets have an above average back in Thomas Jones. But also like the Vikings, rolling with Jones meant that there were yards left on the table. I personally don't believe McFadden is in AP's league, but he's still an electric player that could really help whoever ends up playing QB for the Jets.

7. New England - Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB - Ohio St.
I know that the Pats don't take linebackers early. And I know that they don't take "insert position here" either. But their backers are getting up there in age and, really, what DO they need? Gholston is a physical specimen and a terrific pass rusher.

8. Baltimore - Matt Ryan, QB - Boston College
McNair is done. Boller hasn't shown anything and at this stage he isn't likely to. Ryan has a gunslinger mentality and can get reckless with the ball, but his leadership skills seem highly developed. Guys love playing with him and BC wouldn't have gotten far without him. A new regime would likely want to start fresh at the position and I think Ryan, for all his question marks, seems like the QB that can win the soonest and has great upside.

9. Cincinnati - Calais Campbell, DE - Miami
I'm not a fan of Campbell, but I seem to be in the minority. After a monstrous sophomore year, he was very quiet this year. Whether or not that's due to the talent around him is a good question. He's worth the risk to the poor Bengals defense if he can play like he did a year ago.

10. New Orleans - Mike Jenkins, CB - USF
Everyone knows about the struggles of Jason David this year. They could look for a linebacker at this spot (either Dan Connor or Keith Rivers would be a good choice), but Jenkins is a complete corner and benefits from Malcolm Jenkins' decision to stay in school.

11. Buffalo - Malcolm Kelly, WR - Oklahoma
A bit high for Kelly (or any of the WRs in this class for that matter), but he won't be there in the 2nd and he's an upgrade over the other #2 WRs on the roster for sure.

12. Denver - Kenny Phillips, S - Miami
Where to start? The Broncos defense has holes all over the place. Since the safety spot is a both a glaring weakness and in limited supply, Denver would be wise to go this direction first. Seems better to me to go S/LB than LB/S with their first two picks. Their d-line still needs help, but hopefully for them Moss can come back from injury and contribute and Dumerville can continue to develop.

13. Carolina - Sam Baker, OT - USC
Injury concerns abound, but there's no disputing that Baker started for a powerhouse program for four years. He should fit well with the ZBS scheme in Carolina.

14. Chicago - Ryan Clady, OT - Boise St.
This season shows what happens when a team gets old fast. Their o-line is in line for major turnover in the next couple years.

15. Detroit - Antoine Cason, CB - Arizona
Too bad the Lions didn't take my advice (no, they didn't even ASK!) and reach for Patrick Willis at #2 last year. This year, the needs on defense are still there with corner being the foremost concern. Cason fits the scheme nicely.

16. Arizona - Quentin Groves, DE - Aubrun
I expect that the Cards will continue trending toward the 3-4 and Groves has just the right size and explosiveness to fit the pass rushing OLB that they need.

17. Minnesota - Derrick Harvey, DE - Florida
After all the draft picks - Udeze, James, Robison, Edwards - the Vikings STILL don't have a pass rush. Harvey isn't my favorite player, but probably the best option at this point for the position. I'd prefer DeSean Jackson but I doubt the Vikes go WR in the first.

18. Houston - Rashard Mendenhall, RB - Illinois
Mendenhall or Stewart? Coin flip goes Mendenhall. He just seems more like the "one cut" style of back that the Texans run.

19. Philadelphia - Reggie Smith, DB - Oklahoma
The safety position is thin in talent this year, so while Smith played primarily corner for the Sooners, the Eagles will look to use him as a nickle back or safety.

20. Tampa Bay - Keith Rivers, OLB - USC
Derrick Brooks can't play forever. Returning to school was a good move for Rivers and he could go much higher than this.

21. Washington - Kentwan Balmer, DT - UNC
They got better play from the position as the year progressed, but depth would be helpful especially in a division that runs the ball as much as the NFC East does.

22. Dallas - Aqib Talib - CB, Kansas
Really made a name for himself this year and came through with a stellar bowl performance. Can contribute on special teams.

23. Pittsburgh - Jeff Otah, OT - Pitt
The Steelers offensive line will likely implode this offseason. Otah has played well, if a bit up and down, and could really improve the LT spot.

24. Tennessee - Adarius Bowman, WR - Oklahoma St.
They cannot continue with the lack of talent at the WR spot. Young isn't the greatest passer, but his WR corps isn't doing him any favors either. Bowman is a big, productive talent that can really improve his stock if he posts a decent 40 time at the combine.

25. Seattle - Jonathan Stewart, RB - Oregon
The en vogue pick that really does make a lot of sense. Alexander seems to be wearing down and Stewart fits the role perfectly.

26. New York Giants - Dan Connor, OLB - Penn St.
Converting DE's to LB's is never a good sign. Connor might be better than Posluszny, who was looking terrific until he got hurt. I'm amazed at how much the Giants LB corps has overachieved the second half of the year, though.

27. Jacksonville - DeSean Jackson, WR - California
Another first round WR for the Jags? So be it since the guys they've drafted haven't exactly panned out, and the ones playing decently aren't exactly explosive. Jackson is just the type of guy they need to open up the offense vertically and give Drew and Taylor better opportunities.

28. San Diego - Gosder Cherilus, OT - Boston College
Cherilus played very well at RT his first three years but struggled a bit this year playing on the left side. With McNeill playing LT, Cherilus will be a major upgrade to Olivea on the right.

29. Dallas - Early Doucet, WR - LSU
Crayton is re-signed, but Glenn and Owens aren't going to be around forever.

30. San Francisco - Felix Jones, RB - Arkansas
San Francisco's offense ranks dead last in several offensive categories. Yes, they have Frank Gore, but after a down year and the emergence of the two back system in the NFL, Jones is a great compliment to Gore.

31. Green Bay - Tracy Porter, CB - Indiana
Porter played very well and has improved his stock tremendously this year. He is a good understudy for the aging Harris and Woodson.

Round 2

2.01. Miami - Brian Brohm, QB - Louisville
2.02. St. Louis - Ali Highsmith, OLB - LSU
2.03. Oakland - Chris Williams, OT - Vanderbilt
2.04. Kansas City - Andre Woodson, QB - Kentucky
2.05. Atlanta - Philip Wheeler, OLB - Georgia Tech
2.06. New York Jets - Frank Okam, DT - Texas
2.07. Baltimore - Chad Henne, QB - Michigan
2.08. San Francisco - Mario Manningham, WR - Michigan
2.09. New Orleans - Erin Henderson, LB - Maryland
2.10. Buffalo - Fred Davis, TE - USC
2.11. Denver - Red Bryant, DT - Texas A&M
2.12. Carolina - Lawrence Jackson, DE - USC
2.13. Chicago - Harry Douglas, WR - Louisville
2.14. Detroit - Chris Ellis, DE - Virginia Tech
2.15. Cincinnati - Tavares Gooden, OLB - Miami (FL)
2.16. Minnesota - Earl Bennett, WR - Vanderbilt
2.17. Atlanta - Ray Rice, RB - Rutgers
2.18. Philadelphia - Leodis McKelvin, CB - Troy
2.19. Arizona - Jamaal Charles, RB - Texas
2.20. Washington - D.J. Hall, WR - Alabama
2.21. Tampa Bay - DeMario Pressley, DT - NCSt.
2.22. Seattle - John Carlson, TE - Notre Dame
2.23. Pittsburgh - Roy Schuening, OG - Oregon St.
2.24. Tennessee - Chevis Jackson, CB - LSU
2.25. New York Giants - Charles Godfrey, CB - Iowa
2.26. Cleveland - Dre Moore, DE - Maryland
2.27. Jacksonville - Phillip Merling, DE - Clemson
2.28. Miami - Limas Sweed, WR - Texas
2.29. Indianapolis - Xavier Adibi, OLB - Virginia Tech
2.30. Dallas - Chris Johnson, RB - ECU
2.31. Green Bay - Martellus Bennett, TE - Texas A&M
2.32. New England - Jonathan Goff, ILB - Vanderbilt


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Re: hs

Post  RedMagma on Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:05 pm

Version 2.0 updated: 1-16-07



gif 1. Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU: With the Tuna and his man boobs now in charge, this pick is almost guaranteed to be on the defensive side of the ball. The question is, will it be Dorsey or Long? My money is on the big man from the Bayou.
gif 2. Chris Long DE, Virginia: This pick looks destined to be a Long. If Pace comes back healthy next year I think they'll go with Howie's boy, and he could have an immediate impact on this defense.

3. Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas: The Raiders would be silly to not grab McFadden here. Al Davis' loves big name players and McFadden is the biggest one out there this year.
gif 4. Matt Ryan QB, Boston College: The Falcons need a quarterback badly and Ryan looks like he is gonna be the first off the board this year. The Falcons will do extensive research to make sure that he has no interest in the sport of dog-fighting.
gif 5. Jake Long OT, Michigan: The Chiefs would love to get their hand on Big Long Jake and help re-create their once proud offensive line.
gif 6. Vernon Gholston DE, Ohio St.: The Jets are going to look to improve their defense with this pick and one sore spot is the pass rush. The incredibly buff Gholston would immediately remedy that.
gif 7. (From 9ers) Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida: The Pats will be looking at LB or CB here if they can't trade out of this pick. Since there isn't really a LB worth taking here, I think they'll go with the versatile Jenkins.
gif 8. Brian Brohm QB, Louisville: The Ravens will be getting a new coach this year, and that new coach will want his own shiny new quarterback.

9. Sedrick Ellis DT, USC: The Bengals need a big body in the middle of their defense, since they got run over by just about anything with legs last year. Ellis will be the road block the Cats crave.
gif 10. Aqib Talib CB, Kansas: The Saints defense is very bad, and it all starts with their pass defense. Talib is big corner with blazing speed, and he should be able to cover people just a little better than Jason David.

11. Malcolm Kelly WR, Oklahoma: DeSean Jackson may be ranked higher but the Bills already have a burner in Lee Evans. Kelly is a big target who is fluid, and is an amazing free style rapper.
gif 12. Kenny Phillips S, Miami: John Lynch's fine career is coming to an end and getting Phillips here would be amazing for anyone who is a fan of the Broncos.
gif 13. Andre Woodson QB, Kentucky: Who knows what Delhomme will be like when he comes back, and obviously Carr isn't the answer, so it's time the Panthers get their QB of the future.
gif 14. Ryan Clady OT, Boise St.: The Bears are shocked that Clady has fallen to them, and frankly so am I.
gif 15. Sam Baker OT, USC: Poor Jon Kitna was saying his prayers on his back instead of on his knees last year, so improving that offensive line will be a big priority for the infirable Matt Millen.
gif 16. Jonathan Stewart RB, Oregon: Edge clearly lost a step last year, and with so many good RBs staring the birds in the face, I think they will take one back to their nest in the desert.
gif 17. Reggie Smith CB/S, Oklahoma: The Vikings need a wide receiver more than anything else, but with the class so deep this year they pass until round 2, and grab Smith. Smith will be converted to Safety and get to learn from one of the best in Darren Sharper.
gif 18. Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas: The Texans need a feature RB. You can't keep throwing out the trio of Ahman Green and his overactive sweat glands, Ron "Thunder" Dayne, and wee Darius Walker, and expect to win many games.
gif 19. DeSean Jackson WR, California: The Eagles need a no. 1 receiver big time. Jackson is a guy who can stretch a defense, plus he is a lights out return man.
gif 20. Keith Rivers OLB, USC: The Bucs won't be able to pass on Rivers if he were to actually fall this far. He'd be an ideal replacement for Brooks if he ever retires.
gif 21. Calais Campbell DE, Miami: The Redskins need a big time pass rusher and Campbell has the ideal frame for the spot.
gif 22. (From Browns) Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy: The Cowboys need to get a corner who can tackle, since Henry proved that he is incapable of that feat. McKelvin is a speedster, who will be a dynamic return man.
gif 23. Jeffrey Otah OT, Pitt: The Steelers offensive line gave up too many sacks last year, plus they may lose Faneca and Starks on top of it all. So bringing in the big local boy is almost a must.
gif 24. Limas Sweed WR, Texas: Young would love to be teammates with this talented receiver once again, and he sure needs him.
gif 25. Rashard Mendenhall RB, Illinois: Alexander just doesn't have it anymore, and Mendenhall is a powerful back who may be able to breathe some life back into the Seahawks running game.
gif 26. Dan Connor LB, Penn St.: Connor could go much higher then this, but if he falls the Giants would love to add him to their group of linebackers.
gif 27. Derrick Harvey DE, Florida: The Jags could use a premier pass rusher, and why not take a somewhat local product in Harvey.
gif 28. Quentin Groves OLB/DE, Auburn: The Chargers don't have any needs so trading down and getting future picks might be a good idea, but if they pick here expect them to draft for depth at any random spot.
gif 29. Michael Oher OT, Ole Miss: The Cowboys will look to upgrade their offensive line some point in the draft. This will be a higher priority if Flozell Adams leaves via free agency.
gif 30. (FROM COLTS) Kentwan M. Balmer DT, North Carolina: The 9ers will be look to upgrade their defense with their first pick in the draft.
gif 31. Antoine Cason CB, Arizona: The Pack's starting CB duo is lights out, but Jarret Bush is not a good player at all. So getting Cason here would be an instant upgrade and he can play the nickel spot for a few years before taking over as a starter.
gif 32. Pick Forefitted, NFL Punishment: The Pats lose the 32nd pick in the draft because they cheated. Like they need it anyway.


33. Dolphins - Chris Williams OT, Vanderbilt: The Tuna upgraded the Phins' defensive line in round 1, and now upgrades their offensive line in round 2.

34. Rams - Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College: The Rams need to fix their offensive line and do it by grabbing the versatile Cherilius.

35. Falcons - Kevin Smith RB, Central Florida: Falcons got their QB of the future in round 1, and here they get their RB.

36. Raiders - Lawrence Jackson DE, USC: Raiders need someone who can sack a quarterback whose name isn't Derrick Burgess.

37. Chiefs - Early Doucet III WR, LSU: Chiefs found a nice receiver in round 1 last year, and look to strike gold again in round 2.

38. Jets - Pat Sims DT, Auburn: The Jets upgrade their defensive line again, and feel good about it.

39. Ravens - Brandon Flowers CB, Va Tech.: Cornerback is a major area of need for the Ravens with Rolle getting old and ineffective.

40. Saints - Ali Highsmith OLB, LSU: Saints would love getting a LB of Highsmith's caliber here.

41. 49ers - James Hardy WR, Indiana: 9ers need a WR and Hardy would be a great pick here.

42. Bills - Fred Davis TE, USC: Bills need a TE and it will be battle between Davis or Bennett to see who goes first.

43. Broncos - Erin Henderson LB, Maryland: Broncos need another solid young linebacker.

44. Panthers - Anthony Collins OT, Kansas: Panthers offensive line was very porous last year.

45. Bears - Joe Flacco QB, Delaware: Bears have to get a new QB somewhere early in this draft.

46. Lions - Tracy Porter CB, Indiana: Lions need to upgrade their secondary.

47. Bengals - Curtis Lofton LB, Oklahoma: Bengals must keep going defense.

48. Vikings - Mario Manningham WR, Michigan: The Vikings must give young T-Jack better receivers and getting Manningham here would be down right joyous for the purple.

49. (FROM TEXANS) Falcons - Tony Hills OT, Texas: Falcons need help everywhere.

50. Eagles - Philip Merling DE, Clemson: Kearse may be gone and they need someone opposite Cole.

51. Cardinals - DeJuan Tribble CB, Boston College: Cardinals secondary needs some major upgrades.

52. Redskins - DJ Hall WR, 'Bama: Redskins need a true no.1 wideout.

53. Buccaneers - Martellus Bennett TE, Texas A&M: Bucs don't have a star tight end, but they do now.

54. Steelers - Branden Albert G, Auburn: Steelers continue to overhaul their offensive line.

55. Seahawks - Martin Rucker TE, Missouri: The Seahawks desperately need a TE who can catch a football.

56. Titans - Marcus Harrison DT, Arkansas : Harrison would be a nice compliment to Haynesworth on the Titans D-Line.

57. Giants - Carl Nicks OT, Nebraska: Another big body would only help the Giants offensive line.

58. Browns - Frank Okam DT, Texas: Browns are looking for a big body to play nose tackle in their 3-4.

59. Jaguars - Devin Thomas WR, Michigan St.: Jags need better receivers.

60. (FROM CHARGERS) Dolphins - Earl Bennett WR, Vanderbilt: The Dolphins wide receiver corps is not very impressive.

61. Colts - Christopher Ellis DE, Va. Tech: Colts need more depth at the defensive end spot.

62. Cowboys - Chris Johnson RB, East Carolina: Johnson is an exceptional receiver with blazing speed. He would be the perfect compliment to Marion Barber part 3.

63. Packers - John Carlson TE, Notre Dame: Donald Lee is nice, but the Pack love using multiple tight ends.

64. Patriots - Jerod Mayo LB, Clemson: Patriots need an injection of youth to their linebacking corps.


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Post  RedMagma on Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:11 pm

k Draft


Now, I know that the Browns don’t have a first-round pick, but Phil Savage, as diligent as ever, is looking to get back into the first round.

In the upcoming days and weeks, I will look at possible trade opportunities, including players that would fit all warm and snuggly into the Browns’ plans.

What do you think? What kind of trade possibilities are out there for the Browns? Who would you like to see them go after?
Team 1st Round

Miami Logo
1. Miami Dolphins - DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU

The Dolphins certainly have problems in all facets of the game, so this simply becomes the pick of the best player out there. Dorsey is being touted as one of the best defensive prospects in a long time, so it becomes an obvious choice.
St. Louis Rams Draft Logo 2. St. Louis Rams - OT Jake Long, Michigan

To keep the high-powered offense at full steam, the Rams will need an eventual replacement for Orlando Pace. While he may not project to have as great an impact as Joe Thomas right away, he may come close to that.
Atlanta Falcons Draft Logo 3. Atlanta Falcons - QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

The position is a glaring need for the Falcons, and there isn’t much to choose from beyond Ryan, André Woodson, and Brian Brohm.

Oakland Raiders Draft Logo
4. Oakland Raiders - DE Chris Long, Virginia

Al Davis loves high-profiled players, and Darren McFadden certainly fits that bill, but Oakland was the second-worst team in the league against the run. RB Justin Fargas also rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2007 and the team is looking to bring him back.

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Logo
5. Kansas City Chiefs - OT Ryan Clady, Boise State

Simply put, the Chiefs gave up 55 sacks in 2007, the worst in the AFC. Some solid offensive line help will make Brodie Croyle seem just a little bit better to some.
NY Jets Draft Logo 6. New York Jets - RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

There is a big emphasis being put on “character” nowadays, and McFadden seems to be proving his is less-than-ideal. He’s got a tremendous amount of talent and upside, and I do think he can drop this far. As the best player available, there is simply no other option for the Jets.
New England Patriots Draft Logo 7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) - CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida

Many assume the Pats to upgrade at this position, and it would be worth a top-10 pick in doing so. Other mocks have New England going with a linebacker, but with James Laurinaitis staying at Ohio State, I think they go with a corner.

Ravens Logo
8. Baltimore Ravens - QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

The Kyle Boller experiment should be at a merciful end and Troy Smith is definitely not the answer. They need a fresh look at quarterback and Brohm brings plenty of experience.

Cincinnati Bengals Draft Logo
9. Cincinnati Bengals - DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio State

How foolish it would be to waste this pick on a player who doesn’t play defense. Gholston would make an immediate impact (just about anyone would) - the option of trading Chad Johnson for more defensive help sits there as well.
New Orleans Saints Draft Logo 10. New Orleans Saints - S Kenny Phillips, Miami (FL)

A team terrible against the pass could use more secondary help. With Phillips, the Saints will get just that.
Buffalo Bills Draft Logo

11. Buffalo Bills - WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

The Bills are building a prolific offense with Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch, but need a solid #2 receiver behind Lee Evans.

Denver Broncos Draft Logo

12. Denver Broncos - DT Sedrick Ellis, USC

They could use a wide receiver, but could benefit more from some defensive help as teams were imposing their will on the Broncos this season. Ellis will make an immediate impact as a strong pass rusher.
Carolina Panthers Draft Logo 13. Carolina Panthers - DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

There are many, many holes on this team, and the quarterback position will remain a glaring need. However, the focus should be on defense first, at least for the Panthers.

Chicago Bears Draft Logo
14. Chicago Bears - QB André Woodson, Kentucky

They need one in the worst way, and Woodson arguably has the biggest upside of any quarterback in the draft.

Detroit Lions Draft Logo
15. Detroit Lions - OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss

Giving up 54 sacks is unacceptable; after this pick, Kitna can probably make his “10 win” prediction with a little more confidence. Just a little. Very little.
Arizona Cardinals Draft Logo 16. Arizona Cardinals - OLB Keith Rivers, USC

Without Malcolm Jenkins in the draft, the Cardinals can address their need at linebacker.

Minnesota Vikings Draft Logo
17. Minnesota Vikings - DE Calais Campbell, Miami (FL)

Sure, the Vikings could use a wide receiver, but Campbell could help propel the Vikings defense to the next level.
Houston Texans Draft Logo 18. Houston Texans - OT Sam Baker, USC

He can fulfill the glaring need for a left tackle, helping to build a blossoming Texans offense.
Eagles Logo 19. Philadelphia Eagles - OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh

The offensive line is aging and Jon Runyan appears to be retiring. The offense still needs its playmakers, but shoring up the line is important.
Tampa Bay Bucanneers Draft Logo 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR Limas Sweed, Texas

A solid defense now needs cornerstones for its counterpart. The Bucs boast an older corps of receivers and can afford to go younger in this department. His size gives him big play ability, something Tampa has been lacking.
Washington Redskins Draft Logo

21. Washington Redskins - WR DeSean Jackson, California

An all-around great athlete that cannot be passed up. At this point in the draft he would be a steal and can also help the Redskins as a return man.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 22. Dallas Cowboys (from Browns) - CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

The Cowboys can afford to take the risk with an extra pick and while flashier players are still available at this point, this would be one of the few upgrades Dallas needs to make.
Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Logo 23. Pittsburgh Steelers - OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

He’s a work-in-progress, but after potentially losing Alan Faneca and Max Starks to free agency, the offensive line will become a concern.

Tennesse Titans Draft Logo
24. Tennessee Titans - WR Mario Manningham, Michigan

As Vince Young matures, he will desperately need weapons to throw to.
Seattle Seahawks Draft Logo 25. Seattle Seahawks- RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

This would be a steal if he actually fell this far, but with Shaun Alexander getting older and frequently injured, a two-back system in Seattle would definitely pay off. It takes the pressure off Alexander and, hopefully, keeps him healthy with less carries.

New York Giants Draft Logo 26. New York Giants - OLB Dan Connor, Penn State

The Giants need secondary help, but Connor is possibly a better prospect than Paul Posluszny was at this point.
Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Logo 27. Jacksonville Jaguars - WR Early Doucet, LSU

He’s not the best prospect, but the current receivers for the Jags haven’t necessarily turned out as planned. It would be wise to bite the bullet and go with a receiver - again.
San Diego Chargers Draft Logo 28. San Diego Chargers - DE Phillip Merling, Clemson

Not many needs for the Chargers, but can definitely upgrade on the D-line, especially with Luis Castillo and his injury troubles.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 29. Dallas Cowboys - RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

The two-back system works, and the Cowboys are likely to be without Julius Jones next season.
San Francisco 49ers Draft Logo 30. San Francisco 49ers (from Colts) - S Reggie Smith, Oklahoma

The 49ers are in need of a #1 receiver, but could also use a defensive back as versatile as Smith.

Green Bay Packers Draft Logo
31. Green Bay Packers - CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy

The corners are aging in Green Bay; now is the time to start ushering in the youth.

New England Patriots Draft Logo

If they win the Super Bowl, I’m wondering that somehow this won’t matter much to them.


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