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Mock Draft (Post-Super Bowl Edition) Feb. 4, 2008

Round 1
1.Miami (1-15) - DE Chris Long, Virginia
2.St. Louis (3-13) - DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU
3.Atlanta* (4-12) - RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
4.Oakland* (4-12) - DT Sedrick Ellis, USC
5.Kansas City* (4-12) - OT Jake Long, Michigan
6.New York Jets (4-12) - DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio State
7.New England from SF (5-11) - OLB Keith Rivers, USC
8.Baltimore (5-11) - QB Matt Ryan, Boston College
9.Cincinnati (7-9) - DE Phillip Merling, Clemson
10.New Orleans (7-9) - CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy State
11.Buffalo (7-9) - CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida
12.Denver (7-9) - OLB Dan Connor, Penn State
13.Carolina (7-9) - DE Derrick Harvey, Florida
14.Chicago (7-9) - OT Ryan Clady, Boise State
15.Detroit (7-9) - OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh
16.Arizona (8-Cool - RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
17.Minnesota (8-Cool - WR DeSean Jackson, California
18.Houston (8-Cool - S Kenny Phillips, Miami Fl.
19.Philadelphia (8-Cool - CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State
20.Tampa Bay (9-7) - RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
21.Washington (9-7) - DE Calais Campbell, Miami Fl.
22.Dallas from CLE (10-6) - RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
23.Pittsburgh (10-6) - OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College
24.Tennessee (10-6) - WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
25.Seattle (10-6) - OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
26.Jacksonville (11-5) - CB Aqib Talib, Kansas
27.San Diego (11-5) - DT Kentwan Balmer, North Carolina
28.Dallas (13-3) - CB Antoine Cason, Arizona
29.San Francisco from IND (13-3) - WR Mario Manningham, Michigan
30.Green Bay (13-3) - CB Tracy Porter, Indiana
31.New England (16-0) - pick forfeited
32.New York Giants (10-6) - DT Pat Sims, Auburn

*Note - Picks three, four and five will be determined by coin flip. Atlanta can draft third, fourth or fifth; Oakland can only draft third and fourth; while Kansas City can only draft fourth or fifth. For simplicity's sake, we'll make Atlanta third, Oakland fourth and Kansas City fifth.

Round 2
33.Miami (1-15) - OT Sam Baker, USC
34.St. Louis (3-13) - ILB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma
35.Oakland (4-12) - WR James Hardy, Indiana
36.Kansas City (4-12) - CB Patrick Lee, Auburn
37.New York Jets (4-12) - OLB Ali Highsmith, LSU
38.Atlanta (4-12) - QB Brian Brohm, Louisville
39.Baltimore (5-11) - DE Lawrence Jackson, USC
40.San Francisco (5-11) - DT Marcus Harrison, Arkansas
41.New Orleans (7-9) - ILB Jerod Mayo, Tennessee
42.Buffalo (7-9) - WR Limas Sweed, Texas
43.Denver (7-9) - S Reggie Smith, Oklahoma
44.Carolina (7-9) - QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky
45.Chicago (7-9) - QB Chad Henne, Michigan
46.Detroit (7-9) - CB Justin King, Penn State
47.Cincinnati (7-9) - OLB Erin Henderson, Maryland
48.Minnesota (8-Cool - CB Chevis Jackson, LSU
49.Atlanta from HOU (8-Cool - OLB Tavares Gooden, Miami Fl.
50.Philadelphia (8-Cool - S DaJuan Morgan, North Carolina State
51.Arizona (8-Cool - CB Charles Godfrey, Iowa
52.Washington (9-7) - OG Chilo Rachal, USC
53.Tampa Bay (9-7) - WR Early Doucet, LSU
54.Pittsburgh (10-6) - WR Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State
55.Tennessee (10-6) - DT Dre Moore, Maryland
56.Seattle (10-6) - RB Jamaal Charles, Texas
57.Cleveland (10-6) - DE Cliff Avril, Purdue
58.Miami from SD (11-5) - S Marcus Griffin, Texas
59.Jacksonville (11-5) - DE Quentin Groves, Auburn
60.Indianapolis (13-3) - TE Fred Davis, USC
61.Green Bay (13-3) - OLB Xavier Adibi, Virginia Tech
62.Dallas (13-3) - WR Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt
63.New England (16-0) - CB Brandon Flowers, Virginia Tech
64.New York Giants (10-6) - OT Carl Nicks, Nebraska

Round 3
65.Miami (1-15) - QB Joe Flacco, Delaware
66.St. Louis (3-13) - S Thomas DeCoud, California
67.Kansas City (4-12) - DE Darrell Robertson, Georgia Tech
68.New York Jets (4-12) - WR Andre Caldwell, Florida
69.Atlanta (4-12) - ILB Jonathan Goff, Vanderbilt
70.New England from OAK (4-12) - OG Brandon Albert, Virginia
71.San Francisco (5-11) - OT Oneil Cousins, UTEP
72.Buffalo from BAL (5-11) - OLB Shawn Crable, Michigan
73.Buffalo (7-9) - TE Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M
74.Minnesota from DEN (7-9) - DT DeMario Pressley, North Carolina State
75.Carolina (7-9) - S Josh Barrett, Arizona State
76.Chicago (7-9) - OLB Geno Hayes, Florida State
77.Detroit (7-9) - RB Ray Rice, Rutgers
78.Cincinnati (7-9) - OG Roy Scheuning, Oregon State
79.New Orleans (7-9) - S Jamar Adams, Michigan
80.Houston (8-Cool - RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina
81.Philadelphia (8-Cool - WR Devin Thomas, Michigan State
82.Arizona (8-Cool - DE Kendall Langford, Hampton
83.Minnesota (8-Cool - OT Barry Richardson, Clemson
84.Tampa Bay (9-7) - OT Anthony Collins, Kansas
85.Washington (9-7) - S Quintin Demps, UTEP
86.Tennessee (10-6) - CB Terrell Thomas, USC
87.Seattle (10-6) - WR Donnie Avery, Houston
88.Cleveland (10-6) - DT Ahtyba Rubin, Iowa State
89.Pittsburgh (10-6) - S Tom Zbikowski, Notre Dame
90.Jacksonville (11-5) - WR Lavelle Hawkins, California
91.Chicago from SD (11-5) - WR Adrian Arrington, Michigan
92.Green Bay (13-3) -- OG Kerry Brown, Appalachian State
93.Dallas (13-3) - DE Marcus Howard, Georgia
94.Indianapolis (13-3) - OT Chad Rinehart, Northern Iowa
95.New England (16-0) - FB Peyton Hillis, Arkansas
96.New York Giants (10-6) - CB Trae Williams, South Florida

- Compensatory picks will be given out, starting in Round 3. Once they are announced, I will add them to this list. Compensatory selections cannot be traded.
-No commentary will be used in this mock draft, as well as the Pre-Combine Mock Draft (coming out February 15th).

-Miami seems to be enamored with QB Joe Flacco but right now, it is still a toss-up between Flacco, Brian Brohm, and Chad Henne for the second QB taken spot.
-Georgia DE/OLB Marcus Howard is a prospect on the rise after squashing Colt Brennan in the Sugar Bowl. Since then, his stock has risen steadily. He had a good showing in the Hula Bowl and scouts rave about his work ethic. He is a workout warrior that is expected to get noticed even more at the combine.
-Iowa State DT Ahtya Rubin is a hog in the middle. I may not be doing him justice having him go in the third. Look for his stock to rise before the draft as he could end up being a sure-thing 2nd round prospect.
-Buffalo needs a TE and they will probably look no further than Martellus Bennett. Bennett is a close friend of Kevin Everett and almost went to Miami Fl. until the last minute when he changed his mind and went to College Station.

Picks by Team
Arizona - RB Rashard Mendenhall, CB Charles Godfrey, DE Kendall Langford
Atlanta - RB Darren McFadden, QB Brian Brohm, OLB Tavares Gooden, ILB Jonathan Goff
Baltimore - QB Matt Ryan, DE Lawrence Jackson
Buffalo - CB Mike Jenkins, WR Limas Sweed, OLB Shawn Crable, TE Martellus Bennett
Carolina - DE Derrick Harvey, QB Andre Woodson, S Josh Barrett
Chicago - OT Ryan Clady, QB Chad Henne, OLB Geno Hayes, WR Adrian Arrington
Cincinnati - DE Phillip Merling, OLB Erin Henderson, OG Roy Scheuning
Cleveland - DE Cliff Avril, DT Ahtyba Rubin
Dallas - RB Felix Jones, CB Antoine Cason, WR Earl Bennett, DE Marcus Howard
Denver - OLB Dan Connor, S Reggie Smith
Detroit - OT Jeff Otah, CB Justin King, RB Ray Rice
Green Bay - CB Tracy Porter, OLB Xavier Adibi, OG Kerry Brown
Houston - S Kenny Phillips, RB Chris Johnson
Indianapolis - TE Fred Davis, OT Chad Rinehart
Jacksonville - CB Aqib Talib, DE Quentin Groves, WR Lavelle Hawkins
Kansas City - OT Jake Long, CB Patrick Lee, DE Darrell Robertson
Miami - DE Chris Long, OT Sam Baker, S Marcus Griffin, QB Joe Flacco
Minnesota - WR DeSean Jackson, CB Chevis Jackson, DT DeMario Pressley, OT Barry Richardson
New England - OLB Keith Rivers, CB Brandon Flowers, OG Brandon Albert, FB Peyton Hillis
New Orleans - CB Leodis McKelvin, ILB Jerod Mayo, S Jamar Adams
New York Giants - DT Pat Sims, OT Carl Nicks, CB Trae Williams
New York Jets - DE Vernon Gholston, OLB Ali Highsmith, WR Andre Caldwell
Oakland - DT Sedrick Ellis, WR James Hardy
Philadelphia - CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, S DaJuan Morgan, WR Devin Thomas
Pittsburgh - OT Gosder Cherilus, WR Adarius Bowman, S Tom Zbikowski
St. Louis - DT Glenn Dorsey, ILB Curtis Lofton, S Thomas DeCoud
San Diego - DT Kentwan Balmer
San Francisco - WR Mario Manningham, DT Marcus Harrison, OT Oneil Cousins
Seattle - OT Chris Williams, RB Jamaal Charles, WR Donnie Avery
Tampa Bay - RB Jonathan Stewart, WR Early Doucet, OT Anthony Collins
Tennessee - WR Malcolm Kelly, DT Dre Moore, CB Terrell Thomas
Washington - DE Calais Campbell, OG Chilo Rachal, S Quintin Demps

Fantasy Football
Quarterback - Matt Ryan (Baltimore), Brian Brohm (Atlanta), Andre Woodson (Carolina), Chad Henne (Chicago), Joe Flacco (Miami)
Running Back - Darren McFadden (Atlanta), Rashard Mendenhall (Arizona), Jonathan Stewart (Tampa Bay), Felix Jones (Dallas), Jamaal Charles (Seattle), Ray Rice (Detroit), Chris Johnson (Houston), Peyton Hillis (Arkansas)
Wide Receiver - DeSean Jackson (Minnesota), Malcolm Kelly (Tennessee), Mario Manningham (San Francisco), James Hardy (Oakland), Limas Sweed (Buffalo), Early Doucet (Tampa Bay), Adarius Bowman (Pittsburgh), Earl Bennett (Dallas), Andre Caldwell (NY Jets), Devin Thomas (Philadelphia), Donnie Avery (Seattle), Lavelle Hawkins (Jacksonville), Adrian Arrington (Chicago)
Tight End - Fred Davis (Indianapolis), Martellus Bennett (Buffalo)


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Unhappy The five stages of grief
This is simplistic, but we are all grieving right now. Nobody important died, but a little piece of the child in me died last night, the part that believes in Santa, that believed all season we would win the Super Bowl, a belief that became a kernel of my personality this year that was snuffed out abruptly like a flame.

Anyway, for what it's worth, here is a good article on the five stages of grief. I know this may seem melodramatic to some, but I am really hurting right now and it helped me a little bit. It is amazing how these strategies for addressing the loss of a person can actually apply to the loss of a silly game!!!


Grief is a somewhat commplicated and misunderstood emotion. Yet, grief is something that, unfortunately, we must all experience at some time or other. We will all inevitably experience loss. Whether it is a loss through [sports], death, divorce or some other loss, the stages of grieving are the same.

There are five stages of grief. If we get stuck in one stage or the other, the process of grieving is not complete, and cannot be complete. Thus there will be no healing. A person MUST go through the five stages to be well again, to heal. Not everyone goes through the stages at the same time. It is different for each person. You cannot force a person through the stages, they have to go at their own pace, and you may go one step forward then take two steps backward, but this is all part of the process, and individual to each person. But, as stressed, ALL five stages must be completed for healing to occur.

The five stages of grief are:

1-Denial-"this can't be happening to me", looking for the former spouse in familia places, or if it is death, setting the table for the person or acting as if they are still in living there. No crying. Not accepting or even acknowledging the loss.

2-Anger-"why me?", feelings of wanting to fight back or get even with spouse of divorce, for death, anger at the deceased, blaming them for leaving.

3-Bargaining-bargaining often takes place before the loss. Attempting to make deals with the spouse who is leaving, or attempting to make deals with God to stop or change the loss. Begging, wishing, praying for them to come back.

4-Depression-overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, frustration, bitterness, self pity, mourning loss of person as well as the hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Feeling lack of control, feeling numb. Perhaps feeling suicidal.

5-Acceptance-there is a difference between resignation and acceptance. You have to accept the loss, not just try to bear it quietly. Realization that it takes two to make or break a marriage. Realization that the person is gone (in death) that it is not their fault, they didn't leave you on purpose. (even in cases of suicide, often the deceased person, was not in their right frame of mind) Finding the good that can come out of the pain of loss, finding comfort and healing. Our goals turn toward personal growth. Stay with fond memories of person.

Get help. You will survive. You will heal, even if you cannot believe that now, just know that it is true. To feel pain after loss is normal. It proves that we are alive, human. But we can't stop living. We have to become stronger, while not shutting off our feelings for the hope of one day being healed and finding love and/or happiness again. Helping others through something we have experienced is a wonderful way to fascilitate our healing and bring good out of something tragic.


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Bedard going soon; Roberts next?

posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 | Feedback | Print Entry
filed under: MLB

The Mariners are awaiting word from Baltimore that the six-player Erik Bedard trade is completed, writes Geoff Baker. Assuming that this gets done -- and sources with knowledge of the talks expect that it will -- the Orioles will have completed a trade that is getting rave reviews from evaluators with other teams.

General managers and assistant GMs and scouts think that center fielder Adam Jones and Nick Markakis will give Baltimore a very nice foundation to build upon, and that the pitchers that the O's are getting all have a chance to be good. And there figures to be more talent on the way. Sources involved in Baltimore's trade talks with Chicago expressed confidence that at some point, the Orioles and Cubs will finish the proposed Brian Roberts deal.

Baltimore tends to do things more deliberately than other teams, but owner Peter Angelos continues to give Andy MacPhail the power to make the moves he wants to make, and trading Roberts now makes complete sense. Roberts's contract will run out after the 2009 season, and the Orioles are not going to be good for at least the next two years -- OK, that was too polite; Baltimore will likely be awful -- and so it makes sense for MacPhail to stockpile talent and build toward 2010. It really does the franchise no good to fight to tread water in the 70-80 win range. They'd be better off sinking to 60 wins if it improves their chances of winning 90 games in three years, and MacPhail's strategy does that.

Pitcher Sean Gallagher would be the centerpiece of the package moving from the Cubs to Baltimore, and along with the players acquired in the draft and a better infrastructure, the Orioles could be in position to give their rabid fan base a team that provides legitimate hope in a few years.

As the Orioles prepare to move Bedard, they have expressed interest in Josh Fogg, writes Troy Renck. Within this Joe Christensen piece, there is word that the Twins have little interest in signing Fogg.

• The Indians have no plans to trade C.C. Sabathia during the season, despite their impending contract crisis with him, writes Patrick McManamon.

• Joe Nathan would like a five-year deal from the Twins. In other words: There would seem to be almost no chance he's retained. Mid-market teams almost never spend that kind of money on closers. He'd be absolutely perfect for the Cubs, at some point.

• Johan Santana says he has no hard feelings about the trade, which makes sense, because it was his choice to turn down the Twins' five-year, $100 million offer and force a trade.

• The Twins say they like the players they got in the Santana deal.

• Freddy Sanchez has agreed to an unusual contract, writes Dejan Kovacevic.

• The Braves have the arms to contend, writes Mark Bradley.

• Curtis Granderson is a wealthy man now, and it's well-earned. The Tigers are close to completing a trade with the Rangers, writes Jon Paul Morosi.

With the Granderson deal done, Dave Dombrowski has shown off his contract smarts again, writes Lynn Henning.

• Rudy Seanez is as resilient as the ghouls in Halloween and Friday The 13th; his career just never dies.

• It's unclear what kind of impact Hiroki Kuroda will have, writes John Klima.

• The Nationals' Jack McGeary is an uncommon talent, writes Barry Svrluga.

• Spoke with Astros catcher Brad Ausmus the other day, and he's convinced that new Houston catcher J.R. Towles will already be among the elite receivers -- in the act of catching the ball with a quiet and soft glove hand -- even as he starts his career.

• Mike Rabelo is ecstatic to be with the Marlins, writes Clark Spencer.

• Red Sox owner John Henry says within this Mike Berardino piece that he's glad Johan Santana went to the NL.

• The troubled Willy Aybar is in jail.

• The Cubs and Brewers have a lot of contenders for few open jobs on their respective pitching staffs, writes Phil Rogers.

• The Cardinals are taking a look at Juan Gonzalez.

• The Yankees have interest in Kevin Mench, writes Ed Price.

• Omar Minaya says that the front office has done its part, and now the Mets players have done their part, as Steve Popper writes.

• Carlos Quentin could be an impact guy for the White Sox, as Mark Gonzales writes.

• Jack Wilson is glad he's still with the Pirates, as John Perotto writes.

• Tommy John's legacy will be the surgery named for him, writes Shira Springer.

• Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro likes the team he is bringing back in 2008, despite the lack of movement this offseason, as Jim Ingraham writes.

• Hank Aaron turns 74 years old today, as Jeff D'Alessio writes, and Aaron tells of the five best birthday presents he's received.

• Don Mattingly's estranged wife was arrested, writes John Harper.

• Ed Vargo loved his family, baseball, and his hometown, as Paul Meyer writes.

• Experts say Roger Clemens would be better taking the Fifth in Washington today, writes Mary Flood, including Alan Dershowitz. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, responds within the story in this way:

"Dershowitz is right, and just about every attorney in the world will tell you he should take the Fifth because of the risks," Hardin said. But that's not what Clemens will do, Hardin said Monday.

"Roger is saying [that] what the public thinks of him and his career are important," Hardin said. "And if he takes the Fifth, he lets the Mitchell committee do to him by omission what they've essentially done by commission."

Andy Pettitte did not take the Fifth.

• Foreign-born players who are suspended for performance-enhancing drugs should be treated equitably, Don Fehr believes.

• Murray Chass hears that baseball is in turmoil and wonders: What turmoil?

• I covered the New York Giants in 2002 and got to know Wellington Mara that year, chatting with him daily on the sidelines at practices, and almost always about baseball; he loved the game, loved watching the Braves and the Yankees, and before his death, he had come to enjoy watching the Indians.

Mr. Mara believed in the number 42; it was his lucky number, the number he would pick at every opportunity. So this was a good omen, the Mara family believed, before the Giants played Super Bowl XLII.


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Todd McShay - NFL Mock Draft 2008

Post  RedMagma on Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:42 am

Todd McShay - NFL Mock Draft 2008

Ryan takes over top spot but linemen still dominate the top 10

By Todd McShay
Scouts Inc.

Updated: February 5, 2008

With the Senior Bowl having come and gone and the NFL combine still more than two weeks away the NFL draft process is in a quiet period right now. That doesn't mean things aren't changing, though.

The No. 1 spot in Scouts Inc.'s latest mock draft has changed hands, with Boston College QB Matt Ryan moving up from No. 3 and landing with the Miami Dolphins. The player Ryan replaces, DT Glenn Dorsey of LSU, drops to Oakland at No. 4 overall. Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, who is rated as the best overall prospect in the 2008 class, moves up to Ryan's former spot at No. 3 overall. Kentucky QB Andre' Woodson has taken the biggest fall after his struggles at the Senior Bowl, dropping from 14th overall all the way out of the first round.

Linemen still occupy three of the top five spots, however, and six of the top 10. There are 14 juniors in this first-round projection as well, including a run of seven straight underclassmen beginning at No. 15. Much will change between now and the draft in April, but here is how I see things shaking down at this early juncture:

Note: * denotes underclassmen; ** denotes teams that will decide draft order by coin flip at NFL scouting combine

1. Miami Dolphins -- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
Record: 1-15 | Needs: OT, DL, ILB, CB, QB
Previous mock selection: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
Assuming for our purposes that the Dolphins are unable to trade down, they will have a difficult decision to make between Ryan, DE Chris Long, OT Jake Long and DT Glenn Dorsey. Either of the Longs makes sense considering offensive tackle and defensive line are two of the team's biggest needs. Dorsey is considered by many as the No. 2 player in this year's class but he's not an ideal fit for a 3-4 defensive scheme and it doesn't make financial sense to spend No. 1 type money on a lineman that will be asked to take up space. That's why Ryan makes a lot of sense.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to Bill Parcells' opinion of current Miami QB John Beck, who the former Dolphins regime drafted in the second round last year. If Parcells thinks he can win with Beck, Jake Long would be the next best option, followed by Chris Long and then Dorsey. If not, Ryan should be the selection. He has all the physical tools of a franchise quarterback and, most importantly, he possesses rare intangibles.

2. St. Louis Rams -- Chris Long, DE, Virginia
Record: 3-13 | Needs: DE, G/OT, CB, OLB, WR
Previous mock selection: Same
The season-ending injury to perennial Pro Bowl tackle Orlando Pace and the Rams' overall poor play along the offensive line this season make Jake Long a possibility with this pick. But assuming Pace returns to form in 2008, the Rams have a much bigger need along the interior of their offensive line and that can be addressed in free agency or in later rounds of the draft.

Don't be surprised, then, if St. Louis goes with the other Long at No. 2 overall. Chris is not a prototypical edge rusher but he's a dominant playmaker with rare versatility and a motor that never quits. The Rams could solidify their defensive line for years to come by teaming long with last year's first round selection, DT Adam Carriker.

3. Atlanta Falcons** -- Darren McFadden*, RB, Arkansas
Record: 4-12 | Needs: QB, OT, DT, RB, S
Previous mock selection: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
Ryan should be the Falcons' selection if he's available, but if not then it will be a difficult decision between McFadden, Dorsey and Jake Long. The team has needs at all three positions, so this would be tough choice to make. McFadden is the top prospect on most teams' draft boards, though, so it's easy to envision this scenario playing out. McFadden could provide the type of offensive boost for the Falcons that Adrian Peterson gave the Vikings last season. That type of potential is tough to pass up.

4. Oakland Raiders** -- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
Record: 4-12 | Needs: OT, DT, WR, DE, RB
Previous mock selection: Darren McFadden*, RB, Arkansas
The Raiders are financially strapped and will not want to dish out top-five money a year after selecting QB JaMarcus Russell with the top overall pick. If McFadden is still on the board don't count out a blockbuster trade by owner Al Davis, as Cowboys owner and Arkansas alum Jerry Jones has already made his interest known. If Oakland is stuck here with McFadden gone, Oakland would need to choose between Dorsey and Jake Long. While Long is worth the pick, Dorsey is the higher-rated player. He could provide the type of interior disruption the Raiders' defense was lacking a year ago and fill in nicely for Warren Sapp, who announced his retirement following the 2007 season.

5. Kansas City Chiefs** -- Jake Long, OT, Michigan
Record: 4-12 | Needs: OT, DE, C, WR, CB
Previous mock selection: Same
Quarterback is still a question mark, but the Chiefs' No. 1 priority this offseason should be solidifying their offensive front. Long is unquestionably the most dominant offensive lineman in the 2008 class and could help Kansas City achieve that goal in a hurry. He has the versatility to play either right or left tackle, and his combination of size, technique, athletic ability and a mean streak would improve the Chiefs' line almost immediately.

6. New York Jets -- Vernon Gholston*, DE, Ohio State
Record: 4-12 | Needs: WR, NT, OLB, ILB, G
Projected pick: Same
This could be a bit of a reach for Gholston, who flashes top-10 talent in some games (three sacks against Michigan this season) but disappears in too many others. However, don't be surprised if he works his way into the top-10 mix simply because this year's crop of elite edge rushers does not meet the level of demand. That said, Gholston is one of the premier pass-rushing prospects in the 2008 class and he would be the right fit as a rush linebacker in the Jets 3-4 scheme.

7. N.E. Patriots (from 5-11 San Francisco) -- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
Record: 18-1 | Needs: ILB, CB, OLB, OL depth
Previous mock selection: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
The Patriots would like to inject some youth at inside linebacker but there isn't a player worth selecting this high with USC's Rey Maualuga and Ohio State's James Laurinaitis both returning to school next fall. The next priority is to find a replacement for Asante Samuel, a free agent who can't be franchised for a second consecutive year. McKelvin is currently the top rated cornerback in a 2008 crop that is deep but lacks elite talent atop the board. As always, look for the Patriots to shop this pick heavily.

8. Baltimore Ravens -- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
Record: 5-11 | Needs: CB, QB, OLB, LOT, DT
Previous mock selection: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
Baltimore would like to use this pick to put an end to a seemingly endless pursuit for a franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, there isn't one worth selecting here with Ryan off the board. Instead, the Ravens could either go with the best value on the board (Ellis) or fill a hole at either cornerback (Mike Jenkins) or left tackle (Ryan Clady). Knowing the Ravens' draft-day discipline, Ellis would be the pick in this scenario.

9. Cincinnati Bengals -- Derrick Harvey*, DE, Florida
Record: 7-9 | Needs: DT, LB, OT, DE, TE
Previous mock selection: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
The Bengals have a much bigger need for interior help, but there isn't a defensive tackle worth drafting at No. 9 overall if Dorsey and Ellis are gone. Harvey is a bit of a reach here as well, but coach Marvin Lewis' defense is starving for potential playmakers and Harvey possesses the pass-rushing skills and frame to develop into an impact starter in the NFL.

10. New Orleans Saints -- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
Record: 7-9 | Needs: CB, MLB, DT, OLB, TE
Previous mock selection: Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
Cornerback and linebacker are the Saints biggest areas of need and Jenkins is the best athlete available at those positions. His combination of size, speed and athleticism is outstanding and his recognition skills continue to improve each season. Jenkins also brings versatility to the table as he can play some safety and also chip in on returns. If New Orleans uses this pick on a corner it should find much better value at linebacker early in Round 2.

11. Buffalo Bills -- Malcolm Kelly*, WR, Oklahoma
Record: 7-9 | Needs: WR, CB, TE, LB, DT
Previous mock selection: DeSean Jackson*, WR, California
Kelly is the type of big receiver the Bills need as a complement to current wideout Lee Evans. Kelly is unusually fluid for a bigger wide out and he may have the strongest hands of any player in the 2008 draft. Jackson could join forces with RB Marshawn Lynch to give Buffalo one of the most exciting young offensive skill groups in the NFL.

12. Denver Broncos -- Ryan Clady*, OT, Boise State
Record: 7-9 | Needs: OT, DT, S, MLB, G
Previous mock selection: Same
Clady is still improving his strength but he possesses impressive feet to go along with his enormous wingspan and huge frame. He would be an ideal fit in Denver's famed zone-blocking scheme and help give a boost to the Broncos' running game.

13. Carolina Panthers -- Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
Record: 7-9 | Needs: QB, DE, OT, WR, OLB
Previous mock selection: Calais Campbell*, DE, Miami
Instead of drafting a young signal caller who will need time to develop look for the Panthers to bring in veteran competition for current QB Matt Moore, who showed some positive signs late in the season. Drafting a defensive end like Campbell to fill a need is a possibility, but don't be surprised if the team looks to fill a hole at offensive tackle, where Travelle Wharton and Jordan Gross are set to become free agents.

14. Chicago Bears -- Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
Record: 7-9 | Needs: QB, LOT, DT, G, RB
Previous mock selection: Andre' Woodson, QB, Kentucky
The Bears will have a tough decision to make if Brohm is still available at pick No. 14 overall. There has been a lot of talk about the Bears going in a different direction with this pick, including offensive and defensive tackle. And while that makes a lot of sense I still wouldn't rule out Brohm just yet. His stock is likely to soar between now and April's draft because he should impress scouts with his overall passing efficiency and football intelligence during the combine and individual workouts.

15. Detroit Lions -- Aqib Talib*, CB, Kansas
Record: 7-9 | Needs: ROT, G, CB, S, DE
Projected pick: Same
The Lions will be selecting outside of the top 10 for the first time since 2001 and the trick now is to find quality players this far down the line. The Lions' secondary is undermanned and would welcome the services of Talib, who is a versatile, fluid athlete with excellent size and ball skills. His elite athleticism was on display when returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown this season, and Talib also saw some snaps on offense.

16. Arizona Cardinals -- Rashard Mendenhall*, RB, Illinois
Record: 8-8 | Needs: CB, OLB, TE, RB, DE
Previous mock selection: Jonathan Stewart*, RB, Oregon
The Cardinals have more pressing needs on the other side of the ball -- defensive tackle and cornerback -- but there isn't an available player at those positions who is as valuable as Mendenhall. He has the size, burst and versatility to eventually develop into an every-down starter. In the meantime, Mendenhall and Edgerrin James would make a heck of a 1-2 punch for the next year or two.


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Post  RedMagma on Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:43 am

17. Minnesota Vikings -- DeSean Jackson*, WR/RS, California
Record: 8-8 | Needs: DE, WR, S, QB, TE
Previous mock selection: Derrick Harvey*, DE, Florida
Believe it or not, Minnesota is still in the market for help at wide receiver and defensive end despite investing first or second round picks in the past four drafts on WRs Troy Williamson (2005) and Sidney Rice (2007), and DEs Kenechi Udeze (2004) and Erasmus James (2005). Jackson still has room to improve as a route runner and he must get stronger in order to endure a grueling 16-game NFL schedule, but his home run ability after the catch, on vertical routes and on punt returns will be tempting for teams drafting in the top 20 overall.

18. Houston Texans -- Jonathan Stewart*, RB, Oregon
Record: 8-8 | Needs: CB, RB, WR, S, LOT, G
Previous mock selection: Kenny Phillips*, S, Miami
The Texans need a featured back to go along with QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson, and Stewart has the bulk, burst and versatility to quickly fill that role. He also could offer a boost on special teams in the kickoff return game.

19. Philadelphia Eagles -- Calais Campbell*, DE, Miami
Record: 8-8 | Needs: WR, TE, DE, OT/G, S, LB
Previous mock selection: Malcolm Kelly*, WR, Oklahoma
Philadelphia OTs Jon Runyan and William Thomas aren't getting any younger, so Pittsburgh OT Jeff Otah is a possibility here. The Eagles are also in search of a home run threat at wide receiver, so don’t count out Michigan's Mario Manningham, either. However, there aren't that many 6-foot-8, 280-pound defensive ends with Campbell’s athleticism coming out of the college ranks these days, so don't be surprised if the Eagles take a flyer on this unpolished but supremely talented end with their first-round pick.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Mario Manningham*, WR, Michigan
Record: 9-7 | Needs: WR, OT, OLB, CB, QB
Previous mock selection: Sam Baker, OT, USC
Coach John Gruden will be pressing GM Bruce Allen for a young playmaker at wide receiver and Allen knows that Manningham is capable of special things in the NFL. If Manningham gets with a coach like Gruden at the next level he could emerge as the most productive wideout from a very talented 2008 class.

21. Washington Redskins -- Phillip Merling*, DE, Clemson
Record: 9-7 | Needs: WR, DE, S, OT, CB
Previous mock selection: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas

22. Dallas Cowboys (from 10-6 Cleveland) -- Sam Baker, OT, USC
Record: 13-3 | Needs: CB, WR, OT, RB, ILB
Previous mock selection: Mario Manningham*, WR, Michigan
Assuming owner Jerry Jones doesn’t package picks to trade up, expect Dallas to use its two picks to address needs at corner, receiver, offensive tackle and possibly running back. Baker's stock is dropping after an injury-plagued senior season and a mediocre showing at the Senior Bowl, but he possesses the athleticism and technique to surprise a lot of people at the next level.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
Record: 10-6 | Needs: OT, C, DE (3-4), G, RB
Previous mock selection: Same
The Steelers could use two of their first three picks on offensive linemen. They have bigger holes to fill inside but Otah is far and away the best lineman available in this scenario. Interior help is available for a good value in later rounds in the person of Oregon State G Roy Schuening and centers Mike Pollack of Arizona State and John Sullivan of Notre Dame.

24. Tennessee Titans -- Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
Record: 10-6 | Needs: WR, CB, TE, WR, OL
Previous mock selection: Early Doucet, WR, LSU
The Titans need to draft a legitimate weapon for QB Vince Young to target in the passing attack, and who would be better than Young's former college teammate? Sweed could slip a bit due to a wrist injury that cut his senior season short and was re-aggravated at the Senior Bowl. However, when Sweed is healthy he's arguably the most physically gifted receiver in this year's class. The 6-4, 217-pounder is worth the risk in my opinion.

25. Seattle Seahawks -- Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
Record: 10-6 | Needs: ROT, DT, RB, TE, G
Previous mock selection: Rashard Mendenhall*, RB, Illinois
It is unlikely current Seattle starting RB Shaun Alexander will ever return to his 2005 MVP form and backup Maurice Morris has proven to be at his best when limited to a complementary role. However, with McFadden, Stewart and Mendenhall are all off the board look for the Seahawks to go in a different direction here. Balmer is a fast-rising prospect with very good size, power and quickness. He would be a welcome addition to Seattle's thin interior defensive line.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Early Doucet, WR, LSU
Record: 11-5 | Needs: WR, DE, SS, CB
Previous mock selection: Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn
The Jaguars should use this pick on the best available receiver or pass rusher. Auburn DE/OLB Quentin Groves would be a possibility if he checks out physically at the combine. Doucet is another solid choice this late in the first round, however. While he is unlikely to emerge as anything more than a No. 2 receiver in the NFL Doucet possesses the quickness and run-after-catch ability to complement Jacksonville's group of bigger receivers.

27. San Diego Chargers -- Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
Record: 11-5 | Needs: RG/ROT, NT, FB, RB
Previous mock selection: Dan Connor, MLB, Penn State
The Chargers can select best available athlete if they want, but the right side of their offensive line could use an upgrade and Cherilus projects as a solid starting right tackle in the NFL. Cherilus' stock is on the rise following his impressive showing at the Senior Bowl.

28. Dallas Cowboys -- Felix Jones*, RB, Arkansas
Record: 13-3 | Needs: CB, WR, OT, ILB, RB
Previous mock selection: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
If owner Jerry Jones can't strike a deal for McFadden he could settle for Arkansas' other first-round running back prospect. Felix Jones is a speedster who could complement current Dallas RB Marion Barber well and also provide a home run threat in the return game.

29. S.F. 49ers (from 13-3 Indianapolis) -- James Hardy*, WR, Indiana
Record: 5-11 | Needs: WR, OT, OLB, DE, QB
San Francisco needs a playmaker at wide receiver to take the attention away from TE Vernon Davis and pressure off of QB Alex Smith. Hardy comes with some baggage and he needs some polishing, but no receiver in this class possesses a more imposing combination of size and natural athleticism.

30. Green Bay Packers -- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tenn. St.
Record: 13-3 | Needs: CB, OT, S, TE, PT
Previous mock selection: Fred Davis, TE, USC
Packers QB Brett Favre would certainly welcome the addition of a tight end like Davis, who can stretch the seam and generate yards after the catch. However, the team has a more pressing need in the defensive secondary and Rodgers-Cromartie is one of the fastest rising prospects in the 2008 class right now. The small-school product proved capable of playing with the big boys at the Senior Bowl, where he demonstrated outstanding versatility and athleticism playing both free safety and cornerback throughout the week.

31. New England Patriots -- Pick forfeited
Record: 18-1 | Needs: ILB, CB, OLB, OL depth
Previous mock selection: Same
The Patriots lost this pick as part of the penalty handed down for illegally taping Jets coaches from the sideline in Week 1.

26. New York Giants -- Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
Record: 10-6 | Needs: OLB, CB, S, OT, DT
Previous mock selection: Same
The Giants are in need of an immediate and legitimate upgrade at linebacker and Rivers is instinctive and athletic enough to contribute immediately on the weak side. The could also use a quick, explosive back who would complement to current Giants power back Brandon Jacobs, so keep an eye on this selection.

Todd McShay is the director of college football scouting for Scouts Inc. He has been evaluating prospects for the NFL draft since 1998[/quote]


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Post  RedMagma on Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:13 pm

If you don't care Senator Specter having no credibility whatsoever. How about Senator Mitchell Chris?


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Post  RedMagma on Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:20 pm

If you don't care Senator Specter having no credibility whatsoever. How about Senator Mitchell Chris? Mitchell Boston Redsox Director Chris? WHo's hypocrite now?


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Post  RedMagma on Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:27 pm

About Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter demonstrates the bullet's path during a reenactment of the Kennedy assassination.
Since first elected in 1980, Arlen Specter has brought rugged individualism and fierce independence learned from his youth on the Kansas plains to become a leading Senate moderate. His work as Philadelphia’s tough District Attorney gave him insights to write the Terrorist Prosecution Act, the Armed Career Criminal Act and co-author of the Second Chance Act.

His legal background and experience in constitutional law provided the skills to chair the dignified confirmation hearings of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. In earlier confirmation hearings he had the courage to cross party lines in opposing Judge Bork and disagreeing with conventional wisdom in supporting Justice Thomas after dissecting the contradictory and highly charged testimony.

As a consummate legislator, he has counseled compromise and conciliation in a Congress which has established new records for partisan discord. In foreign affairs, he has advocated dialogue and accommodation as an antidote to belligerency and saber rattling.

A brief summary of his record is next with a more extensive statement of his record and current activities.

Arlen Specter’s five terms have made him the longest-serving U.S. Senator in Pennsylvania’s history. A voice of reason, his independence and balance have won endorsements from the AFL-CIO and high marks from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (100% in 2006), the National Association of Manufacturers (86% in 2006), and the Americans for Tax Reform (90% in 2006).

Time Magazine listed him among the ten best Senators in 2006.
Knowlegis rated him the second most powerful Senator in 2006 behind only Majority Leader Bill Frist. A November 11, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer editorial stated: “Senator Arlen Specter has more clout than some sovereign nations.”

Dedication to Public Service
Senator Specter attributes his zeal for public service to his experience as a child when he saw the government mistreat his father, Harry Specter, who migrated to the U.S. from Russia in 1911. Private Specter, serving in World War I in the infantry, was seriously wounded in action in France’s Argonne Forest. When the government broke its promise to pay World War I veterans a $500 bonus, the veterans marched on Washington.

President Hoover called out the Army which fired on and killed veterans on the Mall in one of the blackest days in American history. As a metaphor, Senator Specter says he has been on his way to Washington ever since to get his father’s bonus and since he hasn’t’ gotten it yet, he’s running for re-election. The incident over his father’s bonus has made Arlen Specter a fierce advocate for veterans’ benefits and the “little guy” in his battles with the federal government.

From his immigrant parents, Arlen Specter learned work ethics the hard way. His father, Harry Specter, who was a peddler, took five-year-old Arlen to small Kansas towns selling cantaloupes door to door with a small basket in hand. In his dad’s junkyard in Russell, Kansas, sixteen-year-old Arlen Specter cut down oil derricks with an acetylene torch and loaded scrap iron into rail freight cars headed for the smelter.

His credentials include votes for the line-item veto and a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. As a two-term Philadelphia District Attorney, he fought for tough sentences for tough criminals and later, in the Senate, wrote ground breaking legislation providing for life sentences for three-time recidivists on violent crimes.

Judiciary Committee
Since 1981, he has played a significant role in Supreme Court nomination hearings, for Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justices O’Conner, Scalia, Kennedy, Souter, Thomas, Ginsberg, Breyer and Judge Bork. Notwithstanding debilitating chemotherapy treatments in 2005, he stayed on the job as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee to preside over historic Supreme Court confirmation hearings. His work on the Judiciary Committee has included writing significant legislation on dealing with Constitutional law, civil rights and privacy.

Appropriations Committee: Health/Education
On the Appropriations Committee, where he is one seat away from becoming Chairman with a change in Senate control, he led the fight to increase funding for the National Institutes of Health from $12 to $30 billion to expand medical research to find cures for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other maladies. He has supported expanding health care for seniors and children and has proposed legislation to cover the almost fifty million Americans who do not have health insurance.

Because Senator Specter is keenly aware of the importance of understanding the younger generation, he often visits and speaks at universities and high schools. He credits his parents, both immigrants, with emphasizing the importance of education which has enabled his brother, two sisters and himself to share in the American dream. To empower others with access to education, he led the fight on the Appropriations Subcommittee to increase federal spending by 138% and raise funding for scholarships and student loans.

Constituent Service/Pennsylvania’s Economy
Constituent service and promoting Pennsylvania’s economic interests have been the hallmarks of Senator Specter’s Senate career. He maintains offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and the Lehigh Valley to help residents of those areas who need assistance to cut Washington’s red tape.

From his experience as a teenager working on a farm in Kansas, the state where he was born, Senator Specter has understood and worked on the problems of Pennsylvania’s farmers from his position on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture. He frequently argues in the International Trade Commission to assist the steel industry from being deluged with unfair foreign imports. His proposed legislation, endorsed by both business and labor, would create a private right of action in federal courts to stop subsidized or dumped products from being imported into the U.S.

He has supported the coal industry by promoting legislation for clean coal technology and securing $100 million for a Schuylkill County project to turn sludge into high octane, environmentally safe gasoline. Recognizing the long-term effects of global warming, he has co-sponsored the Bingaman-Specter bill to reduce harm from carbon emissions.

As Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the 104th Congress and a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, Senator Specter has traveled extensively meeting with world leaders including Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev; French President Francois Mitterrand; Israel’s Prime Ministers Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert; China’s President Hu Jintao; Indian Prime Minister Singh; Pakistan’s Prime Ministers Benazir Bhutto, Mohammad Zia and Pervez Musharraf; Jordan’s Kings Hussein and Abdullah; and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Strongly agreeing with Moishe Dayan’s famous statement that we make peace with our enemies not our friends, he has met with Syria’s Presidents Hafez al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad; the Palestinian Authority’s Chairman Yassar Arafat; Iraq's President Saddam Hussein; Cuba’s President Fidel Castro; Lybia’s Leader Muammar Gaddafi; and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.

From these meetings and his studies of foreign affairs since his undergraduate days at the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Political Science and International Relations, Senator Specter has been a forceful advocate for aggressive diplomacy to solve international conflicts. He wrote, with staffer Chris Bradish, an article for the Washington Quarterly (Winter 2006-2007), outlining a blueprint for diplomatic initiatives in the Mideast with emphasis on bilateral negotiations with Iran and Syria. Similarly, he has urged bilateral, as well as multi-lateral, negotiations with North Korea.

Early in his Senate career in 1982, he was among the first to call for a US/USSR summit in a Resolution which passed the Senate 90 to 8. He participated extensively with the Senate observers at the Geneva Arms Reduction talks in the 1980's and led the fight for the broad interpretation of the ABM Treaty. Senator Specter has consistently supported appropriations to fight global aids and promoted worldwide support for underdeveloped countries including free trade agreements.

Senator Specter
Arlen Specter with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts


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Post  RedMagma on Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:10 pm

"Am I just sleeping under a rock or is not enough being made about the fact that George Mitchell owns part of the Boston Red Sox"

It's been mentioned repeatedly, at this time none of the other owners have accused him of bias or impropriety. Besides, his report was not an indictment, it was simply a guide for Congress on how to proceed.

If Mitchell wanted to protect the Red Sox, all he had to do was report that his investigation turned up no evidence of widespread steroid use, and Congress would have likely dropped it.


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Post  RedMagma on Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:51 pm

Michael Strahan: "We Stomped You!"
I just saw the GIANT's parade podium celebration on ESPN, I now hope that Michael Strahan will suffer a career ending injury, "No" not in the off season, but at the hands of either Jr. SEAU or Rodney Harrison next year. HOW DARE HE! You what!!!!!! You STOMPED us out! OH MY GOD! How more arrogant can you be! F......U..... Strahan! May your life be filled with anguish and pain. I can't wait for the day I see you grovelling on ESPN 20 years from now about how you lost all your money, became and alcoholic, and embraced finally the homosexual lifestyle. Up yours you piece of ungreatful excrament. If it wasn't for the PATRIOTS you wouldn't even have had the stage your standing on today. WATCH YOUR BACK! And to think I thought you were actually cool. YOU DEAD BEAT DAD, piece of S.....H...I....T! Ian, I apologize for the language.

I knew this would happen. The worst fans on Earth ripping Strahan for his comments.


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